Blue Moon



Once in a blue moon

When blue roses bloom

And lovers dance to sweet tunes

Tonight, night acts loon

Wondering windows in my room

Why stars are like diamond dune

Once in a blue moon

On a cold clear silent night weather

I feel light and fly as a feather

Tonight’s night, I act loon

Blue purple beams and starry skies

Suspends above me from the highest high

Once in a blue moon

When love, once in life is new

When you know all of life is true

Tonight we should act loon

When blue roses bloom

And we expect a fiery doom

Once in a blue moon

days are born so soon

i await the afternoon

when i shall scoop

with a silver spoon

for tonight i act loon

Once in a blue moon

Once alone dawn breaks

Eat; eat your moon faced cakes

Tonight we should act loon

Dance and rave to the sweetest tune

For once, life is full like a blue moon.

                                                                          oji chisom emmanuel 15/1/2012

14 thoughts on “Blue Moon” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. Okay…
    I don’t know about the “Once in a blue moon” repetition…I like repetitions in some poems…not sure here and then…I’d just say, av read better poems from you…and you know that.
    We only get better so…

  2. I like d picture U r tryin 2 paint/pen in this poem..
    Maybe in ur bid 2 rhyme..some sentences don’t make sense 2 me..

    Tonight I act u mean loony?
    Wondering windows in my room..did U miss a word there?.

    Well d repitition made it easier to read..
    Nice poem..

  3. Blue moon, to me, is another common usage…Can you consider changing it? I think I have heard it much…
    But I enjoyed the sing-song of the poem, though I think it needs some sharpening as explained by Sibbyl and Adaobi whose comments
    I agree with totally. Well done.

  4. They’ve said it all. Didn’t read okay. Go through it again.

  5. Nice rhymed verse, but in a bid to rhyme the poem somehow lost the seriousness of its message which is one of the things rhyme does if allowed to be carried away with the “sing song” like Sueddie would call it. I love the end though “For once, life is full like a blue moon.”

    1. good advice, had something on my mind but got carried away.

    1. you are funny o! making laugh. ok undestood

  6. The repetition and the rhyming…don’t like it so much.
    Nice poem though.

    1. i understand i fill ashamed of myself too

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