The Adventures Of Schwazo

The Adventures Of Schwazo

In an ancient city of Zeoah, in a town called Zinji once lived a wayward woman called Sheazo. She gave birth to a baby-boy and gave him the name “Schwazo.” She had no regard and respect for life, thus she went into the very heart of “The Forest of Forests” the most dreadful forest ever since time began and dumped Schwazo, his son.

Schwazo, though a baby-boy was unreservedly beautiful. He laid still on his nakedness, and later on fell asleep. It was a promising sunny noon-day and the hare felt she could have a nice sunbath, and so she galloped out and hurdled on. She came along the baby; Stopping abruptly, she squatted and peeped right through his face and was almost blinded by the brilliance of his beauty. “Eureka! I have found beauty. Oh, my soul may you live longer”, she exclaimed as she started shearing herself. It was not long, she had already gathered enough wool and swaddled the baby in it, and he dabbled playfully in the fur.
Next arrived Spottie, the silvery grey deer. She was making her majestic stride down the silvery stream of the Silver Valley. When she came where the baby was, she could not help shouting thus, “Goodness me! No, neither a mortal nor an angel partakes of such an unspeakable good features that belongs to gods alone!” At this she bent low and solemnly planted three warmth kisses on his forehead, nose and lips. As she made off rather hesitantly, a swarm of eagles flew-by. On seeing what seemed to them like a lump of diamond from the blue sky, they swerved downward to swoop it. However, on seeing it was but a baby, they cooed melodiously, sang lullabies and gently caressed him with their colourful tender feathers.
Many a creature came too: Elephant, The Big Brother, Oxen, horses, giraffes, foxes, porcupines, dogs, dragonflies, butterflies, and many daddy-long legs… suffice it however to say that every inmate of the great jungle came. In a short while, baby Schwazo was all surrounded by several inquisitive multi-coloured bulging eyes in a colour riot crowd! The lion-king was last to come with his entourage. And on beholding the baby, he the king audibly exclaimed. “Oh king, that thy servant be found worthy to serve thee, thy majesty”, and this attracted thunderous ovations from the exhilarated crowd. And so the animals stayed for three good days feasting, merrymaking and dancing round and round the baby. On the third day, they bore him home on the king’s royal cart, with the king and others trekking reverently behind him.

Hereupon, in the palace, Schwazo was accorded with every palatial respect. Meanwhile, the king had of his own desire, descended from the throne for the baby and became his aid de camp. Moreover in the seventh-year of his reign, Schwazo had already become a well-built youth with an incomparable physical strength and mature mind. His hobby was hunting, and never had it been heard or seen that he ever missed a target on an invading animal or bird of prey.

One day, Schwazo went hunting, and so kept watch over his people all day long; but everything seemed peaceful, so he decided to call it off. On his way back (home) not too far from Mount Amakings of the legendary poet Osita, he heard a heart-moving miserable cry swiftly approaching from cloud’s roof. He stood still and listened to the direction of the pitiable voice and noticed it was in the sky. Thus he hid himself in the wood by the mountain and drew his slingshot. Lo, it was Kaih Hushu, the hawk. Meanwhile, Schwazo had heard of him and his devilry deeds, but had never seen him before now. Looking up, he caught sight of him at the far end of the grayish sky as he clutched so cruelly, on Piapia, the poor chick with his infamous blood-happy claws. In its hopeless sea of death above, it wailed, and called upon its mother and father but Kaih Hushu, knew most certainly that help was far-fetched for the deprived chick. So he jubilantly swung on southbound. This scene however bled Schawzo red, so he artfully drew the elastic strands of his slingshot and wrathfully left it’s end that haboured the precious white stone and it flew high and high and higher. The stone timely caught up with the hawk and it cut right through his throat and it dropped still with the chick in its clenched claws. So Schwazo separated the chick from the hawk and skinned it right there!

Back home in the palace, the poor chick was taken good care of and it surprisingly grew into a healthy hen! It happened that all these days, the chick had been calling Schwazo “Daddy” just as Schwazo called the former king “Papa.” So, this day, Schwazo called Piapia and cautioned her to listen attentively. “I am not your dad”, he began, “Neither do I know your mama, nor the moment you were conceived, nor do I know the kingdom you belong to. I snatched you out from the death’s fangs and since then you have been here” And he narrated all about the hawk and also showed her its relic. As he told the story, tears began to well up in Piapia’s eyes, but Schwazo would not let them drop, so he went closer and kissed off all the tears. Oh my soiled soul, for he loved her so tenderly! Thus, he patted gently on her trunk and promised her things would be alright.
Meanwhile, Schawzo knew nothing about himself and how he came to be on the throne. He never thought of it nor had he ever think himself as different from the rest. So this scene offered every opportunity for all explanations. Hence, the lion-king cut in here and told Schwazo all the stories that surround him …“At first Schwazo thought it was one of the king’s jokes and would not admit it. So, on realizing this, he (the lion-king) swore, “upon my words, as long as Jungle lives, far it be from my tongue that it should lie” At this Schawzo now knew it was neither what he thought nor a mere fiction. Consequently, he lent his ears and eyes to the lion-king’s tale. When he had finished, Schwazo went straight into his bed-room and thought soberly on his days be gone.

