Walk Out On The Ovation

Walk Out On The Ovation

The year 2011 was no doubt a busy one for me; quite eventful and appreciably rewarding as well. I met with new friends who took interest in me for various reasons. While some took interest in me for a reason I still could not decode or decipher, others did simply because of my writings, social work, and most humbly, creative ideas. Now I’m blushing. I always have to deal with the numerous accolades showered on me by my admirers, with genuine humility though.

Silently however, I had always craved an eye-opening critique of my works. After every publication, I usually found myself loitering on the internet, combing my facebook and blog comment box to see whether someone has dropped the very comment I had impatiently waited for.
At times, I take the search to my inbox as some of my apparently shy fans prefer to do it privately. I usually find none, which always forced me to think the accolades is all there is to my endeavors.

Taking positives from this, I started 2012 with a brilliant idea; I decided I was going to yield to the advice of one of my regular commentator to consider writing for a bigger and larger audience at www.xxxx.com. Trying to accustom myself to their system, I decided to republish four of my old works on the website, and in just four days or thereabout I got more than I had bargained for. Typical of me, after publication, I rushed to my gmail box only to discover my initially applauded works had been constructively ripped apart by a set of more advanced writers! First lesson taken!

The essence of this piece is never to bore or entertain you with my lines, but to give you a success nugget for 2012. After seeing the criticism, I felt bad, even though it is what I have always expected! Suddenly however, I remembered the saying of one of my mentor; ‘if you are the superstar of the room you need to check the next door. It simply means you are bigger than the room and there is no space for further development. You either stay to enjoy the accolades and miss the next big thing, or walk out on the ovation and hit the next big thing!’ More often than not in life, we miss the next level because we enjoy being the superstar of the whole lot. I mean the respect, the accolades, ovation et al. We cannot stand walking out of a place where we are so much adored and worshiped, and walk into a place where our hitherto highly applauded skills will be dwarfed.

Trust me; your success and fulfillment in 2012 will, to a larger extent, be determined by your willingness to walk out on the ovation. Do not misquote me. I do not say you should not take the time to enjoy success and relish the accompanying accolades. No. As a matter of fact, I advise you to be proud of your achievements and revel in its attendant ovation. However, you must not get so arrogant and complacent to think it is time for you to colonize the environment in which you have recorded success and enjoy accolades; even though you have obligations towards them. This has a way of shielding our skills and capabilities from gut-wrenching challenges and thereby retarding or even stagnate our growth! Whoever forgets the Y2k-compliant bug of 1999?

Without necessarily developing a sense of low self-esteem or value, always look out for a place where your brilliance will be dwarfed by someone else, and make concerted effort to grow up to their level. Do not mix the task up here; walking out on the ovation does not mean you are to stop relating with the people that showers accolades on you, and seeks your approval cum tutelage. No. It means while you acknowledge and respect them, you also have acknowledged the call to a greater growth and exploit. The rooftop is never an end; there is always another platform above the rooftop. No ovation is the loudest; it is only the loudest you have received. So, to hit the next big thing, walk out on the ovation!

Alamu Samson.

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  1. I agree.


  2. Interesting piece..Walk out on the Ovation!..I like..

  3. I guess some people would prefer to continue to remain the Big Fish in the Little Pond, but that is no way to grow.

    “Walk Out on the Ovation”… an interesting way of expressing an old idea.

  4. So true. People should learn to leave their comfort zone and take up new challenges. It even makes life more interesting.

  5. Abeg make una leave me jare.
    I will stay where the ovation is loudest. You think its easy to get an ovation at all?
    Big fish in small pond is still a big fish.

  6. @kaycee-lollllllllllllllllll.nice piece

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