Arise O compatriots, Nigerians is a-calling
Yea though the situations remains appalling
We are the giant of Africa, we seem to acclaim
When evidently the status quo, a sleeping giant it proclaim
We masses are a-suffering
Yet our rulers seek no futuristic positioning
In our penury our leaders are in constant merry
Our politic is strife with thuggery
And our land is soiled with the blood of innocents
Our founding fathers so hard they toiled; yet we remain in bad debt
We have celebrated a year of golden jubilee
When in essence we are like an amputee

The citizenry check-out in search of greener pasture
But our leaders in power strive for the acquisition of increased tenure
Oh Nigeria! The extent of our sight they say is the limit of our world
In our say case, we see nothing
The national condition posits us as odd
For in pursuit of national building we aimlessly keep a-struggling
Some things are without equal; even before the law
Yet of equality we all continuously speak
When then do we get the answers?
Even to our ceaseless prayers
“E go better” Poor man’s prayer
Things are getting better; politicians claim forever
The masses’ trust betrayed
The economy and individual morality is decayed
From vision 20:2010 to 20:2015 to 20:2020
When our leaders evidently are visionless
Oh Nigeria! How hath the mighty fallen
Arise and remain not sullen

7 thoughts on “Lamentations” by joy1 (@joy1)

  1. ‘We have celebrated a year of golden jubilee’ ,I would have written ‘we celebrated our golden jubilee’.Just my view.
    Notwithstanding,this is a nice creative composition of the affairs of our nation using our anthem.Well done.

  2. Not a bad poem, well written in fact and makes sense.

    However, is it not time we stopped lamenting about Nigeria?

  3. Thanks y’all. @Sambright, I will try and effect the change. @Myne Whitman, if we stopped lamenting, how then will our voices ever reach the appropriate target?

  4. We know these things!
    What’s your point?
    And what ά̲̣яε you doing to help the nation?

    As a poet, you wrote well.

  5. Unwavering focus from the first line to the last.

    Lamentations indeed.

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