The next day, Schwazo called all the animals to himself. When they had gathered in the royal court, he greeted them and there came from among the crowd, a spontaneous uproar of, “May you live forever, Oh king.” So he made them sit down, and recounted his past for them and his resolution subsequently. As he did this, they all wept and wept, till their tears gathered and streamed off!

Meanwhile, Chucky, the duck was still slumbering away, far off in her farm all these while, “Huuuh . . . mmrrh . . . hororrrh…Grrrrrr . . . mmrrh” and suddenly her feelings cut across her beautiful dream {when she first met Danny, her darling husband} when some drizzle splattered on her face. She woke up with a start regretfully and beheld her broods drumming with their tender wings on an oncoming stream. Not been able to make out the source and course of the water, she ran her wings across her face severally. And calling her siblings around her, she made a bee-dance and swam ahead. After many miles of navigation {sailing} they at last found their “fleet” at the entrance of the king’s palace. Lo and behold, here were the sources of the warmth flowing stream! It happened that Schwazo had told the animals that he would let go of them in search of his identity, and so, they wept and wept and got their eyes reddened. So great was their dirges that their tears broke away, and having gathered in a large quantity, it then streamed off many miles away. Many other creatures came through the ocean of tears too. Marvelously trees and grasses of the woods were all splendidly revivified by the touch of the waters. Thus they brought forth beautiful flowers and sweet seeds and delicious fruits. {Oh my goodness! what a sheer beauty. What a scenic grandeur! It takes my breath away, even mine, I, the Chronicler}. And the kingdom blossomed, and blossomed and blossomed in a most bridal flush!

Nevertheless, Schwazo had to go and definitely he’s set to depart. Hereupon, another round of wailing took its turn and later subsided at the dawn of the seventh day of its start. Wearied and exhausted, Schwazo stood up and kissed all the animals solemnly. Dramatically, their faces at once brightened and shone like the morning sun. Mmmh, it was indeed a Midas Kiss! Even Torsy, the tortoise took three turns of the kisses and would have taken another had he not been checked out by the monkey. And so, all these and many, too innumerable to mention took their past, and then followed the farewell address written by Her Majesty, the wife of the lion king.

Oh Sweet flower of our Kingdom

The only rose in our myrtle

Where are you, darling?

Oh jewelry of the kingdom

We are lost, when you aren’t

And won’t you not depart?

Your departure is cruel

But you are bent to be missed

My apple, the Golden One is lost

Oh help, I am lost too, help . . .

At this, she broke off and wept inconsolably. No sooner had she started, than her tears emptied and there were none again to flow. So she mowed, whined and mowed at length, then:

The Golden one, my Apple is lost

Can’t someone help, I am lost too

I can see him on the waves in the waters

But I can’t swim, I do know

Oh sweet wave, peace flows peace

Sail him gently still on afloat

Take him in grace to the shore

For I know I am not his

And he is not mine

Lest for love, I be blind and unwise

So to his mother-tree lead him

To the fold he belongs

To the many breasts poising for embrace

The warmth tears-of-joy to let loose

To run across the shoulders till the heels

The warmth kisses on lips and cheeks

And the boundless joy to display

May the moon shine on your way

May the sun not scourge you

May the stars brighten your shadow

Oh, Beautiful Bold  Beauty

Silver shinning star in the sky

Pretty petal of Peace

Lovely lily of love

Golden garden of Galilee

Dilating diamond of the El Dorado

Ding – Dong- Ding jingles peace

Ding- Dong- Ding bells love

Ding- Dong- Ding all your way

In a jubilant stride across the sky

To the palace where you’re the heir

Farewell Schwazo, this world’s cruel
Oh, for farewell is the saddest, oh fare…

At this some hot well of tears dripped down, for it had gathered in a while’s time. Gosh! The queen fell and fainted and was with reverence taken to the Queen’s Room. Nevertheless, as the bearers saw themselves out, the queen was weakly at their feet at the instance of her last breath!

Interestingly, the lion-king woke up from his reverie, and commanded audience. Accordingly, there was a dead silence and he spoke up:

“Schwazo, my son, you are not unkind at this will;

But the ‘tis the naked memory to thrill, and fester.

No neither words nor wail would wage your way; nor

The soulful tears that flows unquenchably as waters,

Like the Ever-flowing fountains of the gods.

