Mr. Fix-it

Mr. Fix-it

Her car suddenly broke down in the middle of nowhere. It was running one moment and then it spluttered and died on her the next moment. It was unbelievable and her first reaction was to scream at it. Realizing that it was pointless yelling at it, she took a calming breath and looked around. It was really the middle of nowhere. She was sure she’d traveled through this part before, but she hadn’t had to stop. It didn’t look that dangerous. Maybe a little deserted, but not that dangerous.

‘Well, Lord, I thank You,’ she said as she continued to look around the deserted street. ‘You said we should give thanks in all situations so I’m giving thanks. So, what do You suggest I do at this time?’

She looked towards the front of the car. She didn’t have any inkling how a car works and there was no way she was going to look inside. Why would she want to do that when she didn’t know what she should be looking for? She should call someone, but who? It was 11 in the morning and most people she knew were at the office or chasing the almighty Naira. She couldn’t think of one person who would come to her rescue at that time of the day.

She didn’t want to leave her car in the middle of nowhere. It was not safe. Her mom and sisters were always on her about that. From the moment she decided to buy a car, she’d had to endure their constant nagging.

Don’t drive at night……Don’t leave your car just anywhere……Don’t give anyone you don’t know a ride……Don’t do this…..Don’t do that……Don’t breathe and if you do, make it quick.

She sighed wearily as she thought of reasons she didn’t want to call her mom or sisters. They would probably blame her for this mess. But how was any of this her doing? As she recalled that she hadn’t taken the car for an oil change or tune-up in a while, she hid a grimace. It was because she’d been so busy. It had been a very busy past couple of months so she didn’t have the time to take the car to the mechanic workshop. Now it had died on her.

‘Oh, what a mess!’ She tried to start the car once more and sighed as it refused to start. ‘Please! Just start.’

After several unsuccessful attempts she decided to call her mom who would definitely find someone to come and get her out of this mess. It might take a while, but she would be rescued before long.

She was reaching for her purse to get her cell phone when she heard tapping on the window by the driver’s side. Wondering if she’d just received an answer from above, she turned to see who it was. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she recognized the guy was standing at the other side. Him?

As he motioned her to wind down her window, she wondered if she wasn’t safer sitting in the car for as long as it would take to get her mom to send the rescue team. With a sigh she wound down the window.

‘Having car trouble?’ he asked her with a winning grin.

She didn’t return his smile as she nodded.

‘Let me look at it.’


He gestured towards the front of the car. ‘Just pop the hood.’


‘The bonnet,’ he said with a patient smile. ‘You know where it is, right?’

She resisted the urge to glare at him before looking for the lever. She was still trying to decide which one it was when he reached inside the car to unlock it.

‘Move over.’


He gestured to the passenger side of the car. ‘Move.’

She wondered what she was doing as she complied and when he opened the door and slipped in behind the wheels, she could only stare at him in alarm. She was about to tell him to get out of her car when he popped the hood—hood?—-and got down.

With eyes filled with suspicion, she watched as he walked to the front of the car. She could hear him mumbling to himself as he inspected the inside of her car. Although she couldn’t see him because the hood was covering the windscreen, she could tell he was touching stuffs he probably shouldn’t be touching. She shook her head in displeasure as she realized that he shouldn’t be doing that. He didn’t know anything about cars. She knew him—-well, she’d seen him around campus and he was really a slacker, who was always hanging around girls. What would a guy like him know about cars?

She was about to get down and tell him to step away from her car when he closed the hood and came up to her side of the car.

‘It needs an oil change and a tune-up,’ he told her without preamble.

‘I know that,’ she snapped before she could stop herself.

He squinted at her. ‘You do? So why didn’t you get the oil changed? Don’t answer that.’


‘I can do it.’


‘Yes, me,’ he said smugly.

‘I can’t leave my car with you.’

‘I happen to be qualified,’ he said with a grin as he looked around. ‘We just need to get it to the workshop.’


‘Where it can be fixed.’ He had a thoughtful look on his face.


‘Do you have a piece of cloth? Something that can be used as a cloth? Tissue? Rag?’ he asked her.

‘Yes.’ She reached inside her purse and brought out some tissues.

He took them and told her to pop the hood once more. She got down this time after she did. She wanted to know just what he was doing in her car. She watched as he took out a rather long piece of rod dripping with what seemed like oil. He wiped the rod clean and dipped back. He did a couple of times before moving on to check the plugs. After cleaning them and seemed satisfied that they were clean, he replaced them and shut the hood.

