Exams are here,
shaking and blowing the weak,
students abandon games,television,relationships and sleep,
just to get a shot at excellence.

Exams are here,
students prepare various arsenal,
some abandon God for their books,
while others draw too close to God,
and miss their books,
other just stay in between,
just for a shot at excellence.

Exams are here
students carry all sorts of aspiration
some are looking for glory
some, for salvation
some for redemption.

Exams are here,
tension rise in the air,
students prepare frantically,
some throw frightening news to others,
some look for extra ways for passing through the season,
all due to exam tension

Exams are here,
students file into the exam hall,
some, saturated with knowledge,
some, saturated with words,
some, saturated with fear,
some,preparing for a miracle.

Exams are over,
students file out of the exam hall,
some joyous on their triumph,
some rueful at their mistakes,
some crying due to failure,
some praying for a miracle.

Results are out,
students troop in to see their results,
some elated at the unexpected,
some nonchalant at the expected,
some giving God thanks for a miracle,
some leave the area,
torn,disappointed and sorrowful,
and a few leave the area,
never to be seen as students again.

5 thoughts on “Exams” by ugochukwu (@rapmike)

  1. Correct.
    I like your poem
    I miss exams those days

  2. So captivating. This poem is burning with all the emotions of the exam period. Nice poem.

  3. Nice. I particularly like the 2nd stanza.

  4. Nostalgia…pleasant memories.

    Well done.

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