Neither could put a wedge to disable your wheel”

Now, rise up my son! Buckle your sandals and brace your bow and sword. My blessings go with you. Riches shall be yours and for your footstool, you shall have wealth at your beck and call. Your barn shall be decked with the finest wheat, and therein bags of myriads of grains shall be built into pyramids; your pens crowded with life stocks and you shall draw from rivers of milk and honey. Your sandals shall be made of the finest leathers and your apparel with the silk ‘Arom’, spun by Carom, the Golden Silkworm, and behold looking up, Schwazo saw the inexplicable! Towards him was approaching a glistering golden canoe embroidered with pearls, golden stones and diamonds, being dragged by the three royal gigantic elephants. The sparkles from the mountainous canoe were much more than the brilliance of the tropic sun at its zenith. What a scenic grandeur, the resplendent elephant adorned with garlands, and golden bracelets, the splendid fleet plucked out from the very heart of the kingdom’s age-long treasury, the atmosphere infiltrated by the breath-taking aroma from this marvel a G-I-F-T !

Filled with awe, Schwazo gasped speechlessly. He looked at the king with the queen leaning on his shoulder. They both nodded in affirmation. At this, he was unable to contain his joys and his heart skipped several beats over the greatness of the present. Not known to him was that a greater sensation still was on its way. The silence imposed by this suspense was soon broken when the king lifted up his hand. Spontaneously, trumpet blasts were blown by the elephants, and all the animals too joined in cheering Schwazo, making out thunderous rhythmic ovations.

At this, the animals went forth with songs and presented their individual gifts of sons and daughters before Schwazo. The tortoise gave himself instead. Oh my God! And him, and all were packed in the golden canoe with a diamond peddle. Every thing and more were abundant and none of the king’s blessings was less a breath. As Schwazo set out to board his fleet half a mile away, the peacocks gracefully laced his path with their metal blue and beautiful feathers. At this, all the birds flew high with a start ceremoniously in aerobatic. My Christ, the swerves were breath taking! They flew high, and higher, and then in the speed of thunderbolt, flew down. Higher, and higher again, they displayed their pretty multi coloured wings behind the scintillating sun. Meanwhile, thrilling joyously behind Schwazo, were the lambs and cubs jumping in calisthenics. “Flop, splash and flap!” swooped the birds again in strata. One scooped Schwazo and flung him to another, another to another and oops, what a swing! so, swayed the animals with the resonance of the jungle’s sounds of music. “Errrh . . . errh…awrr…ehhh!” babbled Schawzo as he was swung toward the fleet. At last he was there as the sun gradually set in. The birds went high again and formed, “Sail well Schawzo” then disengaged, and coming together again, they formed, “we miss you, dear love”.

Then the sun finally set in, as the majestic moon rises from the lonely sky. The moonlit field saw the animal kingdom at last moving home solemnly, as Schwazo set sails to his destiny.

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  1. Hmmm…this is surely a fairy tale. Will there be more to come?

  2. “Schwazo, his son” should be ‘her son”.

    ” peeped right through his face and” I think the sentence is wrong. Do you ‘peep through’ someone’s face?


  3. Eagles don’t fly in swarms.
    Much typos.
    Would have enjoyed this when I was 11 yrs old.

  4. @ostar, you really have something beautiful here…talking of the plot but, the typos and ‘bad’ sentence constructions and the little use of paragraphs took much of the joy out of the reading.

  5. @Myne got that from my little achive. Yes, there are more. I am grateful for the corrections and will be careful next. Thank you.

    @ Kaycee Great shot at it! I did it around 11 or there about.
    So you get at the frequency mentioned a priori.Sorry I should
    have looked into it.

    @ Adaobiokwy Thanks for the eagle-eyed corrections. I am smiling!

    @ Anonymous A reward: Mohamed Ali, in order to enjoy the best
    out of his opponents would taunt, “why do you beat
    this face eh…”

    Fervently yours in ink!

    @ Seun

    Why I had to Run

    …not that he’s a mad man
    But was at that moment mad
    And my madness was yet unprovoked
    He, was it that matched my toes
    To wail woes, I saw his fists
    Flying forth like birds of prey
    Time was scarce to escape the first
    For it flew at an unpredictable swift
    Onlookers said he was wrong
    And that I was right;
    But at his right hand was a hatchet
    And refuge was not that far
    ‘Twas then apt I test my long legs
    That was why I had to run

    Reward: Generously yours in ink

  6. Good start, Ostar. I didn’t find the part about the duck swimming to Schwazo’s kingdom necessary, though. And watch out for your word usage and tenses: for example:

    “your pens crowded with life stocks” > “your pens filled with livestock”

    “Schwazo had heard of him and his devilry deeds” > “Schwazo had heard of him and his devilry”

    “the hare … galloped out and hurdled on” > “the hare … leapt out”

    Looking forward to part 2.

  7. @ Tola thank you from the depth of my heart.Thank you so much.

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