Letter to Jasmine

Letter to Jasmine

The moment the doctor said ‘it’s a girl’
I couldn’t hide the smiles and the tears fell
You came in just the time I needed you
Believe it or not, baby its true.

Today, I’m relieved of my pains
And today my blood flows through your veins
Today, I write this letter to you dearest
To assure you that I’m ready to give my best

Today, I call you Jasmine
Cos to me, the world is all you mean
You gave me joy for my labour
Coming into my life was a big favour

Of all mothers on earth, you chose me
I look into your eyes and love is all I see
You have come to dry my tears
And yours will I wipe away through the years.

A special treasure, I’ve been given
A great gift, straight from heaven
I’ll cherish you like my life
I’ll never leave your side as long as I’m alive

I would do just anything you ask
I wouldn’t care if it’s a difficult task
I will laugh with you when I’m sad
I will smile with you even when I’m mad

I’ll teach you all you need to know
I’ll tell you when to say yes and when to say no
Don’t worry,my hands will guide you so you won’t fall
And I’ll never stop providing you all

Sometimes I might get angry and yell so loud
I’m only training you to be the girl that’ll make me proud
I want to be the one to give out your hand
In marriage to that man, your husband

I’ll support you and guide you till the end
I’ll be your mom,your companion and your friend
Every time you pick up this note to read
See it as a note from a lover who’ll never stop seeing you succeed

Mere words cannot explain the depth of my love
I asked for a child,God sent me an angel from above
Jasmine my lovely daughter
This is from your true love,your mother.

10 thoughts on “Letter to Jasmine” by Oluwaseun (@oluwaseun)

  1. Wow.

    I like. Sure it’s simple but…WHO CARES?!

    Nice. Heart warming.

    I like.

  2. Where is the father na?
    A truly lovely poem. For a change, its good to read romance between same sex.

  3. What funny? Oluwaseun well done o o o o!

  4. Wow! Heart melting. Now, you are gana make me cry! (Sniffs)

    This’s straight from the heart. I love it.

  5. Very touching and emotional piece. Is it in that book?

  6. Nice. Good mother.

  7. Very matured, thoughtful, sweet and therefore wonderful poem.

    I like!

  8. chai…. this got me….

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