I had the Strangest Dream…

I saw your face through the fog, as step by step you walked towards me. Smitten I tried but could not move, till right before me you stood tall and elegant. You took my hands and looked in my eyes, crumbling the world beneath my feet – just with your look. Then you lowerd your head, with your lips next to my ears, whispering to me words I neither heard nor understood, but words so sweet with the way they made me feel. My body tingled all over, going all warm and fuzzy in exciting places; “I could get used to this feeling” I told myself.

“Come let’s take a walk”, you gently nudged. I held on tightly like I could not bear to let you go. I didn’t care where we went as long as I was with you. We walked on and on…endless it seemed. Still every step were like the best moments in time. You made me laugh so hard, my sides almost gave in…I threw my head back in total freedom, oblivious to the World. With the sands seeping through my feet, I felt a peace within. “You make my world complete, and I was indeed lucky to have you. If only you knew how…” – You stopped abruptly, cutting my thoughts short. You turned to me and stared deep in my eyes, leaving me to wonder what you were thinking. Then in a heartbeat I am swept into your embrace, closing every gap between us. Tilting my head towards you…I see your face making its own descent.

With no fore warning my senses flee, leaving me limp and helpless in your arms.  I can feel little beads of sweat gradually forming on my forehead, and of a sudden I start to feel as though every air has been sucked out. Now my eyes are closed in anticipation of what is to come. I can feel your breath…and I know it is just a matter of seconds before your lips…Oh those lips, meet mine.

Time must have gone incredibly slow as those seconds seemed to be taking forever…So on tipped toes and with puckered lips I moved to save myself from going nuts. And finally… Hmm… it feels like soft…

Bang!!! Bang!!! Bang!!!

I woke up with my heart in my mouth!!! Oh My Gosh!!! What the f**k (I cussed silently under my breath)


Some annoying, jobless,naughty, inept, insolent, delinquent, depraved…(gosh I could think of a thousand and one hideous words) boys had just thrown a “banger” under our car.

Slowly but sadly, I became more conscious and gradually took in where I was. I chuckled and shook my head, as I remembered I was in my father’s car and we were on our way back from church after the crossover service (quickly I asked forgiveness for cussing). What a way to start the New year!!!

“Why were you giggling and smiling in your sleep?”

I half expected the mischievous grin I met on my sister’s face, as I turned at the sound of her voice.  “You would not believe the dream I just had”, I replied with a mischievous grin of my own.

31 thoughts on “I had the Strangest Dream…” by teewah (@teewah)

  1. Na wa for dream o, teeeewaaah… ;-)

  2. This ur kind of dream sef, nawa o!!…on ur way from church 4 dat matter…Cool story jare

  3. I once dreamt such, a bang like that woke me…,
    but it was, that I was dreaming in my dream. Then,
    I woke the second real wake, and concluded she was
    so fake!

    1. “I woke the second real wake” Seriously @ostar Who says that

  4. This is very nice. ThankGod you made it a dream. You write well tewah. Well done.

    1. Thanks @gooseberry, always appr8 ur comments

  5. Another it was a dream story.But description was good sha.

    Well done!!!

    1. hehe d title should have prepared you na!

      Thank U

  6. Well done! Nice job! An interesting dream!

  7. I didn’t really enjoy this dream. I couldn’t ‘feel’ the feeling.
    Along the line, you switched tenses.

    1. thanks @elektrika, lukin into the tense issues ASAP!

  8. just a few more seconds into the dream and you could have been making babies…that’s like inception…a dream within a dream within a dream

    1. babies? thank God I woke up then.

  9. Teewah and her dreams…….nice one,u write effortlessly.Even though ds particular dream is so naughty…….u are allowed 2 keep on dreaming jare

    1. @obi onyinye thank you v.much

  10. Simple and straighforward.

  11. This kain dream sef. Na wa o…happy new year dream too.

    Maybe e wan be be that.

    May ya dream come true!

  12. Ha! You had a Wet dream on a new year’s eve? Na wah oh

    lol…I can imagine the different insane interpratations you would get to this ya story…some go talk say you dey romance spirit husband…

    This short story for strong if you for put suspense…like not letting us know it was actually a dream…and not giving it such a give-away title.

    BUt one thing is certain sha…you sabi write!

    1. wet dream? naaaa I think it was just damp.

      Thank U @afronuts apr8 ur views

  13. If I was not an enlightened person , I would have said you must pray against this “spiritual husband” in your dream..lol , just playing. Very good story , the only thing is that you let the cat out of the bag too early (telling us it was a dream right from the title)

    You write very well , personally I like it, well done.

    1. Thank you @aghoghosam

      And I rebuke every spirit of spiritual husband IJN. Lol

      1. @aghoghosam: Nice one!
        Somehow I forgot that that was how I knew from the beginning. Weya, Teewah, change that title and don’t spoil the beauty of the tale.

  14. Another winner here gal…really kool.

    Gals, tall and handsome….makes you wonder,lol

    1. Your comments are always kind @dottaraphels… thank you!

  15. I saw the dream part coming!! Still, I like the way you carried the tale.
    It’s all good. It was a smiley story all the way full of excitement and some joie de vivre.
    Well done.

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