Aphrodite Rebel

N.B: Aphrodite rebel is NOT the title of this piece..But I couldn’t possibly get this published without a title..

Here is the deal: If you read this piece, please drop a comment with a title you think would be perfect for it…My brain simply refused to come up with one.

Think of it as a Game…And yes the reader with the best title gets something in return…hahaha…


Trailing behind, You clothed in white.
Can’t help but tread on your train in spite.
Standing in forced solemnity behind you.

Flashing fake smiles when all I feel is gloom.
Presumptuous of you to think,
that I would be pretty dressed in Pink!


You exchange happy grins with the groom.
But I know he is headed for doom.
You gladly accept that gold ring
while I blanch at the thought it brings.
Swollen bellies and the pain of birthing.
It’s the short end of the straw you are getting.
After a year of marital bliss or two,
you would stop being his fantasy too.


But I sense the currents that pass between
and your love that glows from within.

Then I scream: Throw the damn bouquet!!
I want my own wedding Day!!…


If you enjoyed this poem, there is a second one from a guy’s POV, inspired by ‘The Foroom’s’ Mr Cassanova…hehehe you know him?..I will be posting that shortly..

66 thoughts on “Aphrodite Rebel” by Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

  1. Lol… Bad belle bridesmaid. Made me laugh and hold it long. I think I’d title this one “Half Baked Smile”. Lovely poem, @Bubbllinna! Abeg share that male version fast… I can just imagine his grudge as he eyes the bride. *red eye*

    (Shey you no quarrel with admin for this “comment off” situation again? lol)

    1. I quarell with admin o!..d ting pain me well well..
      Thank you Dowell..glad It made U laugh out loud…
      D 2nd one dey,.U go read am soon..

      *putting ur title in the box*…Merçi..

      1. Half baked smile…dis bridesmaid no dey crack her teeth open sef talkless of smile..

    1. Hmmm…and so U let out ur secret finally ehn?..
      Envy?..it is already in d box..
      Thanks Seun..

      1. Envy captures the underlying emotion well enough..

  2. You like aphrodite ehn!!! Really cool poem. Short and straight to the point… And I’m guessing why you put the whole pre and post note.. Heheheheh.

    I think envy is cool too. No need for big big grammar tittle.

    1. Ah Goosie..How wldn’t I like her?..Goddess wey be the evil genius wey cause the fall of Troy…hehe..
      Thanks really…Wanted to make it a sonnet but I changed my mind..

      And that is two for ‘Envy’…hmmm

  3. Lovely poem. Also wanted to comment earlier but ‘comments off’.

    Marital ‘beef’

    1. Marital BEEF!!…in d box..Thank you @babyada

      I no know why dis kain ting dey do me…if U fit help me beg admin to dey tick my comment..ah go happy..

      1. Marital BEEF, This rocks!! but not everyone wld know our nigerian Beef…
        Imagine a situation where some1 who has no idea dat beef means quarell, he wld be expecting to read about married Cows n Bulls..Thank you dearie

    2. Marital blows nko?

  4. Thanks @admin for rectifying the problem..finally.
    I would appreciate it you keep an eye out for my posts as they seem problematic.

  5. I noticed that comment stuff in your posts. I actually thought it was your making.
    I don rack brain so tee I no know wetin I go talk. I have a feeling she knew the groom or had had something with him.
    What was the price again? Let me know if I will try again…

  6. Not of my making in any way o…
    This bridesmaid just doesn’t believe in weddings or marriages 4 dat matter…She no send d groom sef..
    First drop d title, if U win..na den U go sabi wetin d price be…Thanks for reading ably..

    1. That price better be good o! This one you’re keeping people posted…

      1. Trust me Seun..d price sounds good…hehe.

  7. I give the title ‘Mixed Feelings’. Oya, give me the price sharp-sharp, no waste time. I don win already. All comments on title suggestion are hereby cancelled. The winner has been picked and I am him.

  8. Lol…na so U wan take chase people ehn?..
    Mixed feelings ba?..Oya it aff enta d box…Thank you..wait 4 d raffle draw Sir..hehe…Thanks for reading and playing the game.

  9. One, Two, Ready, Throw…

  10. Jay!!..U don dey Madt abi?…Na ur own title kum be dis ba?

  11. If dem throw d bouquet, if she like may she no fly catch am..Well there is always a part two..

  12. perpertual bridesmaid or the muse of a perpertual bridesmaid

    1. Muse of a perpetual bridesmaid?..
      It is now in the box..Thanks Wanze..for playing the game.

  13. Hp am nt too late o….BRIDEMATES

    1. Anne You aren’t late o…Shey na BrideMates?..I don put am 4 box…Thank you..

      P.S…actually thought of using BridesMaid but I felt it would give away the poem at first glance..

  14. Bubbli this is so fresh! Trust the daughter of Eve to huff and puff like Amazon wey hate man…lol.
    Despite all the doom she sees ahead, the minute she sniffs that potion of lust…oops! love; well you know the rest.

    Let’s call it ” VERILE”

    1. Kai!! Dotta na You get the gist pass…She dey form say she sabi all the pains of marriage. Immediately she just sensed love, she fell in love with the love in marriage..na im she begin dey ginger!..

      VIRILE is now in the box…Thank you Dotta for liking this fresh poem and playing the game..

    2. Virile has to do with men sha..So it wouldnt work for this..But thank you Dear for playing

  15. Me rily likeeeeee. Ehmm I will go for “Maid of Horror”

  16. I am glad U like the poem Tee…Maid of horror?..yea..It is in the box..thank you for playing the game..

  17. @teewah…Fell in love with your title..It does sound lyk d title of d movie Maid of Honour..You know it ba?..

