A well shaven public servant
And shining intellectual giant;
That Oxford University graduate
Son of the great business magnate
Saw tomorrow from yesterday.

Maybe his deep knowledge of history,
Maybe his eternal divine destiny
Lit up so bright his young mind,
Where his mates seemed so blind,
That he saw tomorrow from yesterday.

Soldier from the lowest rank
Who doggedly mounted the plank
To become officer amidst turbulence
And contained the volcanic violence
That tried to abort tomorrow by yesterday.

Governor and brilliant leader,
Mother-hen and strong pillar
Of the children of the rising sun,
Who indeed was a true son
That saw tomorrow from yesterday.

From the North sounded drums of discord
Forcing this peace maker to become a war-lord;
A freedom fighter, bearded and wearing moustache-
The new symbol of their strength and the search
For tomorrow in their yesterday.

And the people together crowned their hero
That fought for them, a great warrior,
The General of the people’s army
Who exposed the enemy’s folly
At the trial of tomorrow on the Aburi of yesterday.

In the twilight of their struggle,
To exile they agreed to smuggle
Him. Though he said NO,
He must have to GO
To preserve their tomorrow from abused yesterday.

Then later did return the sage
Bearing the strength of their age,
And vision of a new and deep kind;
Biafra that lives in the heart of the mind
Where tomorrow must triumph over yesterday.

Today, Ikemba has gone to rest
Among the ancestors at the crest
Of the cosmic order from where his sigh
Says, “Nigeria is a terrible lie
Of tomorrow told yesterday”.

Chidozie Chukwubuike
08063591311, 08093591311

6 thoughts on “Ikemba” by loneranger (@chidoziechukwubuike)

  1. Em…sir…this one wey you put your numbers and…em…

    Lol. Kidding!

    I like the poem! R.I.P Ojukwu…or as you say it…IKEMBA!!

    Well done.

  2. I admired his doggedness and what he represented all his life. His was a life lived with purpose. I hope his kinsmen would wake up from their deep sleep and do the right thing. May his soul rest in peace.

  3. My favourite poet.

    They didn’t tell me numbers are now allowed.
    Zenith bank

  4. You’re good, @poet.

    Em, @kaycee, I’m going to hack into that account if I find out that it exists.

  5. Great write up dozieOBOWU.

  6. This is good poetry.And i have bias for it particularly because you wrote abot Ojukwu, one of my favorite Nigerian characters.

    Well done!!!

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