To Those Who Should Know

To Those Who Should Know

We committed our daughters to their own death!

Then, when our daughters used to dwell

in our poverty-infested shacks

they were full of innocence

the sun used to feel their fresh, firm breasts

with nipples standing straight, pointing to the skies

they were the hopes we had for tomorrow

Curiosity fired our foolishness

there was no poetry in poverty

therefore we sent them to school

so they could write like Achebe and Okigbo

we sent them to their own death

Our daughters never came back to us

they went to a cross we fashioned for them

then resurrected with vile ecclesiastical bodies

once innocent bodies now defiled forever

by people we believed would be architects

of the great future we dreamt of

To pass exams their legs had to pass through the fire

they became another triad in a fiery furnace

their own messiah forgetting to keep a promise

their brains were judged by their hotel-room performances

not by what they committed to paper in exam halls

academic offices fast became pseudo-conjugal bedrooms;

a perpetual desecration by a people we believed should know…

Every day they come to class

and boldly face our daughters

teaching them how Europe under-developed

and raped Africa

our daughters, they look and nod in amazement

their once firm breasts now bowing

nay, forever prostrating to those who should know!

31 thoughts on “To Those Who Should Know” by Onyeka Dike (@onyekadike)

  1. Ah, I remember this one. Nice to read it here again. Well, the breasts won’t be bowing for a while. ASUU has gone on strike!

    1. @Femi: Thank God we did not waste our time unnecessarily anticipating the end of the journey; the same thing those guys in Ib are doing right now.

  2. WOW!!!!!

    Omo…do today’s girls’ breasts bow…or do they BOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice one.

  3. This is absurd. You saying girls go to school only to sex their way through?
    I agree! Totally.
    Let’s send them to the kitchen where they….

    1. Of course you would agree. And then, it only follows that…..

  4. @Seun: What is the difference? Spoilt pikin. @Kaycee: Are you being chauvinistic?

  5. Onyeka take am easy o o o o! Breast Bow! ! ! Lols.

  6. How do you know the….are bowing if you too haven’t taken part in bowing it?!

    If you don’t want them that way, you can still go to the interior villages to get those that theirs are still pointing to the sky. You can’t have one cake twice.

    You wrote this well.

  7. @Eletrika: Thanks for the compliment. But then, just wondering: Is your own bowing too?!!!!

    1. WARNING: You don’t ask a married woman that. EVER.


  8. Omagosh! Eletrika, you are married? On my knees, ejoo, biko, forgive me. Do not count my sins against me.

  9. @Onyekadike, I’m very merciful. So you can get up. I forgive you.
    @Seun, thanks for the WARNING. But you never can tell the answer. Who knows?

  10. @Eletrika: Thanks aplenty. Keep on electrifying our world. If you were not married, would have told you 143…!

  11. Surely there is a more pertinent way to write about this issue? Sexual Harrassment and Rape are crimes and it is not the victims fault. Period.

  12. @Myne: I totally agree with you. I do not think the poem is actually blaming the victims. On the other hand, I think it is a kind of regret by a father who was thinking salvation could only be found in education. It is also a satirical comment on the situation in our academia, particularly the lecherous lecturers that have taken over the system.

  13. This is a nice poem on a very vexing issue.

    But trust me, the rustic girls in the villages are worse than their counterparts in the towns when it comes to promiscuity. I don’t agree with the plot but the message shines through.

    Nice one.

    1. Word! Ask any corper who served in the inner states…dayum.

      1. @Seun: Try Agatu or any Tiv community in Benue State. It is free sex all the way. That is why they have the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

  14. I think this is a very good poem. The message is spot on.

    Sometimes it’s so messed up that some girls are totally discouraged from studying. Just hope things change someday. Let’s not forget though that some girls resist such advances while some glad take them. Whichever way, it’s sad when someone is forced into such situation.

    I love the poem shah.

  15. @Chemo: You needed to have seen a PhD holder in my alma mater, someone who is supposed to be a professor, telling one of my chaste friends to come and sit on his laps! @Jaywriter: Weel, any girl who chooses to quit studying because of this issue can never actually win over any other issue. Faith is key…

  16. Mean like studying well. Like reading their books. Like going for lectures and all that.

    1. @Jaywriter: I get you. Back in school, one of our professors was calling out our scores in a particular test. He made all of us stand up for recognition before he could read out each of our scores. Some girls had their scores changed on the spot based on ‘true recognition’. We are still wondering how one girl who graduated with a second class upper did it.

  17. @seun-odukoya: you wey know? It’s crazy man! And that is were we were told to get our wives?!

  18. It’s so funny that the same ‘MEN’ that spoil them are still the same that complain about them and still the same that marry them for themselves or for their sons.

    I dey laugh………

    I still dey laugh…….

    1. @Eletrika: The world is full of ironies. Imagine handing over used cargo to posterity…

  19. Nice poem. I can see the author’s fascinations with breast(s) shining through this piece like a fully-charged torch; hehehehehehehehe!
    Dike man, way to go; you are on point!

    1. @Da Writing Engineer: You sound more fascinated about breasts than I am. You laughed 8(!) times… And, way to go as in fascination with breasts or satirizing society?

  20. Well… I don’t know what to say. *smiles sheepishly*

  21. At that point, I just imagined them bending backwards to see the sun….But U too like Breast oh!
    Nice one.

    1. @Raymond: Which people were bending? This false accusation flying everywhere about my ‘liking’ breasts…hmm. It is a part of the human body o. Just like a man’s head or nose…

  22. Its not about the ordinary Mammary has a deeper meaning..Pls read deeper

    Bro. good work here. Strong Imagery

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