Liquid Emotions

The brew of churned thoughts..
Overflow of emotions..
Welling up from a source I can’t name..
The rend in my heart?
Or the rip in my soul?
They are not tears you see..
Just Liquid Emotions..
Leaking from a fount unknown..
Blazing a path down my face.
Finding solace in my mouth..
The vicious cycle starts again.

18 thoughts on “Liquid Emotions” by Koyefunmi (@scarlett)

  1. Tears…

    But I found your by-line more interesting than the poem. No offense.

    “Am also a wanna be rap star, which is cool for a singer, yeah, u know like a combination of beyonce and rihanna! Love to fight, u know get the swat on to knock down ur opponent!!!!”

    Verrry interesting.

  2. ‘welling up’ has become something that’s so common… I have no issue with it… It’s just that I come across it all the time…

    Interesting bio too… Got almost drowned in it forgetting the literary piece…

  3. Hey guys/ Thanks. No offence taken. The piece was just an outlet for some intense emotions. I was sad, didnt want to talk about it, so i wrote this in the aftermath of the storm. It has another part though (titled numb), but i just put this one here. Thanks though. :)

    1. Emotions like fire

  4. Just tried those lines as a rap verse and it was quite good.

    I love your imagery as well.

    You have a way of sounding like a unisex as well.

    I do rap and songs sometimes, as a hobby though.

    Keep writing. I love the poem.

  5. Yep, vivid imagery.
    I like.

  6. Blazing a path down my face.
    Finding solace in my mouth..
    The vicious cycle starts again..

    This lines were quite poetic. Nice one

    1. Thank you! It’s taken me over a year to see this though! X_X @whizpoet

  7. My best poem this week, I love your choice of words and the descriptive imagery you pulled out with this.

  8. The poem is good, but your bio rocks. Now if you happen to be beautiful with all that, then….

  9. a sincere expression of innermost feelings… lova that…

  10. Love this! I like the way you condensed meaning in this poem for a very short and basic physical activity.

    I wish though you didn’t mention LIQUID EMOTION in the poem.

  11. Cute bio! The poem was nice too….

  12. Nice lines, your bio is quite something too

  13. I am captured and enraptured by this short,precise and concise yet imaginative work of art.I salute your dexterity.

  14. Ur bio is more interesting than Ur piece….but Ur piece was nice.

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