She Is

My love,my dearest one
Beauty of heaven,my breaking
I stare in awe,my heart in bliss
Such a wonder ‘she is’
Love has found me,this feeling is
My desire to you unveil
You re in my every heartbeat
In there,you perfectly fit
Such wonderful eyes,such
assuring lips
A comfort belt hanging on your
One look at you,I feel alive
To please you,I everyday strive
I now speak with much
Utter strange words,no pretense
‘What’s this smile on your face’
I tell them ‘I have her,none can
So much good am doing
My world,together we re ruling
Always there,ever so near
Showering me with love and care
When am down,she’s my comfort
From her lips,kind words spring
When indecisive,she’s my counsel
The right things,to me softly tell
When am wrong,have it my way
I hurt her,on her knees she
would pray
With deep groaning,such as can’t
be expressed
All my sins to God she confessed
She is perfect,just for me
I will love her eternally
I seal it with a holy kiss
My sweetheart…..such a wonder
she is

better days ahead for us
life with her is a big plus
heaven has granted my wish
grace ameh,thats who she is

10 thoughts on “She Is” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. I just went and searched for your Grace Ameh on FB…and found her.


    Nice one.

  2. awwwwwww!!! i go love o! Another lovely love poem. no be small thing o!

  3. Awww. that’s nice! Keep it up dear. I enjoyed reading

  4. You are really improving. You see what NS can do?
    Come and pay homage o

  5. Of course I loved the romantic angle, but this was well written too.

  6. Nice but would need some clean-up…
    Bright the lover guy…who be this your muse na?!!

  7. ….just watch your back
    before one is washed, and like fish doped out of water
    all dreams are watered!

    Water the seedling though if it’s
    not just lyrics but dreams.

    I was here.

  8. ‘When I’m wrong, have it my way?’. I hope that’s not what I’m thinking o.

    Beautiful poetry. Felt really soft and sweet. Well done.

  9. a good one.Could do with better formatting though.

    Well done!!!

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