Tribute To A Mother

Tribute To A Mother

From the very first sign of conception,

The early morning sickness and fatigue

That sudden “pregnant” realization

A thoughtful/well phrased question to a trusted colleague

To be quite positive

That you’re not just being imaginative


Right up to the more noticeable changes

The unusual changes in libido

The soreness and enlargement of the breasts

Those too frequent visits to the ladies though

Welcome but could be a tad embarassing

Especially when tied up in official meetings


Yet you patiently endured the stress

And the inconveniences that “It” seemed to have caused

That little movement that affirms “its” presence,

Making you smile and give thanks for being thus blessed


Not minding the trouble of discarding old clothes,

Getting new ones that fit comfortably

Ensuring the well being of you both

Even if they are not so right fashionably


Having to deal with conflicting thoughts

Of the gender of the baby and a right name

That rightly portrays the feelings “it” brought

And mentally deleting those that sound lame


Enduring the hassles of the ante-natal classes

Finding solace in placing your palm

On the now very noticeable protrusion,

In gentle sweeps, it caresses,

Soothes like a healing balm

And gives a lasting solution.


Suddenly the time draws nearer

The pain now almost unbearable

The phrase “My water broke” couldn’t be any clearer

You wonder if you would be able

Or rather accept the comfort of anesthesia

Each contraction bringing you closer


Yet you bravely saw it all through

Every bit of it

You endured and stayed ever true

Silently hoping they could get it over with


Pain seemingly endless

Your bravery forever priceless

You will always remain

A treasure set in the highest domain




23 thoughts on “Tribute To A Mother” by tolu oke (@teekellz)

  1. Sweet tribute.

    1. Gee Thanks :D

  2. This reads more like a write-up about pregnancy…wahalas…
    Good to know guys ‘care…’

    1. Write-up..??? eeerrrmm not so sure thats what its about though
      But yeah.. we “care”

  3. Ahh….okay.

    1. Ahh.. Thank You

  4. What a distinctive chronicle from conception to birth…Well done.

  5. Guys care more…
    Good tribute to a beautiful mum.

  6. So sweet…..thumbs up

  7. Pregnancy.
    One of the acts i would rather not know about

    1. @kaycee why now?? U scared of it??? :-P

  8. Beautiful. Beautiful.

    I like the salient points about pregnancy you highlighted and elevated to art–and they made me smile.

    Now some suggestions. I don’t think it was necessary to enclose some words in quotes e.g “pregnancy” and “its”. I say this because one of the beauties and strengths of poetry is implied meaning. It is almost an expectation from readers of poetry, that there will be instances of implicit words or phrases in the poems they read. Again even if you intend to highlight such words, italicizing them should turn out more eloquent for poetry.

    In line 4, “thoughtful/well-phrased” doesn’t work for me. I think you should have used either one of them and not both. Looking at them closely though, both of them can coexist if the slash is removed.

    “…the ladies though
    Welcome but could be a tad embarassing…”. I don’t think it is correct to use ‘though’ and ‘but’ the way you used them here. “Though” is almost a synonym of “but” so you have to be careful how you use both. I think ‘that’ should replace ‘but’ so we have:

    “Those too frequent visits to the ladies though
    Welcome, that could be a tad embarassing”

    Also, you mix up tenses in a number of places. For example, you have ‘endured’ and ’caused’ (past tense) in
    “Yet you patiently endured the stress
    And the inconveniences that “It” seemed to
    have caused”

    and then you have ‘affirms’ (present tense) and ‘making’ (present continuous) in
    “That little movement that affirms “its” presence,
    Making you smile and give thanks for…”, all in the same verse.

    Nice work man. There is no end to learning.

    1. You never cease to amaze me with the detailed corrections you point out…………….
      Thanks a lot, really appreciate it. :-D

      1. You are welcome…and thanks!

  9. U don carry belle in another life before ba?..Hehehe..

    This is cool seeing as it comes from a dude…at least U know something bout being preggies….Well done Tolu oke..This is A- okay..

    1. Na u dash me d belle nah……. lmao
      But thanks all the same

  10. brownieowolabi (@brownieowolabi)

    First poem on Naijastories that I have been able to read till the end. Nice job.

    1. Waow, Thank you so much but I think there are some great poems too here, you just have to search for them

  11. Bring out a drum, tear out the larynx,play softly the kora. blessed are those who sing the mother’s praise. This is more like a ballad. something old west african griots would do. telling us a story about the brave woman. however, the additions of what I call pregnancy cliches almost added a discord to the musicality of the verse. words like ‘my water broke’. however, I appreciate the last line, ‘a treasure set in the highest domain’, nothing really compares to motherhood. Nothing on earth.

    1. Thank you but I really felt the beauty of the poem was in those “pregnancy cliches” don’t you think?? @titiloyeladipo

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