Questions God Asks

When we murmur and complain
Quiet rules with Him
For He knows the heart
He knows the mind asks to know
With acclaimed wits,
It meanders concerns,
Trying to figure out the many “whys” of life
“Why am I like this?”
“Why is my family like this?”
“I have served You with my life and this sickness is all I get!”
Why am I not married, why don’t I have children”
“O Lord why me? Why, Why, Why”
Then God asks the mind and it is greatly disturbed
It is dazed at what it cannot comprehend
“Why do you darken counsel by words?”
Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?”
Do you know where I fastened the foundations?
Where I laid the chief stone
Have the gates of death been opened to you?
Have you seen the door of the shadow of death?
Do you know where light dwells and for darkness
Where it resides?
Have you entered into the treasures of the snow?
Have you seen the treasures of the hail?
Can you send lightning on errands and it will obey you?
Do you know how a sinner becomes a saint?
Do you know how the bones are formed in the womb?
Do you know how you have grown this tall?
Can you make darkness like canopy at your feet…?
The mind is famished at the questions He asked
Frenzied in such rhetoric
It fathoms not and silence becomes loud
Yet, He just started
When God asks
Men are lost…

23 thoughts on “Questions God Asks” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Needed to read that, thanks for sharing.

    1. @ Derin thanks for dropping that comment, it is encouraging.

  2. Interesting piece, God knows all.

    1. Yes o He knows all, I got the inspiration from the book of Jobs in the bible.It is a book to read.

  3. Food for thought, thanks for sharing.

    1. @ Myne thank you too for reading.

  4. Abeg jare!
    Who is God asking all that kinda questions? We asked him first. Why is he answering questions with questions, is He Nigerian?
    And why would I even want to know where darkness resides or how a sinner becomes a saint?
    Eh God, why? Answer my own question first.

    1. @ Oga kaycee If you stand before am one day, ask am the question.meanwhile, he has already answered all your questions.It takes a foolish man to ask God question especially when he does it to test Him.God is great and knows the heart.There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against God.
      Whether one abuse Him or does foolishly,ONE DAY FOR SURE THAT MAN GO STAND BEFORE AM,to answer His question,”what did you do with the talent I gave you?”

      1. @sambright, how you take know! You be God mouthpiece?

        1. You no know before?

  5. You know say God na the bros of all broses, boss of all bosses, king of kings and so on…

    So when He ask you question…na to chill.


    1. @ Seun Yes O! The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, even the wisdom to write good stories.

  6. Nice theme.

    My problem with the poem is the similarity in style and content with the book of Job is too close to make it pass for being original and creative.

    I am encouraged though!

    1. My dear Chemo, yes there are similarities.I picked some lines from the book of Job and spread the message. I could as well re write it and leave out direct quotes from the book of Job. But it was deliberate,”how beautiful are the feet of those who publish good tidings..” have you read that? Good to know that you are reading your bible though, it is my greatest treasure!_THE BOOK OF ALL BOOKS!

  7. @Kaycee true talk. But…me I fear God O°°°. If him wan answer my questions with questions, who am I not to listen, eh?
    @Seun, he’s really bros of broses.
    @Sam, good message.

    1. @ eletrika it is very good to fear God o because “by humility and the fear of the Lord are riches,honour and life.”.Prov 22:4 With the fear of God,you will go places and transcend plateaus that your peers can never attain..thank you for reading.

  8. Thank you all for dropping by, I am most honoured.

  9. Silent becomes loud? Wow..that was my best line..

    1. Yes o @ Whiz Da poet, at times, silence could really get loud, if you know what I am saying?Especially in times like this,when God asks man and the mind questions that he cannot answer, believe me silence becomes very loud.FEAR GOD O!

    1. @ Adaobiokwy hmmm…?

  10. Pastor sir @sambright. Very thought provoking piece. Well done.

    1. Thank you at gooseberry.*blushing*

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