There is scramble in the rats’ den,

For meat stolen from the lions’ hole,

The rats’ become brave,

While the lions’ lose the more.


Looking forward before me,

I perceive from behind me,

The fight for supposed liberty,

Yielding, to the desperate pull, of ambitious slavery.


Truthful lies and idle activity,

Complete perfection of hypocrisy,

The true meaning of dying for,

A cause not worth living for.


Laughter amidst tears of sorrow,

They managed to borrow,

To avoid a face full of furrows,

Like that of foxes burrows.


A fight poisoned by grim greed,

Makes matters worse and convoluted,

Making a complete circus,

Of the poor man’s rhoncus.


In the middle of the temptous sea,

No one hopes for the end to see,

For except the course is changed,

Disaster is definitely the end.


Brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers,

All the youths including the elders,

Must drop the weapons of cowardice,

And seek the truth and truce,

Needed to enter our dream paradise.


…And so the story began


With lessons to learn

And so much to gain


Telling the youth

Nothing but truth

From the inside out


Showing the elders

Wisdom in words

And sometimes-in pictures

In stages and series


Life lived is a story of experience

Starting from a point in sequence

A cry in the doctors’ presence


You can learn and live in paradise

On the other hand, refuse and die in hell…


And so the story ends.

13 thoughts on “Convoluted” by EXCELLENCY (@excellency)

  1. Cool poem. I liked the first one….or are they same?

  2. @kaycee, I think the 2nd one is telling how the situation in d first poem began.

    Nice one @excellency.

    1. I agree…

      Seems that’s all I do these days…

    2. Actually, they not particularly the same. The second one is generic, speaks of life in general; experiences, events, history etc, that make up a man’s life and becomes a case study for some other person.

  3. The first time I read the poem:
    ‘What da hell is this? Does this guy think rhymes is all there is to poetry?’

    The second time:
    ‘I like this. The rhymes make sense and the guy who wrote this actually has something to say’

  4. Yeah I read it twice before I could follow. I must say it was written excellently.

  5. Thanks y’all.

    I wrote the first poem during the peak of the Naija Delta militant struggle.
    The second one talks about life generally, from being a child to an adult and finally dying. Events happen in between…

  6. @excellency loving this ooooooooooooooo

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