The tryst had ended
but their gazes still held..
Both were speechless,
one; breathlessly waiting
in all fairness,
wanting to take a dip
that would transport them quickly
to an abyss of ecstacy.
The other mind set in motion,
afraid to tread the path of emotions
which leads the heart to Utopia.
And then in a twinkling
the spell is broken..

Though refusal had been unwittingly said
without the longed for dip
that would have made things go deep.
Thoughts of what would have happened
had they but sipped of that
inexhaustible spring of Aphrodite
runs riotous right through the mind
like a beserk bull in a ring.
Though that moment is long gone
the mind still spins work of phantasy.
Bittersweet memories would remain
embedded in that private terrain
like fossil in a weatherworn rock.
Playing over in the mind like a tape
though that moment was aeons away..

Phantasm 2

Looking up,from the sandy shore
I could see him rise above the hilltops..
His face like that of Zeus;the god of gods.
Sleek hair,the colour of midnight
eyes,azure like the early morn’ sky
they seemed to see into my heart
and tried to drown me in its depth.
Lips with this magnetic quality
it would taste like a berry.
Shoulders and chest so good,
they made me want to lean forward.
Stomach so flat, just like a rolling board.
Lean waist that tapered to legs so gracèful like a heron’s
And the carriage of a jungle cat stalking its prey.
His physique,an absolute aphrodisiac.

He comes forward; beckoning
and like a somnabulist,I am drawn
like one under the hypnotist’s gaze,I respond.
Hair breadths’ away
I hear my name;
Only then do I realize,
that I am knee-deep in the sea
and he was a figment of my phantasy..

32 thoughts on “Phantasy” by Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

  1. Nice dreams, most of us have had them before, especially when there’s a crush on the horizon. The first one had me going “Ahem!” What is a dip, sweet madam sibbyl? LOL

    Final point, after a comma, leave a space before you resume typing. Makes your work neater and easier to read as the punctuation is more visible.

  2. sibbylwhyte (@sibbylwhyte)

    @Myne Whitman…Oh myne Oh myne..
    I am flattered that it got you going ‘Ahem’..

    About the Dip; Allow me a bit of poetic license there…hehe..anyway i took it to mean that slight movement of the neck, that a taller person would have to make in order to kiss the other..(the female was the ‘unwilling party’)..

    And the advice about punctuations, I’ll take to heart…Thanks

    1. I think @Myne thought you meant something else.

      Lovely poem. I think it could use some polishing. Some parts felt clunky, and also this line felt a bit pretentious to me: “azure like the early morn’ sky”… why not ‘early morning sky’? But it’s a lovely poem. I enjoyed it. Nice work Sibyl.

  3. After Myne’s and your comments…I can only say./..brilliant.

    I like the feeling in the poems. Even though…

  4. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @seun..I am glad u took the time to read it..and found it brilliant..(but I am so not going to blush!)..even though…

    1. Why not?

      Why no blush??

  5. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @kaycee…Yes it is..haha..

  6. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte) rili could use some polishing..
    D pretentious line?..I was in that phase where Shakespeare was a companion..
    Tankx 4 takin d time 2 read n comment..I’ll work on d corrections..

  7. Bubbllinna (what’s with the ddoouubbllee letters?), I don’t often read poems on NS, but I thought I’d take a chance… and I enjoyed this very much. Very poetic descriptions, like

    And the carriage of a jungle cat stalking its prey.
    His physique,an absolute aphrodisiac.

    The only thing I’d change would be to make the tenses consistent.

  8. midas (@midas)

    What is there to say? I love it…in more ways than one and the allegorical introduction of the Greek thingy reveals to me how serious a poet you are.
    Love it!

  9. midas (@midas)

    What is there to say? I love it…in more ways than one and the allegorical introduction of the Greek thingy reveals to me how deeply poetic you are.
    Love it!

