Erin sat by her window, wondering if she’d die of hunger or of boredom. It wasn’t that she didn’t have the money for food. She just didn’t want to go to the cafeteria alone. She hated crowds and the way the boys stared. Her roommate and most of her course mates had gone home for the end-of -semester holiday. She had to work on a project, and so she was practically alone. There were only two other girls on J300 floor in Bada Hall- the prayer warrior (Roberta) and the weird one (Toni), and they were usually not around. Toni lived in a world of her own and never came out of her room during the day, and Roberta…Roberta spent most of her day in the library or in the spirit.
I watched her, beautiful Erin, with her rosebud lips and green-grey eyes. Eyes that got her noticed everywhere she went. Erin with her flawless toffee-coloured skin and a smile that could raise the dead. The amazing thing was that she seemed oblivious to the effect she had on people. I watched Erin, and I knew I had to have her. She was pure and full of life. I would have her, and worship her like she deserved.

Erin stood up, defeated by her need for sustenance. She sighed and got undressed. It was bad enough that she was either going to have to get something to eat or faint. She couldn’t very well go to the cafeteria without taking a bath. As she bent down to pick her bucket, she felt that odd tingle down her spine, like someone was watching her every move. She shrugged off the feeling. Roberta and Toni were as usual, nowhere to be found, and she was the only other person on that floor. As she stepped into the bathroom, she could have sworn she felt fingers in her curly hair. She wondered if she was becoming paranoid. She couldn’t wait for Bimbo her roommate to get back. She hated being alone like this. She’d been getting that feeling regularly for the past three months but she couldn’t tell anyone. They’d think she was crazy.

I watched my goddess. I followed her as she went to the cafeteria. I already knew her favourite dish, her favourite weather, her favourite everything. I’d been watching her for a long time after all, learning all I’d need to know to be able to please her beyond anything she would ever imagine. I relished the way she licked her lips when she got her favourite flavour of ice cream. The shudders that ran through her body on a windy moonless night. I watched Erin contentedly until I saw a boy walk towards her. I knew his thoughts. He thought to seduce Mine. She turned when he called her name. She smiled, my naïve Erin. I wouldn’t let him get to her. I choked him until he gasped for air. The slime ball was not, and would never be worthy of her. Erin’s mine!!!!!!!!!! I watched as an ambulance took him away.

13 thoughts on “Obsession” by Miss Sarah (@tokuharash)

  1. Nice! Intense! I like way you switched perspectives…

    I do wonder who the ‘watcher’ is though.

    I think there are some punctuation errors with the last three sentences.

    Good job.

    1. Thanks. you’ll find out who the watcher is in good time

  2. I ditto. Good job.

  3. I like the watcher!
    Nice story.

  4. Stories on Obsession are always an intresting read 4 me..Yours wasn’t different..
    Good job Sarah..

    But hey!..Ur ‘watcher’ choked the boy Erin smiled at..But with d way U put it, one might wonder when/where he did the choking..Was it in the cafeteria?.I doubt..
    D weirdo couldn’t have done it in public or even where help wld reach d boy that easily..
    Throw some light on that..(just my opinion)

  5. This watcher na ghost?………………….lol.

    I like that you wrote the piece very well with good descriptions e.g. a smile that could wake the dead. I think that was an intense line.

    Well done!!!

  6. Bubblina and Lawal have asked the questions at my fingertips. Where, when and how does this obsessed do their thing?

    I would prefer if you had put in a transition between the two POV, like an asterix or something.

    Nice one.

  7. I wish there is a second part 2 answer all d questions i hv…..an interesting story

  8. I expect there will be a Part 2, it seems rather necessary….nice piece though, well done.

  9. Creepy…real creepy but I like!
    wish you wrote a bit more on how the guy was choked to death….looking forward to more. Good job!

  10. The watcher probably has demonic powers. Lol. Nice one

  11. Thanks everybody, for your comments. and at the risk of being stoned for using this overused cliché, WATCH OUT FOR PART TWO!!! *Reverberating* ;)

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