Let There Be Light And Tales One Shouldn’t Tell

Let There Be Light And Tales One Shouldn’t Tell



It was our Genesis

The beginning of a continuation

Of our potentials’ quick Exodus


Then every ruler shouted promises

From electricity (ropes) to hope:

‘Let there be light!’


Trust NEPA

The darkness pervades our lives

Wearing us gloom


The Problem Has Changed Name

Corporation stole forth

Promising a new bloom


It was the twin of freedom

That gave us power

To remain silent in noise


Indeed, we brew tea storms

Which amount to little

In the hydro-electric dreams of many


An assurance comes

That a harvest will come of our dams

Yea, we would surely reap several ‘Damns!’

June 10th, 2011


ADDENDUM: Gen 1:7 And Chineke said ‘Let there be light.’ And NEPA replied, ‘Mba nu!’




(Inspired by H., poet and friend)


There is this tale men bear

That boys never hear


It really should be told

Everyone old

Enough to have learnt

The pleasure not usually taught

For which many of our souls in hell rot


An old friend told

Of how the Creator

Found perfection in made man

And angered somewhat

Thought of a hex

Then blessed man with sex


He smiled back heavenwards

The hunger eating man

The best none the less thirstier

To drink of the well of the v junction

None holier


Urges to be heard

Monsters to be fed

The rod

Takes the place of our Lord


It is a tale you would never hear him

Tell his child

No matter how wild


He smiled

The burden aging him somewhat

Till the pleasure eased him once more.

30 thoughts on “Let There Be Light And Tales One Shouldn’t Tell” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. I like how you you play with words, using them in fresh and new ways.

    And the ending of the first poem made me LOL…

  2. ‘Let there be light’ made me laugh, cos it is a morror of national issue. I also enjoyed the us of words and the rhyme in ‘hrom electricity ropes to hope. Hence i think u should make the poem more universal.

  3. Extreme brilliance.
    These poems are so good.

  4. Na real ‘God said let there be light and NEPA said Mbanu’. At least, now we’ve shown God that we’re so incompetent.

    And your second poem, hmm………

    You’re good.

  5. The second one wins my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. After reading the 1st one, I thought it was a bomb but this last one is an explosion,…Gboaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!

    “To drink the well of the “V junction”…What a coded phrase..!!thumbs up bro..There should be a part 2 please…

  7. The second poem is the climax.
    Little wonder…it was inspired by “H”. :)

    Well done!

  8. Nice poems. You are kinda comical in seriousness. Thats cool.

  9. Nice poems but for me the first one was real kool, funny with nice word play

  10. A big thank you very much to you all, not just for the compliments but for the laughter…somehow I found myself laughing REALLY loud at most of the comments…@Myne, the ADDENDUM was meant to be an FB stat update at some point but didn’t know how some people would react to it…overtly religious people can think somehow sometimes…always great to have writers’ views which are deep and understanding :) @Adams, sorry, you think I should make the poem more universal? How? Didn’t really get your comment…Mazi @Kaycee: thank you…that’s great and flattering. Elder @Seun-Odukoya: Hm, you think I am surprised at your preference? :) Hm, change o!! :) @Eletrika, biko, gini bu God? That na original Chineke or Chukwu…and im dey speak Igbo but I translated it to English so that we would understand here… :) Don’t mind me…yes o, how we for do? I think you got it wrong though…I believe that we have shown Chineke (or even Aondo if you please – our God is African and can be called in any Nigerian tongue!)…I believe we have shown Chineke we are competent and for once, He proposes, we dispose…@Whiz , my dearest Whiz, do you remember Senator N? Hmm, na so e start o…Biko, dan Allah, don’t start with those ones…I still have ambitions unrealised! :) @Rhema, walahi, if I didn’t write that poem, I would thought of something totally different…hm, na you sabi o! @Gooseberry, dearest Ma’am, thanks…sup with you already? How’s the process? You sure are OLD here after days from your vir…as discussed in that poem…@Anderson: Thanks.
    And for us all (like @whiz) thinking thoughts of the second poem, na you sabi…:) The words are not mine o!

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      Guy, this your reply is as long as some NS posts o

    2. “Change”.

      From what to what?

      Don’t get it confused o, Su’eddie. You do NOT know me. At all.

      You can only assume. And that’s a …..

  11. Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

    i like the second poem

    1. @flourishing-florida : hee hee hee, yup! It seems everyone likes the second one better…Thanks for reading and even liking ma…
      By the way, are you through with the Stephen King book? That guy is just good!!

  12. A poem is said to be universal when the concept it treats is applicable to every human society. The first poem can only make sense to a Nigerian. The issue of epileptic power supply is not peculiar to Nigeria. I suggest the poem should have handled the issue in such a way that it would accomodate other nation facing the same problem. No doubt; the poem is good. I am still enjoying it.

    1. @adams, sorry I didn’t back to you. Not to make this an argument but I would be honoured if we can talk a bit more on our universality…
      I think that poetry basically is an expression of one’s innermost feelings…well, mainly one’s feelings. No doubt the poem came out that
      way after one of them light outs…hee hee hee. Seriously, do you think there’s any way we can work on making it better?
      Thanks for the comment and your time + enjoying it. S’

  13. @coshincozor: just wanted you to see my reply to your comment. Many thanks for all the follow comments and all.
    Well done…and oh, nice new Profile Pic…you come hide pass dat oda time!

  14. @sueddie…Imagine! It was here, and you were ‘shakaring’ to do that recital for me…Now I ve read n reread…Trust me I’ll retell the tale….
    Very lovely poems and you know the 2nd is my fave..*winks*…$ß.

  15. @Sibbylwhyte: It was more the voice than the reading you wanted. ;)
    Sometimes, the things we really struggle for are right there in front of us.

    1. The voice that goes froggie after midnight?..No way!…hehehehe..

  16. Lmao… V what? *lip sealed* I love the two poems. God! You’re brilliant.

    A tale I would have loved to tell but can’t. Well, I’ll try *wink*

  17. An assurance comes
    That a harvest will come of our dams
    Yea, we would surely reap several ‘Damns!’

    That’s an apt delivery of the state of hopelessness that has come to be associated with that powerless sector.

    And on the 2nd one
    Oh no! You bet tale will never escape that parched wrinkly lips
    The son must flounder in the tide of hormonal surge and erotical till the shame bears no telling to the wards that come hereafter.

    @Sueddie: Niceeeeee!!!

  18. I liked the first poem. And the addendum is.crazy man. Had to laugh out real loud. Nice one man.

  19. Hmm, okay, let me catch you people not buying the collection when it is officially released! @chemokopi: You know what I mean, yeah? @Midas: Heeheehee, you would be amazed at how deep your phrase goes: It’s really a ‘powerless’ sector. Hahahaa! I have always thought that there are some things we never have to learn… And boy, do some of us become Masters and Profs! @Lancaster : forget the title, share the link jare!
    Thanks y’all… @Sibbylwhyte: really? Hmm…

  20. Let there be light on NS. Abegi wetin be v junction?

  21. Ah-ahn, @louis, which light do you want on NS again? Can’t see no darkness…
    And about the question… You asked too late. Such questions were answered during the spicy period. Dor now… Hmm, it isn’t from my mouth that you would hear that the meaning of MAU is MAU! Hmm… Enough said already.

  22. I dey fear u oo. @agema sueddi

  23. yea there are great poets on NS

  24. @mikeefa: hmm… Tell somebody!! NS got it all! I never mentioned it but wow, your smile in the display pic looks great! @louis: Hee hee hee, trust me, that is in order. ;)

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