My Alma Mater

In rush hours, our dawn did set,
As we marched, wielding piles
Of intellectual volumes
We stood to master,
As time took us
Faster by the hand.

Our sun shined brighter
In the renewing dawn,
As we rushed in a row,
In single marching files,
To transforming theatres.

Our steps came with dignity,
In a majestic gait
Of intellectual might,
As we mastered a strength
Unseen in the physical,
Outspokenly glaring.

In constant deliberations
In our war with words,
We became accustomed
As conflicting partners,
Looking forward to days
Of enlightened airs.

Reaching our final lap
Of facing the inevitable
In separation with conferment,
We clenched our fist,
Stood upright;
And in lonesome days
Now come, we reminisce
On scholarly joints
Patronized constantly
In our then intellectual walk.

The Month of my Birth

A long time ago this time
A child was due for birth,
Gentility laden for a prime,
Gradually emerging into Mother Earth.
In the specificity of the full moon
Timely recorded in the sky,
Misguided branches did I prune,
Attuning my ears to the steady sigh
Of my clarion call, accustomed to
With first signal from mama’s womb.
Energy, I elicited from a lucky clue,
Discovering light from every loom,
Landing unhurt on familiar borders,
And drinking satisfactorily to life’s glitters.
But years ago before entry to life’s wonders
If my destiny’s been legibly written in the stars,
To carefully mount the world’s valleys an Aries
Like a clairvoyant with knowledge of my every path;
Then progression of my life’s pages like stem leaves
Be on a smooth will, fashioned like a dart,
In confidence, adventure, and a dynamic nature
Moulded with courage in April, the month of my birth.

© Dowell Oba

Birthday: 21st April.

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