The Relief

Sweat soaked suit; shirt and all
He shouted his driver to halt
Without waiting for the Honda to completely stop
Impatiently and violently flung the door open
Jumping haphazardly out, into a small mud.

Running not unlike a mad man in frenzy
But more like a young boy in danger
Knocking down everything in his way
Without speaking to the haggard man at the door
He threw him #500 note

Kicked open the locked door
With his shining Italian shoe
Nearly chucking the cover off
He sat almost with his pant on
Po-ro-po-po-po, they all came down.

He purged everything out in a minute or so.
Like a catholic just confessed by his priest
But more like a Freudly analysed person
He felt unbelievably relieved
But the relief he got, only that place could give.

18 thoughts on “The Relief” by layrite (@layrite)

  1. The guy dey lucky oh, my own na bush I enter, I forget dey fact say I be guy man.

    1. Bush? Oh sorry! Hope you were not in on a journey. I remember 15 years ago, my grandma and I on a trip from Modakeke to Iwo. She had to use ‘the bush’ that day and all passengers were so angry. But what could the old woman do? She just had to shit.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Funny… What on earth should inspire a poem like this? This shows how wide the mind of a writer can be… Well done…

  3. Lol, quite a funny one, reading it, I thought this is ridiculous, didn’t expect where it ended, can’t stop laughing.nice

    1. Glad I could make you laugh.

  4. Some shit!

    Well…they say shit business is serious business.

    For real. Nice.

  5. Na wa o. No be small thing. You just reminded me of my nursery school days. After licking all the sweets and chewing all the biscuits sold in school then, what next?

    This is nice!

  6. Such an funny one! At first i didnt know it is a poem. I thought it was a draft for a shortstory. Cool!

    1. An funny one?
      Didn’t know it IS a poem?

      1. Wow my bad! I am sorry, i am using my phone.

  7. Lwkmd… Hahahahaha. This is hilarious. Shit really humbles a man o. Nice one.

    1. You are right. Even the Kings shit.

      Thanks for reading and for your comment.

  8. Hahahaha! We’ve all been there done that, abi?

  9. Thank you all for reading this. Your comments help, too.

  10. Next time, make him wear napkin.

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