A Dream

I woke up this morning, feeling strong and energetic.Looking up,the ceiling fan was rolling and there was light.As  I jumped out of my bed,someone whispered to my ears,it has been like this for sometime oh(steady light).Still surprised,i took my bath,dressed up and rushed out of the house.On getting,outside,I flagged down a taxi, and a comfortable car stopped by; me thinking it was a mistake refused to enter but on looking up,i saw the tag Taxi.That was when i realized it was a taxi and I entered .The road were smooth like mouka foams and all the Taxis where like new cars,not the normal rickety cars that was typical to the Nigerian street.The streets looked as if they were vacuumed with waste bins at strategic locations,with citizens using them.This was an extreme naija beauty.

Furthermore,still in shock, i stopped at my office and entered. At around 7. o .clock in the morning,all the workers were on seat; in case you do not know,it was a government establishment.looking outside my window,it was the same too in private offices.I was still very surprised at the state of things,but I maintained  an excellent composure.On getting back home,i put on my TV and I saw a commentary of expatriates walking the streets of Niger Delta without fear of kidnap or intimidation. Christians and Muslims,doing things together and living as excellent neigbhours   without fear of bombs or being bombed.I Scratched my eyes, severely,to shake off any trace of sleep; probably i was dreaming but I was wide awake. And with the news i heard from the radio, Nigeria was a force to reckon with in the world.

I sent my son the embassy to get a visa and he was not harassed or turned down as a result of his nation being known to be corrupt.He came home with a result that was excellent and my friends around did not ask maybe he used chukuli,because they trusted the system.Unemployment was reduced drastically to a single figure rate and Nigerians displayed creativity & innovation in every facet of the economy.I had leaders who effectively managed the country’s fund and was not wastefully luxurious in the cost of governance.Public officcials declared their assets without complaints and elections where for the best brains and not dullards with money.The citizens where happy and the government prospered in all areas available on this earth.It was not a case of brain drain anymore,but best brain flood, as my country became greener pastures.

I woke up,the next morning and i unconsciously started the day with God Bless Nigeria,Cos everybody were good and satisfied and the rule of law was strictly adhered to.Health was easily accessible and water was not an issue. The best schools were affordable and competition was encouraged from creche. Universities were interesting places to go to and everything was on merit.

However,i just discovered i was drenched in water, and I began to hear my name Ope! Ope! ope!..ah ah ah..I have been waking you since morning and you were just sleeping…what kind of dream were u dreaming? Ha!,so it was a dream,i sadly stood up,yawned and stretched. My mind just continued to picture that my dream Nigeria and i almost wept.but Something came to my mind,it starts from me,you..etc to make a Nigeria like that.Pray for this country and do the little you can do,anywhere you find yourself.Make sure we elect the right leaders and I believe with all hands on deck….Nigeria will be great



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  1. Amen to your dream!

  2. We could first start by improving on your writing skills.

    1. Haba Kaycee.

      There are better ways to say the same thing. And the man is good…he just is not professional. Yet.

      Give him a hand up…don’t put him down.

    2. @ Kaycee:Bros, abeg cut the girl some slack now, abi you wan turn to another Emmanuella Nduonofit on this site?……………………lol.

  3. @kaycee, don’t be mean.

    Truly, much could have been done to improve this story.

    First off, when you type a comma or a full stop, add a space before you start typing again. Also make sure all your i’s are in capital letter I. These are simple but you’ll be surprised how much better they will make your writing look.

    There’s also the problem of sentence construction. Try not to have one sentence with 5 commas, 2 or three will be OK, and then you start a new sentence. Make sure your tenses are consistent too, either past or present.

    My suggestion to you is buy and study the brighter grammar books. Also, read a lot of books, or some other stories on this site. It will really help you.

    1. Please. Tell him! Again.

      I mean Kaycee.

    2. Hahahahaha! @Brighter Grammar books! Chei! *Jamming Trailer*

  4. What do I say? Another ‘it ends in a dream’ writing. Not bad sha, but a lot still needs to be done about the writing.

    Well done!!!

  5. Its all been said. Brighter Grammar is an incredibly useful tool for any/everyone in this noble trade of ours…and to think it was written years ago for younger classes!

    That’s what they call a classic.

    So…go ahead and learn. Get better. You can write…so keep at it.

  6. @phlegvinyl, aside from the comments about commas et al, the story sounds very contrived. For example, the only reason you put the part of the MC sending his son to the embassy is just to show that there is now no problem getting visas. It would have been better if you had given a more natural reason that fitted with the story.

    Keep writing…

  7. Listen to them all. Regarding @Kaycee, sometimes the most potent advice is the most bitter. Heed his words.
    Keep reading, learning and writing. That way, U’ll only get better.

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