My Timelines; The women I’ve met – PART 1

My Timelines; The women I’ve met – PART 1

In my sojourn of life, I’ve met funny people, ‘men’,
But today I don’t want to discuss them
Maybe another day, maybe in another way,
Maybe I don’t want to tell a story that may seem so gay.

I’ve met women, Oh! Yes I’ve met women,
I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve studied them,
Some I’ve dreamt of, some I’ve crossed parts with,
Some I was there at the time of their first heart beat.

I’ve got a good heart, I’ve chatted up a few,
Its always my intentions to get many out of the blues.
Some I’ve propped, watched them from scratch into something,
A few grateful, many ingrates, but for me its nothing.

Yet life goes on, I’ve seen many in tears, in sorrow,
I remember them too well, by eve, or by morrow.
Many had phobias, I saw them in despond, in freight,
I did ‎​what I do best, “I tried to make their sun bright”.

Many I’ve met in dilemma, in a fix
And as a blessed artist, I repainted their pix.
I did so in colors so calm, serene, fine,
In colors of heavenly words and rhymes.

Somberly, I’ve seen hearts in pieces, grossly shattered,
Broken beyond measure, in ugly & beastly patterns,
I tried to merge & fix these, Oh! How I tried,
Of course with a bit of my magic, and the tears they cried.

I look back at my timeline, and how fast it did and still refreshes,
I see women, many I cannot reckon save for the smiles on their faces,
I smile too, for I made them, and they made me,
This is one of the things I think life is all about, as I drop my pen, gratefully.

28 thoughts on “My Timelines; The women I’ve met – PART 1” by Blaise Aphascea (@aphascea)

  1. I would have loved this more if you continued with d rhymes and if you had concluded it in a sonnet.*just my thinking*
    However,your message is clear.Well done!

  2. Nice poem Blaise..But I notice U didn’t write about the ones U helped 2 shatter their hearts…Shey dat part dey 4 part 2?…
    Well done…
    In other news, should be recall not reckon..

    @sambright….The rhymes are actually present to the end but due to the long sentences, it might not be noticed especially if read in a hurry..
    And 4 d sonnet part…the Conclusion contains 4 lines, how then would he increase it to 14 lines?…
    Well to each his own they say..

    1. Noo mind me at bubby,just my thought.I guess I like reading rhymes…If you know what I mean.wink.wink

  3. It’s obvious you only did good for them. Which means you’re a good dude all the way.


    What’s that your name again?

    1. hehehehhehehe….i feel u jare

  4. Good samaritan.what happened to the ingrates?

  5. Here, you sound like a saviour to Eves. Since there’s a part2, I’m hoping you’d talk about saving Adams too. Jst my thinking. Good piece.

  6. Don’t be fooled.

    The guy na player. Pure, straight and simple.

    1. @Seun….going thru the poem again i agree with you….but i think this player has a conscience sha…what say you?

      1. I’ve tried to reconcilled this write up with this guy but I always come back to this…. Are you a player or women’ dose? Either of the both you are a stinking player.. “time of their first heart beat”
        “I tried to make their sun bright” …this is “hmmmious”

        good work though.

      2. Well…as far as I’m concerned, a ‘conscience’ is just a way to explain wrong doing. So.

  7. I like the poem, I like the message. Good to know the good side of you….. Or maybe its just a poem…..

  8. So how many women? You didn’t say.
    Who knows? Maybe just two is “many” for you.

    Will the real players PLEASE STAND UP!!

    Nice poem o.

  9. Nice…really nice.

  10. Wonderful piece Blaise. You must be ‘Mr Nice Guy’. Well done bruv.

  11. Nice poem….can i really say d same of u in reality?

  12. @Sambright, thanx mehn, yeh I’ll try to do better so U’ll love d next 1 better,
    Just as @Bubbllinna sed…I tryd to rhyme to end with an effort for the poem to retain its message.

    @Bubbllinna, correction noted, & well, as for me writing abt “the ones I’ve broken dia hearts” as u say,I’ll try & do that via the sequel to this..

  13. @Electrica, am quite honored..I’m quite a gud dude…except the badt guys here won’t believe there’s pple like me exist, and the ladies wouldn’t eida for they’ve been hurt 2many tyms.
    Btw, my name is Blaise[real name].

    @Obi onyinye.
    Hehehehe Thank you..

  14. @Obi onyinye.
    Hehehehe Thank you..

    Well u’ll read abt them soon #Ingrates

    @Taiwo odumola
    hehehhe, I no save Adams in this kyn way oh…..hehehehe #NoHOMO…..ℓ☺ℓ
    Na only woman oh…
    Thanx O jare

  15. @Seun Odukoya
    [Sobs] why na? It is not fair oh….I’m not a player but a helper….remember the good samaritan that was once talked about?

    @Edos..tell him….I’m not a player, just a do-gooder with a big conscience.

    1. ‘Helper’ indeed. Na so na.

      You don hear armed robber call himself armed robber before?


  16. @greatness4life; When I meant “Time of their 1st heart beat”, I was talking about the women born in my presence, like my 1year old niece whom I was signatory to her Ceasarean section form….wen she refused to come out the ‘normal way’. I love her so much cos…that minute she was born, I was there, waiting by the ward, hoping for there not to be further complications, her father wasn’t close by due to inevitable circumstances…”Wen she was eventually born, I felt it in my heart, I heard her 1st heart beat in this world, I felt like I was her father…..I can’t describe all the feelings…..

  17. @Seun, your still busy trying to nail me on the cross for admittance…. [Sobs].
    What of those when worse pass me wey dey bury their own nko?

    @GoosBerry….thanx…mayb its a good side of me…or mayb its just a poem……in truth, its both.

    @Ablyguy ..thanx

  18. @kaycee, “how many women”? Erm…..I’ll have to get bk to yu on that…..but bTW u no badt pass me? I sabi u wella oh…

    @Teewah fenx
    @igwe, u’v alredy sed it all

    @Obi onyinye..
    Thanx again… the ‘Ruler of the heavens, protectors of the skies, & gardeners of the earth’, you can say the same about me.

    1. @Blaise Aphascea: I don catch you.. You men like hitler are the one trying to explain themselves when caught.. oh….my mind is telling me….hush!…..gush!……how will I tell you that by the power converge on my through “abracadabra” this na your true life story….how did you do it with ronke?..
      Maka wy? You wan make I spill the beans for here..

  19. @greatness

    Pray, you talk about spilling of beans
    My mind says you talk about your own sins
    Indeed every of those words are true
    Timelines, reeking of ‎​things I’ve been through
    So thus, I publish a ‘disclaimer’
    Your Ronke; I’ve nothing to do with ‘her’
    I know not she, neither do I Hitler
    I fancy not the sign of the Swastiker
    So go ahead, be a Harry Porter
    There are things much more than an ‘Abracadabra’.

  20. nice, love it

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