You Wonder Why

You Wonder Why

You wonder why the moon stays at night

And the sun shines its light

The moon comes with the stars

The sun extends it grace farther than mars

Discoveries are embedded in the mind

The reason truth is scarce to find

In your heart, all about life is a puzzle

But grace never makes a man hustle

The past to you is a repeated history

And the future is a ravelled mystery


It bothers you that death is what we owe

And our life is what we sow

It bothers you that love is agile

And hatred is fragile

Man treads upon the open sand

Yet he is buried inside the covered land


It bothers you that love is blind

And the mind sees more than the eyes

Dreams are what we wish to feel

Reality is what we wait to see

It bothers you that truth is hard to find

And the heart of men is full of lies

Imagination is just a seal

Illumination is just the key


You wonder why life is deeper than the oceans

And feelings more than the journeys of life

Destruction is part of creation

Death is part of life

Contentment is full of wealth

Excitement if full of health

The mortal is a reflection

The immortal is a perception


We share the same dose of illumination

Which is buried in our observations

That there are two sides to a coin

And though, your fact is parallel to my truth

For truth is stranger than fictions

Life is more of complicated missions

Indeed, the first light is begot from darkness

The last darkness is a resurrection of the light

We are two brothers from an umbilical cord

But the pains of ignorance is what we cannot afford

Yet, life is deeper than the oceans.

8 thoughts on “You Wonder Why” by lawore olufemi (@laworemike)

  1. Truly, many times i wonder why…but now i mostly wonder HOW

  2. For me; HOW is more interesting than WHY.

    Not bad though.

  3. i love the lines on darkness and light sharing the same umbilical cord.deep poem here

  4. Some lines read cool.
    But some…

    Not bad.

  5. This is awesome!

  6. “Man treads upon the pen sands….yet he is buried inside the covered lands”
    My best lines even though “inside the covered lands” reads a lil awkward to me. But real nice poem still.

  7. Nice one. Wise thoughts. Well done.

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