Dear Agony

Dear Agony

Got his ticket, boarded the train
Cloudy sky, it was about to rain
He sat down, was ready for the long journey
I know you see him, dear Agony

He stared out the window, lost in a thought
The wind was gentle, yet couldnt stop the hurt
There’s no getting over her, at least not today
Now that they ve gone their seperate ways

Is love made to hurt souls
How can friends suddenly become foes
The tears wont fall, yet his inside ache
The feelings is dead, yet his heart break

Its the way she broke him down
Kissing another, together they left town
After all he has done to make her stay
The sacrifices; still she went away

She was his baby, his heart, his love
She by his side, he had more than enough
He upheld her when she had nothing
He comforted her, he was her everything.

When she cried, he was always there
When she was happy, he showered love and care
Together; such a perfect match
Make love even on the couch

Or did he not do enough to prove
Or she just got bored and had to move
How did she drift from his grasp
It was meant to happen perhaps

I hope he ll find strength with time
Forgive and never remember her crime
Find a girl thats true to call Honey
Be easy on him, dear Agony.

13 thoughts on “Dear Agony” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. @brytandre

    This is really sad. Intense.

    I like the emotions you captured…they are quite clear and gripping.

    Well done.

  2. Yeah. This is really good.

    Well done.

  3. Captivating…I like.

    The feelings(feeling) is dead, yet his heart break(s)
    Make(made) love even on the couch

  4. Bright..I love dis poem..once again U make d emotions felt within the rhymes..
    Dear Agony…

    Y categorize it as short stories?..guex it was a mistake..
    Well done!

    1. ‘GUEX’?!?!?!

      And that is supposed to be an abbreviation for…’GUESS’..?!?!!?

      Today’s shuldren don kill everything finis.

      1. I think it was a typo, not a short form…

        1. Abbreviation or ‘typo’…You sure did get the meaning…that is what matters…

  5. ‘Is love made to hurt souls’.. Guess that’s a rhetorical question so you might want to put the question mark. I ditto adaobi.

    You write good bright. Cool poem.

  6. I could visualize everything clearly, that is how vivid your words were. Gr8 job!!!

  7. Guy!
    You are really good. You have improved in just about 4 posts. You see what criticism can do?
    Keep it up, man.

  8. @brytandre, wow, you hooked me from the first stanza. I really felt this guy’s pain (or agony!). But there were stanzas I thought could have been expressed differently, where the rhyming felt forced and some where there were tense errors like Adaobiokwy pointed out. But all in all, VERy GooooooD!!

  9. Nice poem.

    I love the rhymes as well.

  10. i feel u, u re good. i feel 4 d guy 2, take it easy on him dear agony

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