Why I had to Run

…not that he’s a mad man

But was at that moment mad

And my madness was yet unprovoked

He, was it that matched my toes

To wail woes, I saw his fists

Flying forth like birds of prey

Time was scarce to escape the first

For it flew at an unpredictable

Onlookers said he was wrong

And that I was right;

But at his right hand was a hatchet

And refuge was not that far

‘Twas then apt I test my long legs

That was why I had to run

14 thoughts on “Why I had to Run” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Hahaha, very funny piece, they say you live to fight another day so its only fear you test your long legs in the face of danger,nice..

  2. Salute! Philosopher, you make me proud…and that is saying a lot.

    Did you notice how clear this was?

  3. This is so nice and funny!

    Nice one!

  4. ‘matched my toes’ I think should be ‘marched on my toes’…except you dey ‘naija english’ am…

    Funny and freaking clear like @kaycee said. I like.

  5. Å̝Ω̴̩̩ϑ I ask, must poetry βε̲̣̣̣̥ clear?

    1. And I answer, @smartfingers.
      if you don’t want your poem to be clear….write it in your mind, and leave it there.

  6. Wise decision. Thank your stars you got the ability to run for your life. Nice work.

  7. If I insisted on coming to ink posthumously in my deepest cravings, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the joys of your literally companionship!

    @ Anderson P my broda na true you talk o! Na so I fit fight anoda day na lol.
    This one na lie.Na fear, some fear beta na.
    Hail ye!

    @ Kaycee the great and illumined mind, I hail you.

    @ Chemo you are there, thank you so much.

    @ Seun-O eyes like eagle’s!
    You are on wings.

    @ Joy1 a man says he doesn’t understand English, but knows ‘catch am!” means “jide ya” (get hold of him lol) Thank you joyful Joy

    @ Smartfingers did you write this with your fingers? Not clear.
    I salute you

    @ Kayceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. really funny.
    really nice

    For it flew at an unpredictable

    1. Thought the same thing….

  9. Wise choice. Next time carry hammerfor pocket.

  10. Funny one, I like the sense of humor. :)

  11. @ Raymond ok Monday hammer right if it’s on Monday?

    @ Myne thank you so much.

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