She was still standing there wondering why he looked like he knew what he was doing when she noticed that he’d slipped behind the wheels of her car.

‘What…!?’ She was trying to stop him when he started the car and it actually started. She stared at him in shock.

He grinned at her conceitedly. ‘You want to get in?


‘I’m giving you a ride.’

‘What!? This happens to be my car.’

‘Which needs to be at a mechanic workshop. So get in.’

‘You get down.’

He gave her a long-suffering look. ‘I think I should drive. Just tell me where to drop you off.’

‘You can’t be serious.’

‘Do you want to drive? You have to know how to keep it running until we get to where the workshop is located.’

‘What does that mean?’

‘Simply that I know how to keep it running until we get to the workshop.’

‘But I have to get the campus.’

‘I’ve already offered to drop you off before taking the car to the workshop.’

‘So I should trust you?’

‘No, you don’t have to. It’s your call. You can insist that I get down and try to make it to the campus on your own.’

She considered the options before her and decided to let him drive. He wasn’t going to abduct her. There was no way he could be planning to. Moreover, she had to be at the campus office before noon. She couldn’t afford to be late not today of all days. Not when she was getting her dream job.

He watched quietly as she walked round the car and slipped in beside him. He pulled out into the road as she fastened her seatbelt. He quietly fastened his when she gave him a meaningful look.

The drive to campus was done in complete silence. She didn’t know what he was thinking, but she was thinking he should leave her car in the parking lot once they got to the campus. She would call her mom the first chance she got and have her send someone to the campus to fix the car. There was no way she was leaving her car with this…..guy.

She stole a look at him. He was dressed casually in a blue polo shirt and blue jeans. He was right around six feet tall and seemed fit as a fiddle. He was reasonably good-looking with his fair complexion, neatly shaven hair and easy charms. He must know that since he was always chatting up one girl or the other anytime she saw him. She couldn’t believe he could do anything other than chase skirts. But he’d just started her grounded car and he said he could do the oil change and tune-up at the workshop. What workshop? Did he really work? She couldn’t believe that. A guy like him didn’t have time for serious work. He was a slacker, a philanderer and maybe an opportunist. She would be a fool to trust him with a kobo let alone her car.

‘You work at the campus?’ he asked her as he drove into the campus.

‘Yes; I’m getting a job today.’ She was so confident she was. With God on her side, anything was possible and this was more than a mere wish.

‘As a lecturer?’

‘As an assistant lecturer.’

‘Wow! That’s…eh…an achievement for a…girl—–.’ He glanced with a sheepish smile.

‘A girl like me you mean?’

‘I mean someone so young.’

She looked at him her expression conveying her displeasure. ‘I assure you that it has nothing to do with age.’

‘But your academic achievement? You must be very smart.’

She didn’t deny it. ‘Can you just park around here?’ she requested as they approached the parking lot.

‘I’ve said I’ll work on your car.’

‘I don’t think so.’

‘Why? I didn’t do a good job the first time?’

What was he talking about? ‘What?’

‘I got us here so you should trust me.’

‘I thank you for that—.’

‘But you don’t trust me.’

‘I just don’t give my car to guys I don’t know.’

‘My work speaks for itself.’

A few minutes later as she watched him drive off in her car, she wondered if she’d taken leave of her senses. She knew this guy and she shouldn’t trust him as far as she could throw him. She assured herself that God would look after her car as she began to walk towards the building. She had an interview that morning and couldn’t afford to miss it. If she did, she was going to lose out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

A few months later when he asked her to marry him and she accepted, she knew God had orchestrated their meeting that day. If he hadn’t shown up when he did, she would have been late for that job interview and wouldn’t have that job today. As it turned out he was a first class mechanic and also a great guy. She was glad that she allowed herself the opportunity to find that out and was now going to marry him.

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24 thoughts on “Mr. Fix-it” by ymoweta (@ymweta)

  1. I like the story but it seems so different from Nigerian life.In Nigeria there is no way an assistant lecturer will fall for a mechanic.Except if it is destiny. and he has a degree and he is probably from a rich family.About the car, you can’t give your car to a mechanic you don’t know.

