Dreadful Old Soak

Dreadful Old Soak

Dipsomaniac with Dutch courage
Going on a drunken spree,
Usual swiller of one for the road,
Wino and slave of alcoholism,
Pie-eyed feller on intemperance.

Noble king and lord of the bar
From tippler class to intoxication,
Inebriated by fondness for bottle,
Being in cups and worse for liquor
Having had a drop too much.

Lurching on along the street
Knocking back a couple of beers;
Pissed as a newt with hangover,
Fallen in a legless and paralytic state,
Lost in contempt on a drunken bender.

Stoned and plastered from libations,
Pub-crawler and boozer on delirium;
Blotto when affected now by the horrors
With heebie-jeebies on biting on thee,
Fuddled high and blinded by influence.

Hitting the bottle on usual spree,
Quaffing and reeling along the street,
Thick and slurred, your speech defect,
Woozy and giddy comes up your headache
Taking a hair of dog that bit thee up.

Truthful feller and keeper of no secrets
With breath stinking on as though the menses,
Riding on to stupor, your sloshed habit,
Betting at times at one over the eight
A sot of a feller, dropping too much.

You’ve seen it all my dear Africa
Been on the booze and smashed,
Blinded up by the influence,
Pub-crawling and fallen into gutters,
Pissed as a newt and swindled;
Poor innocent dreadful old soak
Having had a drop too much.

10 thoughts on “Dreadful Old Soak” by Dowell Oba (@dowell)

  1. let me just say this and get it over with…Girls DO NOT REEK WHEN THEY ARE ON THEIR PERIOD!!! I would appreciate it if that annoying analogy were done away with.That being said,your poem is nice but the use of so many laborious words can meddle with understanding it.personally,poetry should be simple and lucid…there’s nothing wrong with Soyinkarized English but always make sure your intentions are not compromised in the process…

    1. Hehehehehehe, maybe the girls the writer knows reek.
      I agree with you on the language. Seemed forced to me. Perhaps from a need to impress.

    2. @estrella sorry ma’am for getting you angry with the analogy. I was only giving the image of a drunk which I compared Africa to in the last stanza. Wow! Really appreciate your comment. I don’t do Soyinkarized English anymore, as this is an old poem. You’re so so right on its ability to confuse the reader.

      Appreciate you reading @Kaycee lol

  2. ayooba (@poeticlicence)

    I like your descriptive skill, but a little bit of simplification in your languages will make the lines less stiff to sniff..

    Well done! keep writing

    1. @ayooba thanks! Appreciate your comment. I actually do write simple presently. I was bound with the fact that I needed to meet the 200 word limit for poems, that’s why I had to post an old poem with an ambiguous style I don’t practice anymore. I think I mustn’t be too bent on submitting one long poem, but two adequate ones that wouldn’t be so hard to sniff but well appreciated by every NS reader.

  3. I actually did not mind the high vocabulary since it remained consistent through out and gave the poem a certain style.

    1. @Myne you’re absolutely right. It’s a certain style I practiced four years ago. Thanks truly for appreciating!

  4. It’s been some a while since I saw the rhymes out of any poem…You have written well…Particularly liked the last stanza.
    @Kaycee, you know, it took me time to see the ‘menses’ thing o…If una no tok, I for think say na different thing…what’s with my brain.

    I think I agree with the thing about not all ladies stenching during menses…those I know don’t have the smell…or is it that I close my
    nose and senses to it?
    Dowell, my brother, we would soon form the Taraba tribe. Danbaba is proud of you. Best wishes,

    1. @Sueddie you selected well. The last stanza particularly bears the message of the poem.

      There is a theory sha from which that analogy was gotten, not that the women do smell. It’s the blood they say smell after one-two days if unwashed, and I compared it to the breath of a drunk. I’m totally not against women as Estrella may feel. I was looking for the best analogies to describe a drunk that I compare Africa to be due to the ways at which African governments spend loosely, get deceived by external influence and how the continent was ignorantly colonized and cheated and so on including excessive conflicts and violence that makes Africa worthy of such an analogy, and so have had a drop of it too much.

      As per Taraba, it remains our beloved state which we stand to develop as the true intellectuals from the land. One love, bro!

      1. Hey, we doing some poetic thrill here…come join…but note from the beginning what it is about o…

        I guess you have a point with that…Still doesn’t really get to me. Wait, you are not ‘totally’ against women…But you are against them small…Hey! Dowell…sha, it is allowed …Let me ask, do you really think we were ‘ignorantly’ colonised?
        To talk about that, it might seem I am saying much but somehow, I think you could have used a better analogy…my thoughts…
        Doesn’t stop the beauty of the poem though. Like another poem I read a few days ago, it reminds of ‘No Coffin, No Grave’…

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