The Getaway

Sanity slowly returns…
Swiftly, I sit atop the mess I have made
Trying to hide it from prying eyes
Trying desprately to erase
The lines of truth inbetween the lies
To don the mask of guile and slip away
Stealthily into the shadows, & back in the game
Anonymous in my disguise

But my cloak catches on a hook
Dangling from the line and sinker
Which I mistook for a chance to linger
And gaze one final time
At the ‘chaos’ I unwittingly created
A supposed low risk hit & run
Has taken away all the fun
And now I’m just jaded

Busted!!! on my last heist
Wrestled down by the realisation
Like a slap on the wrist…it comes to me
All the think-it-throughs I missed
On trial…the defense: My denial
But I’m guilty & must serve time
Sentenced to fatherhood, from 17-to-life
Should have just waited…or got a wife

Still…I’m way smarter than this…

You say the boy is mine
Well that’s fine
Tell him I’ll be his father…someday
But right now
I haven’t got the time


Please do not force me to pickup my pen again after I put it down…200 words minimum is just short of uncouth

9 thoughts on “The Getaway” by Oaikhena Imoukhuede Amaize (@magicmase)

  1. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    Whoa!!…Busted!..Indeed..U better have d time to look after your child..
    No be person send U to jump inside hole..

    I love how U turned it around in d 3rd stanza..

    And ur closing salvo??..Just hope no one spots a mistake or admin does not catch you..
    Good Job…Well done..

    1. “Jump inside hole’….?!?!?!

      Why do I get the feeling that this is something you’re quite familiar with…?!

      1. Probably cos U are familiar with jumping into holes yourself..
        Such feelings leave impressions nd now U be projecting..Tsk! tsk! @Seun

  2. Somebody show me the error somewhere!!!
    This is great…I love the poem especially the imagery and twist….This is lovely…
    Sad I can’t show some error and feel smart…
    Glad I can at least say ‘This is nice’ without a hurting conscience. Nice one!!

  3. Coming from @sueddie…Your post then is truly great..
    Kudos @Magicmase..

  4. You poem is beautiful.

    But what the heck was that last two lines? Who forced you to pick up what pen?
    That your poem is beautiful doesn’t mean it can’t be torn apart O°˚˚˚!.

  5. I apologise for the bad tasting one-liner.
    Thanks a lot Bubbllinna, Sueddie & Kaycee.

  6. Well done!!!!

    But Imagine; had your father abandoned you at 17, where would you be?

    Or maybe he did…no offense meant. I just didn’t want to assume.

    1. Lol, na fiction e b oh…. Happy i’m be able to precipitate such questions, keep them coming ;-)

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