    1. ymoweta (@ymweta)

      Thanks Khadijah for your comment. The guy does have a degree and the story is actually a part of a book I’m still working on.

  2. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    I do like the is neat..seriously…Well done @ymoweta..

    @khadijah…Haba!..Na so we bad reach?..Whateva happened to…Love conquereth all?..
    And she..the persona..had said it was God who orchestrated the meeting..So we take it as Destiny..
    I agree with U on d mechanic part..but mayb d ‘Love Jazz’ don begin work already…

    1. ymoweta (@ymweta)

      Thanks a lot Bubbllinna. Love is wonderful thing. I mean true love

  3. @B the people in my small world will not fall for a mechanic,Most naija people fall in love with their brains first and their heart second.We don’t do it consciously,for example if you see a fine bus conductor, you will be like he is so fine ,too bad he is a conductor and you forget about him.

  4. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @khadija..True talk..U be confirm Naija girl jor..
    But at d last paragraph, d MC accepted his proposal after Some months..D guy is a 1st class mechanic according to our writer..Maybe he works in a large scale workshop..And judging by his language..he is apparently educated…so even in Naija..he is ‘fall in loveable’

  5. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    Lol. Falling for a mechanic. @khadijah, Its possible to love anybody o, naija or no naija. You might not understand till it happens to you. Moreover, this mechanic isn’t painted as the regular illiterate, dirty, and poverty stricken mechanic along the streets.

    I like your story but where did the guy appear from? The bush? Or just passing by?

    You write well.

    1. ymoweta (@ymweta)

      Thanks gooseberry. The guy does have a degree and the story is actually a part of a book I’m still working on as I earlier explained to Khadijah. Let’s just say he was just passing by. Lol

  6. You have good writing skills.

  7. ymoweta (@ymweta)

    Thanks a lot Eletrika

  8. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    Well I was on point then..Kinda..D guy’s english was smooth 4 a ‘mere’ mechanic…

    @ymoweta..Work on the book, so I will get to read it..This your piece does read like the ‘Love inspired’ books..You know those?

    1. ymoweta (@ymweta)

      Yes I do. Lol. Most of my boos are “Love Inspired”

  9. @ymoweta, I think I have heard of your book before, not too sure now, but it seems so…..Anyways, like someone mentioned earlier, your writing is very neat, and though it is ‘Christian Literature’, we are not bombarded with a lot of scriptures and plenty religious opinions, well done!!!

    1. ymoweta (@ymweta)

      I thank you for your comment Scopeman. That’s something I hope my readers will notice. It’s Christian Literature, but it’s also entertaining.

  10. And he had to be a mechanic? Seriously?

    1. ymoweta (@ymweta)

      What’s wrong with being a mechanic? Lol. True love doesn’t conduct selective polling. It won’t be true love if it must be a certain person that has certain qualities. Moreover, the guy happens to be a trained engineer who loves to work on cars. Stay tuned for the developing story.

  11. @kaycee…What did women do 2 you 2day sef ehn??..
    He had 2 be a you know if it is a mechanic dat inspired dis?..abi mechanic no be man again?..Take ya time o…

    1. ymoweta (@ymweta)

      @ Bubbllinna, thanks for telling Kaycee off. Lol. I was too polite in my response

  12. @ymoweta…I knew it!..
    But hey I am a bit sad..You know Y?..Cos in those books..they never give/do more than a chaste kiss on the forehead..
    I rili hope they go 2 France in urs…Lol..

    1. ymoweta (@ymweta)

      @ Bubbllinna, I’ll keep that in mind.

  13. @ymoweta…I just like 2 put sand in his garri…but he is a very cool guy..(albeit a misunderstood one)..
    Ah!!…Now U ll make him want to clip my little wings..

    @kaycee..U won’t do dat 2 me ba?..please na?

  14. I found this very well-written, @ymweta. However, I felt that the transitions at the end were too abrupt. You spend most of the story telling us how the MC distrusts the mechanic, then suddenly she lets him have her car. Even more abruptly, a few months later, we learn she’s going to marry him, without knowing what happened in between to change her opinion about him.

  15. ymoweta (@ymweta)

    Thanks Tola for your comments. Well noted. This is just an extract from a book I’m working on. While I’m trying to make sure my audience understand the gist of the story, I’m also trying not to give away too much.

  16. Well written, nice slant to the story- guys never expect girls to be smart. Thumbs up!

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