All In A Name

All In A Name

If you want to get the word out, you can telegraph, telephone or tell-a-woman… :)





Screams my name

Fully knit without the apostrophe

Cutting the impact of a lot


It was the same 28 letters

Singing distortingly beautiful lips

That gave me thoughts

You asked what it was

“Like it?”

There wasn’t a smiling affirmation

So goes Grandmother’s treasure into the bin

Of collection of few relations

Welcome the apostrophe Su’

For the English half of mine


Family considers me a traitor

But I care not:

She can pronounce this name.

To emblaze the honour of my revered birth promise

Goes for every Tiv name promises

A fortune – a prophecy of forever

The burning sun no longer hurt

For her singing my new 7 letters

Was a balm in the night

Taking me to bliss…

Night bliss coolly floatingly in the

Harmattan air, lovingly

Assisted with her caresses

And appreciate moans of two letters engineered by



Not a single letter does she call now

A better named other claiming her

With my love and load taking

I try to claim back my name:

“Put your trust in God, nothing will ever win you –

You’ll always triumph…”


A name’s prophecy stands supreme…

And it takes just a little while

Aôndo lifting me to greater heights

Her crumbling and a new lady

Who insists to know the half of my name

Or change it…

“I stand tall, without short forms

A man trusting God, holding to traditions ever





The thawing grip

The cold claws clutching

Freezing one’s heart

The forlorn feelings…


These are the dances learnt

To a song unsung

The lonely music of lonely souls







20 thoughts on “All In A Name” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. Master, i hail. The first poem is awesome. Your grandma did good.

  2. Who should I telephone to pronounce this name for me; now I am really thinking hard….
    I love the flow of the lines in the poem.

  3. love the second more

  4. Ur name wan damage all of my teeth! >_<

    Nice poems bro.

  5. Good lines. Seems prosaic. Tells a complete story…. Love it.

  6. Ol’boy you wan change your name cos of woman…….lol.

    Very beautiful poetry both.Enjoyed reading them.

    Well done!!!

  7. it ‘s beautiful,I think I have to study it.

  8. Me na free I free the name.

    Well done.

  9. Thanks o!! Where I wan start from…ehem, where does one begin…@kaycee, actually na persona you dey refer to o! :) I have a strange feeling that is the only part of the poem that has some connection to me – was an Aunt who gave the name though. @strongself: we can attempt some phonology…kai, but the name enter teeth…taught @emmanuella and @jeff unaegbu the way to pronounce and they just stuck! @smartfingers @rasheed @easylife: thanks. @raymond: hmm, damage teeth indeed! it would be a favour…at least, some blood wouldn’t be spilled all over!
    @khadijah @seun-odukoya: many thanks….:)

  10. @sueddie
    I had rather stick to Su’eddie..
    To my ears, it sounds sexy..
    Where did simplicity go?.
    Dis I sure won’t remember..

    I love d second for its simplicity in painting loneliness..

    Well done Su’..

  11. @Sibbylwhyte if I must tell you this in trust
    You do sound like the lady who made the round
    Turn and made me take a name for fun
    Love the name, or not – it would be a game

    Our fores – ancestors meant different in days yore
    And so, I remain unflinching of Su’eddie’s sexiness
    TO maintain my name’s carrying dizziness…
    In blessings of Aondo ever more raising…

    C’mon, I know…Amazing how our languages flow with us, abi? :) Thanks and no wahala…for you, I would even be S’…

    1. Hehe…*chinese accent* Master Su’..U know where dis is going..I am taking it to d temple of d flying will be written in the scrolls of d monks..

  12. Haha! Issokay. I think I’d just go with @sibbylwhyte.

    *borrows chinese accent for a flimsy second as she calls* Master Su’ *in the sexiest voice ever*. Haha.
    Nice write. :)

  13. Now you all know why I remain myself! @dr2103: careful with the voice… the reply would be in some deep husky voice of course! ;) Woof!

  14. @sueddie…Tah!! who dash U husky voice??..Mr Froggie…hehe

  15. aturmercy (@aturmercy)

    I’m really enjoying these poems I’ve been reading today…this one too. Nice.

  16. sibbylwhyte: Hmm. Even frogs have princess fall in love with them, y’know? But, frog voice ba? Hmm…
    @aturmercy: Thanks, very much. Mighty nice of you to drop a compliment. Means much. Can you remember any of the poems you read…so that I too may follow and get some good read? ;) Good morning!

  17. shai (@shaifamily)

    Guy, u know I like way u write? @Sueddie

    This was nice. But u know what? I loved the second piece most….it is like a surgical knife going to the heart of the matter.

  18. @shaifamily: why on earth am I just seeing this?
    A poet to another poet: I thank thee for your words. You know I share the same view of you… Saw the invite on FB…
    Shai, you are great. May your lineage live long.

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