The Holocaust of the Nigeria-Biafra War

The Holocaust of the Nigeria-Biafra War

The mortars are dripping bloom

Like dews in the morning of doom

We poise ‘em at the castle of waste

To vent angst of humanity’s foul taste


Gun powder dripped red to the portal

With fires of odium ignited to be fatal

But ere retreat is done o’er battle line

Feast of ill fate festered amidst to dine


The hunted and the hunters were hunted!

Our artilleries as against us and foes plighted

Like a plain overrun by swarm of angry locust

We felled heedlessly like tress; the holocaust


Whilst we, the survivors tell this stale tales

For no weaponry can annihilate humanities

But would our world survive this holocaust

Of ontological bias of dysfunctional caste?

8 thoughts on “The Holocaust of the Nigeria-Biafra War” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. We survivors?
    You and who?

    Your talent is sure, use it on something else.
    Let Biafra rest in peace.

  2. Really good poem. I didn’t experience Biafra, its scary how easily people blame a group of people for certain mishaps, you hear talk of us splitting up…. scary, sad. We would survive the ‘holocaust, no mortar can crush the Nigeria I know and love.

  3. Scary poem, you chose the right words to good effect too, not a topic I will choose though

  4. Nicely written, the Biafran war, one of the mishaps of Nigerian history. It really should be told, so that next time people won’t march into war with their brains at their anus…

  5. @ Kaycee thanks man, yet what happens to a man
    happens to him, in his mind. Moreover, more to the poem
    is an “if” clause. If the pretence of many a man to be not
    men come of permanence, what great a holocaust would
    it be not to generate again. This is the only true impending
    holocaust, for no weapon fashioned against humans, can
    annihilate them!

    @ Derin I wonder where one who defecates on his mat expects
    to sleep? You correct jo.

    I am 9ja jare!

    @ Anderson P ‘am scared some are not scared of such hell as
    told. Better described in @Ablyguy’s word, “march into war with
    their brains at their anus….”

    1. @ostar, did you study philosophy?

  6. Heavy grammar.

    Not bad.

  7. @ Kaycee yes sir, I did
    @ Seun-O wars are heavier!

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