On Censored

On Censored

They can do what they like; what do we care?
‘Freedom of expression’, in the constitution its clear;
Do what – whatever you will,
As long as you don’t endanger another human being
Like the press; you know, the press!
Left alone to do what they do with no stress,
No pressure; ’cause they’re the voice of the people,
The voice of the people, and therefore the government’s ‘conscience’
We’ve been freed…to do as we like,
But the problem is; there is no middle ground
And so, who decides what’s liberal and what’s not?
What’s cold and what’s hot?!

Britney Spears said ‘Living in sin is the new thing’
Typical of her, she speaks and hardly thinks
If she thought about it, she would see,
We’ve been living in sin from the first air we breathe
Contradictions; we all are different but trying to be the same
Trying to act proper but really are all insane
They say all men are dogs, but then call the women groupies
It’s funny; like four blind men editing a porn movie
Their hearing is quite sharp; for sure be glad
So ‘fuck me hard’ becomes ‘take me hard’
But the most important part of their work is uncovered

Pardon my French…matter of fact ‘pardon’ my life
Pardon the fact that I DO NOT NEED A WIFE
Pardon the fact that I don’t care what you think
Because you’re here only for now, gone in an eye’s blink
You’re free…he’s free, but really so in chains,
Because you think you’re free, but you’re playing on a string,
A string created to contain you from seeing
Scenes from the consequences of your sins…a cinema of graphics
A kaleidoscope of graffiti done on your flesh


I see your struggle, you really think you want free
But honestly you don’t, do you know what free is?
All you live for is a debauchery spree
So you say ‘Feel free’ …and do whatever you think
But ask yourself this; who indeed censors me?!??
You think you’re free, but really you’re not,
There’s a chain tied to the back of your skull…you’re STUCK!

A really old poem to tide you guys over while I write my opus.

27 thoughts on “On Censored” by Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya)

  1. OH MY GOD!!!!
    This be too much.
    This be your best!
    Tell it. Let them hear!
    Of course, they won’t understand, because you have said everything and nothing. Rules with no rules.
    Musketeer, I owe you something when we see.
    @admin, pay this dude something.

    1. LOL…

      @Kaycee…thank you. I appreciate.

      Bless God.

    2. @kaycee, you can dash him some of your points, those can be worth money, you know

      1. Well @Kaycee..

        How about it?

        1. End of discussion…hahaha.

  2. Nice one.

    On style, I like the way you juxtapose plain speech and rhymes together: It’s cool.

    On content…er…I will read it again and get back to you….

    1. Lol…

      Thank you sef. Bless God.

  3. Ouch! A little harsh. But the nail is pushed straight into the middle of the head. I really like it.

    If only it could create the desired effect…

    1. If only – Eh…Elektrika?

      Thank you. Bless God.

  4. OmG!!!! Lovin’ it! Been hitting the reread button!! lol…… It’d really suck if you didn’t like MI, but I think he’s 9ja’s best artist and this is the best piece I’ve read thus far!! Wish I could be more constructive and give better feedback, but it did it for me!

    1. Lol. Thank you…

      I don’t understand the ‘like MI’ part…but I appreciate.

      Bless God.

  5. It must feel really good to publish a “really old poem” with a “perennially enduring theme”.
    Reads like you were/are championing a cause.

    Nice…very nice.

    1. Thank you @Rhema

      About championing a cause…isn’t that what we’re supposed to do – one way or the other?

      Thank you. Bless God.

  6. On point my boss, on point. I commend your writing prowess.

    1. Thank you sir.

      Bless God.

  7. Good piece bro, I cracked up when I got to the part about britney spears and the blind men too, funny how you used those to pass along your message

    1. Lol…

      Thank you @Anderson. I read this myself sometimes and I laugh. I was really insane in those days.

      Thanks again, bless God.

  8. “But the problem is; there is no middle ground
    And so, who decides what’s liberal and what’s not?”

    An important question.
    Musketeer, this be superb!

    1. @Ray…we must strive to be the best at what we do. That is our calling as Musketeers.

      hehehehe…thank you so much. Bless God.

  9. I like the zeal behind the poem, makes one actually examine their life.

    All the best with your Opus

    1. Thank you ma’am!

      Bless God.

  10. And I come again as promised. I like the theme of the poem: it is a very important theme especially in these modern times of extreme Hedonism and struggle for ‘rights’ of all forms (both reasonable and unreasonable). In the end we ask ourselves is the freedom we seek really freedom in the true sense of the word?

    Guy you try. A lot of thought and creativity went into this.

    Nice one.

    1. Thank you Chemo. Thank you.

      Bless God.

  11. I see you shining through this piece. I may not know you, but then I think I know enough to tell your creative hub refuses to be held back by this charade called censoring.
    Ooooshe!!! *d banj’s voice*

    1. LMAO!!!!!

      I had about three more pictures up in there…guess the phantom @Admin took them out.

      Guess the pictures were quite *clears throat

      Thank you. Bless God.

  12. chai, this is greeeaaaaaat

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