Joshua’s Mood.

Joshua’s Mood.

D.O.P are you set?
yes we are rolling
okay. Scene 2 take 4, action!…
The director sets the ball rolling as the entire production crew prepares to take the last shot. It’s been one month of sleepless night getting the production stage of the movie done with. The last three weeks has witnessed series of journey to three different states in the country, where different shots has to be taken. All that is soon to be over in 30minutes.
Okay, it’s a wrap! We are done.
There was an eruption of joyful noise in the camp as the director signalled the end of the production. Both members of cast and crew went into frenzy sharing hugs, claps, pat and the likes. It’s been a memorable time on the road. While everybody were busy expressing their joy, the director took a heavy sigh in view of the post-production stage.
…so, I think we should all go for a 2weeks break, then we can hit the next stage. Or what do you think? the director asked the d.o.p and the continuity man. I think that would be okay. It’s nice idea the d.o.p responded, with the continuity nodding. In 10minutes all the production vehicle left the location in quick succession. Home sweet home!
…Mr Pratt, I must be quite frank with you, this noble board is not in anyway impressed by your last production. May be I should remind you, when we agreed to fund this production, we had cost-effectiveness on our priority list. This is the fourth month of your production in the market, and nothing is looking like it, Mr Collins, the head of the board, submitted expressing the investor’s disappointment. Mr Pratt seems to have been lambasted into submission by the board as justified by his remorseful look. He however muttered something… Sir, I acknowledge the board’s dissatisfaction with the performance of the production so far, but then I think I still can justify your investment. All am asking for here is an ample time to do that. We should remember this project is a first in this country. They need time to get used to it!” “Anyway, Mr Pratt; the board has taken a decision. Give us result or we’ll renege on our 10 movie deal with you. Excuse us… Mr Collins dropped the bombshell as the board walked out on Pratt. It feels like heaven should crumble as Pratt clutched on to his chair in anger and shame.
Pratt bristled with rage at his daughter’s playfulness  at the dinning drawing concern from his wife… darling! The little girl has done nothing, jeez… fine you had a terrible day at work, but must we feel and share that at home?! Come on, the world hasn’t ended you know?! The little girl sat mute with fear in her chair. Come on baby, come play with daddy. Daddy is sorry… Pratt clutched the child to himself, re-assuring her it will never happen again.
They resumed their meal and… oh, by the way, where is Joshua? Pratt asked. oh, sorry I forgot to tell you, he’s gone to the studio, and he said he will be coming home late” “that’s okay. Meet me in the living room Pratt said extending his hand to his daughter as he leaves for the T.V
Oh darling, sorry I forgot to tell you last night, this parcel came in from Germany yesterday… Mrs Pratt thrust the parcel at her husband. Oh, let’s see what this is all about… oh my God!” “what is it? Mrs Pratt asked curiously. “An invitation. Invitation to attend Hamburg Film Festival 2010. It comes up in 2weeks! Pratt planted a deep kiss on his wife in fancy of the good news. our movie is up for award in two categories… Root movie of the year and soundtrack of the year award!” “that’s good news…” “you can say that again… Pratt responded as he tries to put a call through to Mr Collins to intimate him with the new development…
Hamburg, Germany, January 2011;
The event arena was packed full of cream-de-la-cream of the international movie industry, with the red carpet busier than bee hives. Pratt was making an appearance on the international scene for the first time, with his invitation been the first extended to an African. he was seated somewhere in the middle of the arena, clad in green native wear laced with cream coloured craft work. Sitting next to him was Miss Cynthia Isong, the representative of the board. Soon the programme was in session…
…and the winner for the Root movie of the year category is…Lord Alfred by Bradley Huth from Austria! a thunderous cheers and applause rented the air as Bradley mounted the stage to receive the award. One down, one to go for Pratt as he looked at Cynthia in disappointment.
The compere mounted the stage again to announce the winner of the soundtrack of the year award. It was Bradley against Pratt, and 2 others again. Unconsciously. Pratt clutched on to Cynthia’s palm as the compere announces…and the winner for the soundtrack of the year category is…Ombudsman by Kenneth Pratt from Ni-ge-ri-a! Pratt stood up clenching his fist in ecstasy, with Cynthia throwing her arms wide open for a congratulatory hug. Pratt rushed down to the stage to receive the award… Pratt collected the plaque sighing heavily, stealing a look at the plaque and smiling at the crowd… I love you Hamburg, I love you Germany, I love everybody seated here, and those of you out there. I want to dedicate this award to you all; you made this possible. I equally dedicate it to my production cast and crew, but most importantly, I dedicate this to my son; Joshua Pratt. Every time I have a project to execute, he’ll say daddy you know I wish I’d completed my degree in theatre arts already, I’d have done this with you. But then, every time we are back from location, he’ll collect the work, watch it, feel the mood, and play around it with his keyboard. He does the soundtrack. That’s his widow’s might, and that has brought this… he said raising up the plaque, while the arena erupted once more with applause and cheers. I love you Nigeria, I love you Africa, I love you Joshua! Pratt made for his seat, while everybody turned around to steal a look.
The next 2weeks was quite eventful. Ombudsman made it to the top of the chart, while Joshua kept on signing deals.
The End
I had you in mind when I was writing this. I mean I had us in mind. Many a times in live we wait until we can contribute it big. We forget about the widow’s might, which always means the most accepted and rewarding. This is 2011, but most importantly, the beginning of a new decade. A decade where little things will count a lot! You don’t want to wait until you can contribute it big. That time may never come! Do it now. It is small, but do it! Show that little love with a text message, don’t wait until you have the money for a trip to the Bahamas. You don’t have the money to support the community cause, but help paste the posters. Anything whatsoever, just contribute your widow’s might ‘cos that’s all the cause needs to succeed. It is small, but do it ‘cos that little effort is meant for the red carpet!
With Love,
Alamu Samson

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  1. Em…the story was just ‘meh’…I mean just there. It did nothing for me…

    You can write undoubtedly…but you need to tighten your technique…and understand the ‘showing vs telling’ thing.

    I like the note at the end. Nice.

  2. The rush to Germany was too fast. You didn’t let me appreciate the journey.
    Slow down.
    Lots of wrong tenses. But at least it ended well, thanks for that much.

  3. True talk seun and kaycee. I however like the morale behind the story which was more emphasised only in THE the typos too

  4. There was a great inspirational story in here to be told, but the telling wasn’t so good.

    You need to carry the reader along and get him to see the struggles that the filmmaker had gone through before he finally succeeded… the trouble is that you do that in snapshots with very big jumps in between, so I don’t even fully understand what is going on, and I don’t fully engage with the characters.

    Then your story could do with spaces in the dialogue sections as well.

  5. Nothing more to add except, don’t be discouraged. Keep writing.

  6. Is widow’s ‘might’ correct?

    Keep writing.

  7. Enough has been said already.Listen to all of them, especially Tola’s.

    And don’t stop writing.

    Well done!!!

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