Second Phase – New African Writing: Farafina Books and ABC Literary Cafe

Second Phase – New African Writing: Farafina Books and ABC Literary Cafe


The first phase of the New African Writing initiative is over, with fifteen of the best entries selected for review. We now announce the start of the second phase, and for writers who did not get a chance to submit the first time, this is another opportunity. Kachifo Limited and ABC Literary Cafe once again call on emerging African writers to send in their submissions.

Send in your short stories of not more than 5,000 words to, and include your name, email address and phone number.

Please note that nonfiction entries and stories over 5,000 words will not be considered. Also, writers are not allowed to send in more than one entry; where they do, we will accept the first and disregard any others. The deadline for this phase is midnight on the 19th of February.

From the entries submitted in this second phase, another fifteen of the best will be selected and critiqued by our panel of esteemed writers. Writers who sent in submissions for the first phase are free to participate again, provided they send in a different entry.

The second New Nigerian Writing reading will be held at The Life House, 33 Sinari Daranijo Street, off Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. The date is February 24; the time is 6pm.

New African Writing is aimed at promoting and showcasing new writing out of Africa, and as part of this initiative, Doreen Baingana will be hosting a session at The Life House on February 17, where she will talk about writing and give writing tips and lessons for emerging writers, read from her work and answer questions from the audience. Doreen won the 2006 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and the AWP Award in Short Fiction for her book, Tropical Fish. She was also a two-time finalist for the Caine Prize for African Writing.


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  1. Okay. Missed the first time around.

    Don’t know about this one – but I’ll try my best to make it.

    Really encouraged and inspired.

  2. please can some one post excerpts from the workshop here? sure i am not going to be there. i wish to have things like this take place in Enugu.

  3. Are there no prizes for the selected entries and writers? Are they just going to be critiqued and that’s all?

    1. We’re still at the point where recognition is the most important thing, @dowell. Trust me, the money will come sooner than you think.

      As long as you stay focused and stuff…it’ll come.

      1. hmmnnn. True, @seun odukoya. Very true.

  4. Just do breathe, dye or rather die and then you can live!
    This is the iconic drive of the legandary Phoenix?
    It’s in you!

  5. This one they are calling for second phase…
    Who knows the kind of submissions they got for the first phase?


  7. @sambrightomo, hahahahaha, so you caught the joke.
    Well, if they were satisfied, they sure wouldn’t be ‘begging’ with style.

    1. @kaycee, well, if you visited the blog you’ll know this is in line with their schedule. And I know two writers from NS made the first fifteen too!

  8. Nice one. Is attendance strictly by invitation?

    1. No, @igwe. Attendance is free and open to all lovers of literature. I attended the first one, so I know.

  9. Good luck to Farafina. All the best…..

  10. I maintain one can sustain the gains.
    It’s in you so speaks Peak!


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