    Maid of Horror is cool…Thank you so much…

    Umm for the price…You are a girl right?..

    1. yaayyyyy!!! yea I know the movie and t’was probably wot inspired it. I so can’t wait for my prize.
      Oh and yes am a female…..

  18. Hehe..You are obviously female..even ur Yay! reads girly…

    Woulda kissed you but then we don’t want no gay things..lol.
    Hope extra points would make up?..

    1. Not to knock anything o…but don’t you think ‘Maid of Horror’ sounds a little extreme?!

      I’m just saying.

      1. @seun sounds a little extreme cos i beat you to the price? lol

        1. Heh.

          You really; seriously, sincerely think I give a hoot about a price?

          You need to get out more.

          1. Hehehe..dat last line..Seun…give d girl a break jor…

            1. And what she said was necessary?


              I’m just asking ni o. Seems to me you can be quite biased, dear Bubbles…

              1. Laughing my cute ass out!!…Like I am biased cos she is female and all?..No freaking way!..It just felt funny, that your last line cos I am wondering “she needs ta get out more? Does it mean she is stuck in a hole all this time?”..U know I always see the funny things first…
                And surely U can see that teewah was joking in a way that is just ‘girly’ maybe it didn’t read that way to you…Chillax dear Seun..

                1. @Bubbllinna: Glad u could see the funny part of my statement, besides it reads a LOL at the end so I guess its pretty obvious.

              2. @seun ARE YOU SERIOUS?

                Seriously you put a P on that statement?

                Then thats….

  19. Hahaha..@Seun…just a teeny weeny bit xtreme..but it works for me at the moment…

  20. Maid of Horror? @seun, and we thought @raymond was the vampire!! :)
    Nice one…I like the way the stanzas are differentiated with lines and all. Hmm, I think you should
    think of changing that title. I don’t seem to be in an inspirational mood at the second but I do think
    that my title to this would be ‘Throw the Damn Bouquet’…I would have added a few more lines to it
    but as it is, it is lovely. Nice to see this…products of the temple, yea?
    ‘Damn! I want my own wedding’ Nice lines gal, nice lines. ‘Throw the Damn Bouquet’…

    1. @Sueddie…Master Su’ U left Shifu in the temple..it was scary..
      *Throw the Damn Bouquet??..Dayum!!
      And you had to show up when a winner already has d price ehn?…To the temple Mista..and wait 4 ur punishment..

      Not to worry Su’ there is a sequel to this, and U can still drop d xtra lines for me in my box..

      Thank you Sueddie, You do teach me well na..I appreciate.

      1. @bubbllinna “Throw the Damn Bouquet” now that’s tight!!!

  21. @Seun..what does ‘Editor picks’ mean?…I didn’t categorize my poem wt that….Your ‘All by myself’ is an editor pick..So?

    1. @sibbylwhyte ‘Editor’s picks’ are works that were specially selected by NS editors to be showcased as NS favourites for a certain period. Its a category that’s put there by Admin once your work is selected.

      Lovely poem by the way…now I see how you and I have something in common in the way we write poetry.

      Well done!

  22. Thanks a lot @afronuts…Glad that they liked it enough to make it a ‘pick’..
    Happier that you like it…We do have something in common..Poetry that is easily understood without ‘plenty grammer’…

  23. Like this so much
    disjointed yet lovely!!!

  24. I like it…and Suegbe-sorry, Sueddie’s suggestion.

  25. @toluoke…Thanks a lot…hey! Watch out for its sequel, maybe the ‘joints’ would merge…hehe..

  26. @raymond…Thanks a lot Mr HorrRay..nd yes I like sueddie’s title too.

  27. I would say it’s a nice, (great actually), poem… but guess the title can’t came outta my head… I have tried…

    1. Ah!..Thanks @elovepoetry for thinking it a great poem…Not to worry, it’s no biggie if a title refuses to pop out…

  28. “groom-doom” “two-too” and others alike…great rhymes :). For a title I would say a question like “Happy Ever After ?” would do :D

    1. Sorry I meant “Happily Ever After ? ” :P

      1. @aghoghosam..Thanks Sam.. now dat U mention d rhymes..
        This poem is among d ‘coolest’ things I have written..Reasons being dat I wrote it in less than 15mins and it came out this way..rhymes and all and d beauty of it is..I didn’t have 2 edit anything besides the 17th line where I scratched out ‘fucking’ and wrote damn…hehehe
        Don’t get me started on the alliterations in almost all the lines…grin and groom, blanch and brings etc..I truly enjoyed writing this as I am sure you did reading…Thanks a lot..

  29. Seun na wetin u mean sef. Nice one though.

  30. Haba Mana!..This shouldn’t be happening on my post.!!..Or is the Spirit of the bridesmaid 2 be held responsible?..
    Though I love to read me a good fight, I dnt want it here..Tsk tsk..Kiss and make up..that’s what they say yeah?..Good.

  31. suggested title: Bittersweet Bridesmaid
    Comment very nice , but the last two lines were a bit abrupt no?

  32. It’s abrupt because she’s sensed the love between and it’s like a gate has opened in her head, hence the last two lines…
    Thanks @nicolebassey for the title, reading and commenting.

    P.S: it’s got a sequel, (casanovas and ice maidens) you should probably have that checked out..

  33. Suggested Title: Green With Envy

    As for the poem, it brings to the fore, the fact that not everyone on a wedding day is happy for the bride and groom-and reasons for that may vary. Well done @sibbylwhyte

  34. @starrilyn…True! U sabi…Not everyone smiling is happy with them. Thanks for dropping by, and hey! Welcome to NS…$ß

  35. Very very cool. 15 minutes? I want lessons…

  36. @sibbylwhyte
    this is no less interesting…………
    words arranged in an enchanting style…………

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