The sojourn of life
Long forlon like the playgroup kite
Flown at will to and fro in sites
Rough and stocked, yet painful spites.

Joy and mourning
Our irrevocable cross.., yet lost in this journey.
Thick, dark tunnel, Oh! that this cloud turn sunny.
That morning, when? when will you come in?

Why not as rosy as his?
Should these ills be flicks
From Mr. Destiny’s wheels?
Hmm…a bitter-sweat pill?

Deeply interested, …yet appearing bleak.
Killing, this feeling, sick!
Why these thrills?
Why these tricks?

Book? they both read.
Abilities, dexterities? they, both huge.
Yet rosy’s his and ugly his dude’s
Pre-destined for ‘fame’ and ‘doom’?

Decades after
Fate, still not differing matters,
Despite him trying harder.
What a fate? even faith left him sadder.

Inherited from nature?
Or restrained by nature?
What an emotional torture!
Leaving him no option.

These things appear trickily unfinished.
Yet, in our individual wisdom, You make us look foolish
Your wisdom, too rich
For ours to reach.

We only strive to rise
Your die is long cast
Who are we to ask?
Baba God, its your sole task.


PS: @Tola Odejayi, thank you for inspiring this. This should suit your expectation on my previous post “IS DESTINY REAL”. My little quota on “MR. DESTINY”.

28 thoughts on “Destiny” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. Is this the continuation of “IS DESTINY REAL?” or the before.

    1. Somehow @Reader , its my own take on the topic.

  2. So it’s a an aftermath.

  3. So is destiny real?

  4. @Kaycee, you can decipher that from the in between lines, I trust you Sharp Man.

    1. I dont want to decipher anything. Just say if you are sure?

      1. YES, It is very real.

  5. Your poem says you believe in destiny cuz there are questions you can’t find anwsers to. Who hands out destiny? By you God. Why are some destined for good and others destined for bad? Is that fair coming from God who we believe is fair and just? Does it mean that God is no longer impartial? My take, there’s noting like destiny. It’s just an excuse for failing.

  6. @Ablyguy, don’t ever ever say it’s an excuse for failing. Just pray you don’t ever meet failure in your life. Because, if you do, it’s then you’ll know if it’s really destiny or not.

    Whiz, nice poem. But, please, stop this destiny stuff. It only makes me feel more sombre!

  7. @ably guy, dont get this twisted, Destiny is a very real thing. You need to work your way into becoming a successful person.

    @Eletrika Makes you feel sober or ‘sombre’?..You dont need to bother yourself much, we just need to get some things cleared.

  8. Jû$t lîké Î $áìd

  9. SOMBRE, @Whiz. I know what I’m saying.

  10. @Eletrika Now I get where u are heading to. Dont get confused pls

  11. What an interesting piece on destiny.@ Whiz da poet your rhymes add colour and some measure of aesthetic dimension to the poem.I must say however that destiny is as real as the existence of one’s name.@ Electricity why d sombre mode?Experience?

  12. @Sambright Thanks for the commendation.

    Sincerely speaking, We all have a role to play in Destiny. Those of us that believes human beings are not born with any destiny or has no mission or pre-destined purpose should not get the whole thing twisted.

    Judging from the rich African culture, in those days where the oracle give proclamation on what a new born baby was borne to do in life, some were born to travel abroad to make fame and wealth, some born to rule, some born to teach, etc and objectively, an enormous percentage of those cases were true to the believe of the early men.

    This days, there are cases where parents are given instruction on the dos and donts of an unborn child, even before the child is conceived, some might say its demonic or metaphysical, but in some cases are really true.

    An instruction like, this child must not be hit on the head or never taste this or that…The list goes on and on

  13. And what we hear now is ‘Myth’….’Myth’…’Myth’….

    1. @Tola Odejayi, am surprised u didnt drop a comment, despite being the major force behind….

  14. Sorry @Whizpoet, I don’t often read poetry unless someone asks me to, and that’s why I didn’t see this earlier. In addition, if you had used my mention name (@TolaO), I would have seen this sooner.

    Thanks so much for the mention; it’s nice to know that you got the inspiration to write this from me. :)

  15. hmmmmm, nice

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