The Prodigal God

The Prodigal God

Hither, hither ye young lad!
Come to the agora and see
The prodigality of that God
And how his foolishness abound

Was He of strong wine drunk?
When immortality sought for materiality
And peeping from His cloud’s roof
Met His eyes on a woman!

And upon love, whence He fell!
Therein with a beautiful baby boy
His love Mary, named him Jesus
Thus, the God dwelt among men

Often upon time, this son strayed
Breaking in and out of men’s snares
Till the day they made him weep
Wouldn’t his father with whip come?

Here, he sang unsweet elegies
Breathing his last upon a tree
The prodigal God was rather pleased
Instead of wrecking with volcanic wrath

His little lot they cast lot upon
Dancing they have killed God’s son
Yet, He only heard him heaved at last
“…neither do they know of this”

With generous prodigality, He forgave
Much more still, His grace in lavishing
Upon earth and dwelling beings
Don’t you pity this God?

Come let’s ask him what He wants
Why wouldn’t He let us go our way?
Wait, wait… that we may know why
Why He says He ever loves us

Deep calls still upon deep
Unto our too straying souls
That His and our own prodigality
May collide once at rest

Oh, the idiocy of our own wisdom
In knowing He’s not unwise
For coming to us in our like
Lest we in awe stand afar from Him

18 thoughts on “The Prodigal God” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Hmmmm.


    1. @ Seun the great, it’s the sound of unheard music. Such is sweeter!

  2. Wow!..Nice!!..This is really Nice..Love the last stanza..
    Well done Ostar..

    1. @ Bubblinna I was just praying. I appreciate you got there. Dalu.

  3. Much philosophy doth make thee mad

    1. @ Kaycee there’s one thing about madness I like most, it’s that we all are mad. I don’t know the level of yours. Hyper? lol

  4. I like…but I don’t get the “prodigal” part…wouldn’t “prodigious” have been a better word. Unless ofcourse am missing something.

    1. I think the prodigal is from the view of man. Most of us think God has strayed away and is too far from us.

    2. @ Myne great. If he had come like a God, he would have had strayed….
      But He is Emmanuel.

    3. @ Teewah PRODIGIOUS, that’s the word!
      Kaycee, via Socratic midwifery.
      You understood the work well.

  5. I’ve missed your works. Nice poem you’ve got here….. And should I say welcome back??? You just might disappear again.

    1. @ Gooseberry I missed the berries and the rest too. Thanks and if I go, know I didn’t go.
      Remember everything is in flux, and flux gives breath to existence.
      And if I ever go, it’s the dance of the bee….

    1. haba @eletrika what does that mean!

      1. Did you read that poem at all?

    2. @ Eletrika I like it. I mean your head. The plaiting skillfully depict beauty and talent of Africa!
      So, we all read the poem….

  6. The last stanza settled it.

  7. @ Igwe
    I gweee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Ka Eke ketere gi oma
    Ka Oye yere gi omalicha
    Ka Afo fotere gi mma
    Ka Nkwo kwotara gi mmamma!

    Ekele m gi Igwe.

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