MySpur Essay Competition

MySpur Essay Competition

Do you consider yourself a great writer? Here is a golden opportunity for you to express yourself. Spur magazine is glad to announce the commencement of an Essay Competition. This will be the first of the series of My Spur Essay Competitions. This series is geared towards discussing issues that affect the Nigerian learning community and leadership.

Title : Stemming the tide of massive Examination Failure in Nigeria: How?


The essay competition is open to all.
All entry should be between 1,200 – 1,500 words.
The deadline for the submission of the entries is March 21, 2012.
All entries should be sent electronically to
All entries should be in Microsoft word format (PDF format are not allowed)
All entries should contain the following information:
Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Current Status (Student or Worker)
How you heard about the essay competition?

NB: The information should be below your entry in one document.

The final winner will be announced in first week of April.

The prize for the winner is a Nokia Phone

Prize for the first runner up is N3,000 worth of airtime

Prize for the second runner up is N1,500 worth of airtime.

The winning Essay will also been published in the April Edition of Spur magazine.


For inquiries:

For submissions:


15 thoughts on “MySpur Essay Competition” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Interesting. This one wey opportunities just dey pop up all out of the woodwork…

    Thank God.

    ‘First prize a Nokia phone’. Hmmm.

    Could it be any more vague than that?

    Let’s go.

    1. It could Nokia 1100.

  2. Nice,just nice.

  3. This is great!

  4. Are we joking here?
    What kind of first price is that one? For a whole magazine…

    I’m not writing anything!

    1. At least, they’re not charging you to enter, @babyada

      1. adams (@coshincozor)

        abi no free entry? how many people don dash u phone since last year?

    2. abi ooo…i hv 2 nokia phones already jo bt maybe 4 d exposure

  5. Na Wao!
    Not even a BB?
    @babyada, i agree. I no dey write.

  6. This is the second competition where I actually prefer the second prize to the first. Dem for talk which kain phone dem one give

  7. The Return of the 3310… Hehehe… Good luck to any entrant.

  8. Abi o, Goosy, we only have to hope, ‘cos children of nowadays…hehehe


  9. I’d say it’s not about the price but the exposure and the test/improvement of one’s skills. The price isn’t too bad though, what harm could it do? A slice of bread is better than none. They even ‘gree’ give prize, ‘una dey’ talk, he-he-he.

    1. “Price” as I wrote above, should have read as “prize”. Do excuse me.

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