Out of your arms

dont know why i felt that way
it got worse wih each passing
i gave love past the mark
somehow,i lost the spark
happily ever after? Just a fairy
my look got pale
a part of me was missing
everything around me felt like
somehow i wished you away
woke up to a brand new day
things they called truth was all
the real me now materialize
sit on hill,call out the stars
no commitment,compared to
being behind bars
free to live with my own
breathe in new air and watch
new seasons
in my fantasy,i saw you
you looked at me and never
how i carried you once in this
oh! I can’t make you
how we trend the
fields,watered the veggies
built a house with wonderful
ate together with my loving
words said
in my room,we shared my bed
I knew your fears,you knew
passionately kissed,we did just
gently lay by the river side
arms in arms,laid our fears
we had a home built on love
gracious kids sent from above
the right kind of friends
surround us
happy,living together with a
just cause
misled into making this choice
blinded and deceived by dat
naive voice
The truth,i now clearly see
your love for me would set me
all i ask is a kiss of change
wake me up from this impeding
look inside my heart and feel
we are in love,thats wat is real
a look at my hour glass,cant
breathe easy
neva wld have existed,me and
my foolish fantasy
i wear a sad look and frowns
cos i chose and slipped out of
your arms

9 thoughts on “Out of your arms” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. This was kinda hard to read…owing to the caps things and the sequencing.

    Pretty much feels like another love poem. Yup.

    Nice one.

  2. thanks..i ll improve.thats what naijastories help you do! Cheers!;-)

  3. Capitals, spacing, punctuation…you need to improve on these.
    Writing a poem is not as easy as people think. The lines in a poem plays a major role in its beauty. Your line sequencing wasn’t too good.
    You will improve.

  4. Now, I was in church when I wrote that first comment, but the service has finally ended, I am no longer under the Lord’s gaze.
    Your poem is very terrible. You were careless. Perhaps you think NS is a site where you can afford to post from your phone or just post half-hazardly. Would you enter this poem in any contest? It is not fair. We have an international audience. No dey fall person hand.
    Am saying this because I know you could have done better than this if you had any respect for writing.

    I did that too on my first post, posted a story I wrote in about 10 mins, no proof reading, no editing, no paragraph seff!
    My eyes are on you.

  5. Nyc poem joh. Nyc flow

  6. @kay cee…am really sorry for the quality.but am glad about the motivation from the admin.thanks for the advice…its moral boosting.lol

  7. Just pay attention to details.You can do better.I struggled to the end of this.

    Well done!!!

  8. @kaycee don talk am finish.

  9. Ummm lost for words. Just like I discovered later. You can’t post from phone and get the best result except a thorough work of editing and proof reading. We improve sha.

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