There is hope!

There is hope!

There is hope
It does not have to crawl from the pope
Not with a long hose
It is right here under our nose

There is hope
With our lives hung to the ancient pole
Like pillars we cannot hold
We see the hope
In the young and old
In dimpled hole
As faces unfold
From those who as lions are bold
Not minding what their eyes behold

There is hope
For us, for those
Whose heart pan like bow
In painful mode
Awaiting relieve from the master, from the load

There is hope
The soul as clay is remould
With the creators coal
As the embers get cold

There is hope
At the threshold
Where victory is gold
At the edge of the whole
Rests up North in the abode
From where The King rules in lofty glow
There is hope!

16 thoughts on “There is hope!” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Indeed.

    Poets slaughter English in the name of ‘poetic license’ all the time.

    I’m just saying.

    1. @ Seun the reason for poetic license is that poets can express their most deepest thoughts with such freedom that the rules of English will limit in straight essays.Thanks for your thought though,I am sure you are a poet?

  2. What has the pope got to do with your poem and hope. Guy, Nursery rhymes can afford to rhyme like this, so the kids can sing it. But please do not subject us to this kind of…
    If I want a song, I will play one.
    Oh, sammy na you?? You don fuck up!!!!

    1. @ Kaycee thanks alot for all your critique, it has really helped so much.But please can you write in English language so I will get your drift,I did not get a word of what you wrote above.Please communicate.You have concrete things to say about the poem, go ahead and say it.i am waiting…

      1. One more thing,Oga Kaycee must you use the “f” word?

  3. How is hope related to pope or pole.

  4. How is hope related to pope or pole?

    1. It is very obvious that we read literary works without thinking.Joking apart,@ Jor-el, have you never seen or heard the Pope preach before? Does he not talk about hope and world peace?Hope is around you if you can take your time to connect with the ancient pole and pillar (God).He is the source of our hope.Thanks for your thought though, I really appreciate.

  5. Kai…the evil that rhymes do…really live after them.

    If you must rhyme you must think-and think hard!

    Plus I really wasn’t sure what specific direction your poem was going-more like what the plot of the poem really was even though we know it’s about hope. Where u focusing on the kind of people that need hope, the source of hope or both?

    Words, lines and rhymes are for the plot not the other way round.

    1. It is indeed without ambiguity that a poet chooses a pattern to pass across his message.The rhyme scheme was not forced as some have in their independent mind assumed, but it is to draw attention to the fact that Hope abound.It echoes around us in every thing we see and do. In as much as we breath;THERE IS HOPE!

      The idea is to point all to God as symbolic of the “ancient pole” from where hope comes, not directly from the pope- “It does not have to crawl from the pope”.At times waiting for someone or something to give us hope may be slow in coming, as such let’s look up to the ancient one by whom HOPE comes.It is in the very air we breath even from within, THERE IS HOPE!

  6. I had to read it twice to appreciate the message. The rhyming was forced, distracting and a little too ‘sing song.’ But there is hope, looking forward to ur next piece:)

    1. @ Derin thanks for your comment.And thanks for reading the piece twice and dotting your thought and view.The best way to UNDERSTAND literary works is by reading over and over again as well as not narrowing one’s mind but trying as much as possible to ask your self ” what is this writer trying to pass across?
      This is the beauty of literature.Thanks one more time for your thoughts I highly appreciate.

  7. Okay, I guess the rhyming was forced that was why we had pope and pole, got the message though

  8. Thank you all for reading, I am learning, and would appreciate if we suggest ways by which I can do things better.That is the essence of critique. Otherwise you have not said anything if after you pen your thought and don’t proffer a solution.

    As a poet , I have only just expressed myself in a way I thought can pass my message across,you cannot do that for me if you don’t know where I am coming from.Thank you once more for all your comments.Merci

  9. Got the message, which was nicely encapsulated in the last stanza. But some lines felt contradictory.

    ‘There is hope
    With our lives hung to the ancient pole’
    This one hurt my head. That particular stanza didn’t feel so right to me.

    Not going to beat U over the head with what they’ve all said……But I gotta admit, these comments n replies were GOLDEN! \(^_^)/ !!!

    1. @ Raymond thanks alot for your comment.I appreciate and thank you for not giving me a knock on my love

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