Prophetic Analogies…

Prophetic Analogies…

Let the lion roar
Let him roam wild, fearless & free
Just as the eagles soar
High above, on the winds of liberty
Let him stalk his prey
Moving purposefully, majestically
Hunting them down
Giving chase as they flee
Let him choose from the vast catalogue
Of earth’s glorious variety
Devouring with wild abandon
Like ecstatic girls on a shopping spree
Let him amass new terrain
Dominating every enemy in his authority
Then stroll through the fields
Surveying newly conquered territory
Subjects gathering from all around
Pledging allegiance on bended knee
Bringing gifts of the all & encompassing
Just for a spot under his banner they plea
Crowned in a mane of splendor
His light shining for all to see
For the whole world is his kingdom
…and he alone is the key.





Let the gazelle be at ease
Let her find pasture in which to graze
The trees around her reassuring
As she explores life’s ever changing maze
Let her run, skip & play
Dancing in the sun’s golden rays
Yet safe & always protected
From predators & snares, never becoming a prey
Her soul, never weary
Finding comfort in the cool shade
Let her walk majestically
Through the forests luscious glade
Eyes lustrous with wisdom
Body exuding dignity & grace
Let her drink from the sweet waters
Watching them course their winding ways
Laughing at her reflection
When the water underneath it plays
Serene & Satisfied
She shall be all her days
Loved by some, admired by all
Her steps shall always be traced
To that cleft in the rock
…to that sweet secret place


7 thoughts on “Prophetic Analogies…” by Oaikhena Imoukhuede Amaize (@magicmase)

  1. me like! this is great, bro! not taking anything away from the second piece but the firsts inspired me this morning. gracias! . . . ok, world! here i come! hahaaa!


  3. Wow. I love this sooooo much. Wow.

  4. Your poems are like fresh spring water to the soul. I felt refreshed.

  5. I love ur poems…Please just keep posting more!!…
    This transported me to some kinda Jungle..
    But hey!..D last 3 lines of d 2nd poem…If your lion eats your Gazelle..I will beat U..
    Well Done!.

    1. Lol, yes ma’am…I go personally police the gazelle.

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