  10. @sibbylwhyte I echo the words above…
    Nice poem. I read @babyada ‘s ‘Will you still love me’
    Your poem reads much like hers especially with the allusion to the classic gods ala Zeus et al. The intro was just it. But really, what is ‘breathlessly waiting, in all fairness’ … it sounded somewhat not right…
    The first part with all its corniness got me smiling but the second part just made me say ‘Chai, nna, dis na poem’ … This is deep poetry and not like the simple stuff most of us write these days. From the whole thing you wrote on your ‘About..’ one would have thought we would see something far less but…well, for someone who only gives a flying… you have done well in capturing that last which I haven’t mentioned. ;) Well done.

  11. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @Tola..I feel so happy that U took a chance on my poem..
    About the double letters?..hehe…I like the sound of it..mayb smeday i ll give the etiology of the name..
    And the comment about the tenses gettin mixed up..I really would take care of that..Tankx a lot..I appreciate.

  12. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @midas…D last 2 sentences of your comment has given me much hope…and though at times I think how unserious a poet I am..Ur comment would definitely ginger me..Tankx a lot

  13. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @sueddie….I am going 2 read d poem U mentioned…
    The poem is about a kiss that is supposed to happen..

    ”One breathlessly waiting in all fairness”
    here the boy thinks that the kiss is an appropriate ending to the tryst hence his wait…(but d girl burst his bubble)..

    U rili made my head swell o by calling my poem deep..I rarely look at a poem after I have written it..that is to say if I pay more attention to the poems I might be better..Now that is food 4 thought 4 me..

    Haha…did I capture it right? D flyin **** i thinketh not.
    Tankx 4 readin nd commenting Su, i appreciate.

  14. This is some good poetry, especially the second one.

    Well done!!!

    1. @Easylife2 , how you no go like the second one…dey always dey different! :)
      Bubbllinna, Wow! The sad part about the imagination is that one can use it to extend to several several things. Your explanation don dey give me thoughts…
      Wait, you don’t have another look at your poems (or was that rarely?)…Hmm, if that is the case, I can only wonder what you would produce if you truly give it another thought. Wetin you study sef?
      About the asterisked thing, hmm, you start but e no finish…and I guess it is only because of the interruption that brought back our persona from her phantasy…That Phantasm…I don’t know but it gave me some thoughts related to…
      Kai, today na Sunday. I am off to a poem to reflect the day ;)

  15. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @lawal..Your praise gives me confidence…Thank u so very much..

  16. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @Sueddie..May it not be blamed on me…the turn ur thoughts took today o..U better go read bible sef that one go better for you..

  17. cool, breezy poetry

    1. Thanks @adaobiokwy..though this is coming in late..I appreciate.

  18. Chei! See Superstory oh… :D
    Nice… a bit unwieldy in some places, with a few typos/tense errors:

    Though refusal had been unwittingly said
    without the longed (?) for dip

    Plus, in the 2nd poem, the stanzas had different tenses.

    1. @raymond…Just thought I’d check up on my oldies nd saw this..
      I am gonna work out the tense mixup…I appreciate..

  19. I just found a brilliant and creative poet who skillfully makes her poems an easy read; without making them lose their high art.

    You will be a great poet Bubbllina. I am sure of that.

  20. Oh! @chemo..You have no idea what ur words have done to me..Thank you very much 4 d vote of confidence..I appreciate em’ and by d way, U are a very good writer urself…One i am wanting to learn from…

  21. Oh Bubblli you have me day dreaming again. I actually had an image of you, leotards and fairy wings and all;lol.
    A little peek into this world of yours, and am wondering just what goes on in your head. Live a little I say, dare defy the odds and give in to the yearning of the heart. I believe hopeless romantics like myself were already sold before phase two.
    Do I dare hope for a sequel? perhaps to see where it leads?

    1. @dottaraphels….Oh Dotta! How did I miss this? Fairy wings U say? Perhaps i ll send a pic of me wearing em things you mentioned…lol.

      Inside of my head is a mess, my pen puts order to the chaos. You had be lost in there o…lol.
      Miss you jare, Do and come back. NS waits too…$ß

  22. @sibbylwhite; the power that fantasies wield over us can never be over-emphasized. Nice piece.

  23. @starrilyn….True, fantasies are very much a part of our lives, but reality oftentimes brings us down to earth with its many eye-openers…Thanks for reading sis…$ß.

  24. @sibbylwhyte
    words well-constructed
    idea well-expressed
    poems well-rendered………….

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