The Awakening

Many times the clock goes round, sometimes the world holds still

She can hear the tiny little drops coming out of the rusted tap

Blood rushing down her cheeks as it does every cloudy Friday

Popping veins throbbing like the anger of a fiery eyed monster

Something he had never seen before, His heart pounded fast

He knew this was the time; he could do nothing about it now

She eagerly pounds on the cage waiting to see the bright light

Awaiting her at the other end, she doesn’t belong in this place

He pondered on what to do, to die by the sword of his creation

Or to have his hand stained by the dark red blood of his very love

Feet growing bigger than her head, she was so thirsty for life

Before he could even think twice she was standing all over him

Shoulders pinned to the ground he could feel her very claws

Clasped to his shoulder blade, he knew this was the very end

He could feel the chills as blood soaked his Milky white coat

She couldn’t stop herself; some part of her knew him so well

But another part just wanted to smell the stench of his death

One more glance at her, he smiled as life sipped out of him

Then came a new being, one who rattled with great wrath

This is the predicted time, the awakening of a new being.

8 thoughts on “The Awakening” by Dekky (@Dekky)

  1. A scientist, a vet, dying by his own creation.
    I understand.
    Will never be a vet or a genetic engineer.
    You happy now?
    Except you have another reason for this.

  2. This could’ve been a nice sci-fi poe, but U ruined it with the tense mix-up. Why?
    Re-write and maybe re-arrange this. There’s a gem hidden here somewhere…

    1. hehehehehehehehe

  3. Okay.

    Think the ‘drama’ in the poem was good.

  4. Sci-fi poem or better still a full fledged science fiction. Just story!
    I like it.

  5. I loved the story, though the poetry aspect was not fully realized. Nice one.

  6. This got me confused. A death for a new life to spring up? Who died and what caised the death? So many questions…..

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