Dear Mother: Lines Written in Deep Emotions

I love you, mother, beyond words
Beyond this beyond, beyond imaginations
I love you like the queen of the night
Whose fragrance wins souls, even without speech.
My love for you is a story still untold
That miles apart, we may be,
Intertwined, we’re always together.
Together, like a man and his shadows.
Indeed, am I not your shadow,
A true reflection of you who mostly matter?
From you i have learnt good
In a harvest of doom.
I have learnt to stand tall with a soft smile
When troubles slap my face
And seem to make a waste of my love.
Mother, shall a thousand years of sunlight
Flash on the walls of my heart
Upon which i’ve engraved your name?
It will come to naught, for no wear, no tear,
Could wipe you off my being.
You’re my breath, my life, my first love.
If I dont die, i’ll always love you.
Through the tender cradles of childhood
I stood, often lain in your arms,
As you’ld bear the weight of my burden
With a happy smile, one of joys and many hopes.
And often watch, watch, watch,
Like a watchman on a watchtower
In the middle of the angry night
Keeping guard over my tender Soul
Watching my face with so much a care,
Yet so much a fear, afraid i’ld die.
So like a seedling, i’ve grown into a man
Strong, courageous and bold
Like you taught.
But mother,
Sometimes as i’ve sailed through the seas of life
Struggling with its waves,
Enslaved with the engraved passion to succeed.
And jealous, some have said to me:
“Like the trepidation of the earth may your thoughts be,
That like a strayed dog you may kiss your doom.
And on the day of your fall, you may reasoning loose.
Let it be far from you as the east from the west.
Let it be rare for your finding, like the precious pearl.
May the senses of the living be your inclination,
That on the day of your fall you may see your doom,
But yet know it not.
Let this drawn battle be also
The won battle of the gods of Akàbà.
Let the sun and moon and stars
Bear witness to the fact that you have been ruined,
And at no mercy will these be made to totter.”

Mother, dear mother
I retreat
From long endured walks
I pledge my will to pay my bill
But never mind,
For just so soon.
Say this a goodbye
For those so far have come so near
And nearer to God from Earth we are
And yet our miles are measured in hearts
I go home
Alone and good
And like each day comes as true
Against that greyness of mutilated time
And wraiths and love and honor…
So I have said:
“The hands of the lizard
Are never wide enough to round a tree.”
But tonight, mother,
Tonight, as everyday,
When I look into the future with a prophetic eye
And care enough to care so much about the days yet seen
My heart weeps
Like David over Absalom
In this agony of hope and despair
Claiming love and heartbreak
And the bitter-sweet desires
Of living forever
Which overwhelms my heart
Like waters over the very sea.
I smile a smile of pain and joy
That with my blood boiling gaseously
My dream melts into a misfortune
And what I mostly fear, all I must get
Yet, this, I know not.
But Mother, if I dont die,
…just if I dont die.
When I’ve had reasons to say nay.
When my roses have bloomed in may.
When I have counted worthily amongst the best of sages
And my daily pages have given me a good smile.
When this have lasted the worthy while.
When my window blind has shown me
The way to the world.
When I’ve smiled proudly and said no or.
Then I’ve had to look up into the eyes of the sky
And try to see beyond my while,
While I use the chance
To say to God a lovely, cheerful hi. And for His many grâces and boundless mercies…
I pray a heartfelt thanks.
Dear Mother,
Queen, Mother, gem,
Seasoned beauty, priceless pearl.
On that morning I made you scream
And made you cry joy as you begot me
While I cried over my being denied my perfect home
I knew your perfect passion
Would pay me high and I’ve lived
Long enough to love and laugh,
And though life hasn’t smiled back at me
I have seen hope standing on your face
Each time I looked.
And I have travelled countless countries;
I have traversed all my land,
And your love has kept me fly.

But, tonight, eaten up by deep emotions,
I have seen and heard the picture of my end.
Over this I will not pretend:
I have seen the moon fed with my blood;
I have seen the stars frowning;
I have seen the sun humbly beckon;
I have seen beyond miles, boundless bonds
Sealed in my name- with a poetic prophetic eye.
Often as I have seen I have smiled. I have looked and laughed and loved and lived,
For I have lived to love life
Like I loved you most true.
This, only best told
In the language of the deaf dead.
Beyond these ties I have had my many tries,
I have gazed with maze at you,

My mother, my muse.
Tonight I hear the music play beyond miles;
I hear the echoes whisper in silent silence;
I hear the songs being sung and the bells being rung;
I see the deeds being done;
But before my time here is done
Mother, I have had to say I love you.

I have lived my life and had a fill;
I have had a feel of your wonder, your awe…

And I have seen…
That not you is never like you.

17 thoughts on “Dear Mother: Lines Written in Deep Emotions” by Famous Isaacs (@doremi)

  1. “And I have seen…
    That not you is never like you.”

    This is confusing.

    But I think any mother would appreciate this.


    1. Well em… I must admit that i dont have a perfect use of the English language. My use of it is essentially functional. In that sentence i could have done without the “a”. But i’m just noticing that now, and i think i’ll take the correction. Thanks for your comment. I really do appreciate it.

  2. “I stood, often lain in your arms,” – I don’t get
    “Watching my face with so much a care,” – You can do without the “a”

    In all I think its a nicely long poem (lol). I like though.

    1. “i stood, often lain…” i laugh at myself. I laugh at how successfully i’ve failed to express a clear thought in that construction. Thanks for drawing my attention to it. I really noticed it when i was copying the poem into my notebook, cos i did the whole writing on my phone, indeed, on the website directly, and didn’t have much the to proofread before posting. Guess it’s a good way to learn. Thanks alot.

  3. It was way too long and not separating it into stanzas made it tiring.
    But the message is good.

    1. @Eletrika…hmmmmm. I expected your comment from when i was typing the last lines. It’s nice. But hope you’ll forgive my sin. I committed it cos i typed on mobile. Didn’t have a script, so i submitted before remembering that i didn’t use stanzas. I’ll take your correction. Thanks to y’all.

  4. I have to agree with @Eletrika if you had separated it into many stanzas, it would have been very interesting but it was just too long.
    Loved it though, really nice.

  5. NS writers and the Mom tributes…

    This is good, when is mother’s day again sef?..Read it to her irrespective of the fact that she might sleep through it..hehehe…
    Nice One Doremi fasolati…hahaha..

    1. u don’t say?

  6. Lol. Dont mind me o. I’ve recently gotten so involved with writing very long poems. But i intentionally made this very long, cos i really wanted to express all my thoughts. Lol. Em… The mum tributes, hahaha. Nothing gets ok without the mother. I wouldn’t be here today without my mother. And it’s good to know that there are very many Nigerian youths who are appreciative of their mother’s role in their lives. How are you doing?

  7. Nice.

    Don’t take this the wrong way but I think this poem comes across as rambling…if you catch what I mean. The truth is poetry also needs a plot, and I think it was conspicuously absent here. For a poem as lengthy as this, each stanza should have focused on one or two aspects of the overall message. The stanzas too should have been arranged in relation to each other to better reflect the message of the poem, and allow for easier reading.

    There is nothing wrong with writing a long poem. What is wrong is underestimating the amount of work it entails to make it shine.

    Keep improving your art. There is no end to learning.

  8. Nice tribute…
    Tiring…very tiring.

  9. Lovely poem….too long sha,i gt bored half way

  10. Long and lovely.

  11. i agree wt it has a lot of potential

  12. Love the emotional input attached to it~

    ,,i wrote similar poem here,,about my mother,,its shown pending on my dashboard,,but i noticed viewed,,can someone explain what that means,,?

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