Ns Meet: The Face Of Emmanuella; The Voice Of Jeff – Strangers

Ns Meet: The Face Of Emmanuella; The Voice Of Jeff – Strangers

For my friends,  @Emmanuella-Nduonofit and @jeffunaegbu at ANA 30th Convention, Abuja (In lieu of a Preface for the tale)…Fulfilling obligations in the hope this wins a post by 20th, my very own personal New Year…to clear me of all debts…


They talk of the two

One of them blunt

The second a poet well to do

They two sure always did their talent flaunt


You find them then

Flashing from when

Ever (?) You really know (or care) not

So you smile at the lot…


Emmanuella is the clinging

Sweet sibling hanging

About in smiles and dismiles

Crazily covering the miles…


Jeff laughs ever

And when you think he would stop

You note (like I said) he laughs for ever

Always without a flop


NS would grow

And create a friendly flow

To eternity and so I would wait

Growing with them to that state…


NS MEET: Su'eddie, Emmanuella, jeffunaegbu (2011 3rd December; Abuja)


ADDENDUM: O! They tell me to show her full face

However I have given my word and want to avoid her war

So, I wouldn’t show the several plates devoured at the Sheraton place…

For Jeff, his voice can be found from his CD of Lagos Odes at any bamn book store…




(From 54 Weeks, A Love Poem)

Hello Stranger,

Yes, Hello.


Stranger, your eyes call to me, lovely eyes

They melt every

Past misfortune, a steady fire

Instantly kindling my every single desire

Stranger, don’t you see it

How my longing and you are now knit?



It gets stranger…

I am loving the way our kids would be

Oh, wouldn’t they be a delight to see?


Yea Stranger, I know the fear of floods

Sure, but there are promised rainbows

Spread across every feature

Of our future

It seems really far but…hey! Stranger?!!

My thoughts have done much and are you gone?


Hello Stranger … Stranger?


15 thoughts on “Ns Meet: The Face Of Emmanuella; The Voice Of Jeff – Strangers” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. Na Wa O. You come commot Emma head…or na her face you commot?!?!?

    I like reading your stuff. It tells me so much about you even when you try to make it not so. Thank you.

    This is great stuff. I like the last one best – hello stranger!

    I don’t like reading stuff about people I know but have not met – it sometimes gives me the wrongest impressions and preconceived notions…anywho though.

  2. Your poems are good. I know you know that already.

  3. … hello stranger… a wonderful piece….

  4. @seun-odukoya, you were my bad luck through the day. I posted on @Afronuts post, hmm, network chop am comot. I posted on this my post, network still chop am…Haba! Why na…Nna, ogini? Wetin I do you wey you use this your hex finish me? Hmmm?
    Sha, glad you like the second one…Seems it is what people would like more, as against my thoughts,…which is surprising. Not even with the two people featured in the first. Maybe, I wouldn’t write the fiction on our meeting that I was meant to write…The picture was deliberate so that I would reveal the full in the full story I would have posted later if people were interested….or if I got the permission of @emmanuella-nduonofit…Sha, it seems I would have to add to my by-line or each poem that these poems are not auto-biographical o!! This one that you are discovering more things about me … ;) Hee hee hee…many thanks for the comment bro…many thanks.
    @babyada, One sure never gets tired of compliments. If the world was like you, I for don publish hundred volumes of poetry already! Thanks.
    @innoalifa , yup!! Thanks…it is from a collection of love notes. I seem to discover that most of our normal readers like ‘love’ and other free poetry o… I have been trying to do some cleansing with my collections to meet every standard. I have a feeling that if I put it up here, una go say ‘Too critical… Thanks for the big up…
    @adaobiokwy : ah? Wetin? Tok o… ;)

    1. May I not be ANYONE’s ‘bad luck’.

      Converse with your service provider…or is he/she named Seun by any chance…?

      1. No wori, I don pray you comot. Didn’t need no reversal of time or impeachment….;)
        E don better now. Many thanks…

  5. @sueddie, @sueddie, @sueddie… thank you for not showing mi face here. I think people have seen enough of it already. Well, I must be grateful to God for being short. It’s to mi advantage here. :D You nearly brought up the ‘thing’ at Sheraton’s… God! [What ‘several plates’ are you talking about, eh??? U bad, o!] And you want to also ‘fictionalise’ our meet as well??? U try! @jeffunaegbu, come and see o!

    @sueddie, mi mind went to that project you mentioned, about gathering a couple of writers’ works and finding a common theme to illustrate…

  6. @emmanuella-nduonofit and @sueddie, wetin happen for Sheraton? Na that one I wan read about…see these writers sha, dey flex for Sheraton o, later dem go dey yan say dem no get money.

    1. @scopeman60, I’m sorry that @sueddie missed telling you this: Sheraton’s was where the award night was suppose to hold during the just recently-concluded ANA convention, but we writers just ate there instead and I guess it was too late to hold the award night for we got there late. Even some of us missed our way to the place. Even after the chop-chop, some of us missed our way back to our hotels. So, yeah, me I no say I no get money for any hotel for dat matta, no to talk of Sheraton’s. U hear so?

  7. @scopeman60, @emmanuella-nduonofit don tok am finish…That experience was great. Hmm, you should see the way writers showed ‘realism’ that day… Mixing everything from cake to icecream to rice to salad to eba to Italian kini kon kini kon to Spanish and Chinese nyama nyama…Kai, it was funny! That night many room mates suffered. See ba, if the story of that convention be written, from several angles – romance, politics and all, even thriller, it would be a superb hit! I can only scribble some fiction out of it but I wouldn’t be writing to my full potential there…I can’t even say why.
    Emmanuella, my sister, hmm, see why it is said that the Almighty gives lots of advantages! Hee hee hee…sha, don’t thank me for too long the full picture comes out – WATCH OUT!
    Seriously though, every time I come to NS, I see so much material and just raw potential…in some cases, good finished work. I have the thoughts in mind…working on other things too but I do know that things would happen, insha Aondo – through His grace. Yea, I know. Amen.

  8. So Jeff laughs forever?……..I just knew he was that kind of guy.

    Lovely poems both.Make I no talk much make your already swollen head no burst…..lol

    Well done!!!

  9. ….Just when I thought I was going to see her face… Well, one day na one day…

  10. @easylife2 : no, no wahala. For every compliment, person dey faya me for anoda corner…so as you dey inflate, person dey deflate
    till the thing go just end… Thanks man…Yeah, Jeff laughs ever so often. You no be im friend for FB?
    @Raymond: Sorry bruv…rules be rules. We can work something out though…;)

  11. @Emmanuella-Nduonofit: Where are you?
    Was just going through all those moments, came across this poem and just had to wonder : my sister, where are you?

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