The dance of life

On loud utterances
And vain promises
Our hopes lay
Desperately waiting for the rays
Of sunshine to penetrate
Our lives in the darkest state
For we have been held captive by fate
For so long a time that we faint
And our eyes have become shielded
Until the lid is lifted
We might never understand what we face
Though we run a good race
Our hopes lay flatly on chance
Even though we understand the dance
We fail to hear the lyrics embedded in the rhythm
And we are soon lost in rhymes
Confusion is our game
Vanity is our second name
Yet we continue on the endless journey
In pursuit of total joy
Even when we have money
It never satisfies our yearnings
It never quietens the voice within us that cries
Against the vanity in our lives.
The dance of life Is a game of sight
Until we see with our mind
We will continue to be blind
Till we learn the basics
Of living life with simplicity.

11 thoughts on “The dance of life” by petersunday (@petersunday)

  1. Back and forth, back and forth…

    Interesting poem.

  2. Wonderful poem!
    Simplicity is for mediocres and simpletons.
    Give me complexity anytime any day.

  3. Life is a complex journey, we must each make our own way. Very well thought out poem, if a little dry.

  4. Nice poem but I kinda get the feeling the last five lines veered of course.

    I like the issues you brought up.

    Keep sharpening your skills. Nice one.

  5. The dance of life, I would have loved this poem if you made it rhyme.It would have given it a sing song pattern and an aesthetic dimension and goes with the theme.I like the fact that you underlined the truth that money cannot satisfy our inner yearning for fulfillment.
    A great food for thought for all to ponder on.Great work.

  6. Nice poem,just kinda read too straight

  7. Thanks. I admit am not really cut out for poetry, but it’s cool to play around with words once in a while.

  8. I think ♈̷̴̩‎O̶̲̥̅̊U̶̲̥̅̊ ought to halt here; We will continue to be blind. Though your painting Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ poor, τ̲̅ђe picture Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ clear. Good Work!

  9. So can someone here tell us what the basis of living life with simplicity is?

    1. I can now see “Simplicity” is the key.

  10. @petersunday this means you are indirectly telling your readers to resign from struggling and submit to Destiny for we will continue to be blind until we learn to live the life of simplicity.

    All our pursuits are all vanity upon vanity until the veil is lifted, our eyes remain shifted. I would love you to go further on this, maybe you should check out this article here on NS “IS DESTINY REAL?

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