Come and hear a proverb

Come and hear a proverb

Hear a proverb

Listen to its lyrics

A baby’s cry is a song

Mothers’ words are amulets

A young man grows with strength

And old man grows with wisdom

Women think love, men act it

Sorrow is free and a killer

A smile is priceless and an asset

The feet is the stick that beats the ground

What the eyes sees, the mind searches


Come and learn a Proverb

Learn where wisdom resides

Natures eyes is beauty

Wisdom is its history

Reality is time

Patience is everything good

Everything good is patience

Time must run while man must wait

But wisdom of patience takes you far


come and hear a proverb

hear a proverb of the wise

the fool thinks himself a wise man

the wise thinks himself a foolish being

for all men are naturally foolish

so, wisdom is a gift

foolishness is an inheritance

poverty can never die

because it is what the earth has

in abundance.


Silence is wisdom

To listen is a gift

A handshake completes ten fingers

A company is shared-strength

But solitude is self-strength

When hands washes the other

It becomes better clean


Hear a proverb

Wisdom is not contained in books

Knowledge is not wisdom

Learn wisdom where it began-Nature

And this is where it began

Darkness before light

Light before life

Life before death


Hear a proverb

Learn from the wealth of wisdom

All in cycles, cycles in all

God created me and gave me to the soil

Soil moulded me and gave me to a woman-my mother

My mother gave birth to me and gave me to earth

The earth one day will give me to the soil

The soil one day will give me back to God


My lips has said a million words

My eyes here have seen ten million things

My feet have thread a hundred million miles

My ears have heard the faintest of sound

A line is ten thousand dotes

A proverb is truly more than a word.

17 thoughts on “Come and hear a proverb” by lawore olufemi (@laworemike)

  1. I like your words.

  2. This one is good. Real good.

  3. Laworemike…This is wonderful…Using Simple proverbs to make a great poem….Kudos!!

  4. A proverb is truly more than a word….This piece was truly called forth.

  5. @Laworemike, wise words man/woman.
    Yes, I’ve read/heard your proverbs. They’re really wise words.

  6. Well done, King Solomon. Nice work

  7. I love this poem. This is one of my favourites on NS. Good Job man. You’ve added to my knowledge of proverbs.

  8. You wowed me.Good verses.

  9. Really good. I like.

  10. I love this! Well done!!!

  11. Each line, a proverb. I like it. Well done.

  12. Great job, Lawore! Wow! A complete poem written with proverbs. Really impressing my man. You did good justice to this one.

  13. This is more than a poem . It’s a wise saying

  14. So sweet and definately touching….

  15. jeeeezzzzz! This is profound!

  16. I thank you guys for your wonderful comments… You have giveN me the Strength to carry on

  17. words arranged in order
    I love this

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