Graceful Night and Day

Graceful Night and Day


In the sounds and serene silence of the night
The ripples and tides of its breezy ocean
Swaying the tress to a roaring turbulence
While dried leaves flop and clap along
Galloping o’er pebbles to uncertain end
Then birds and their homing silhouette,
Some low, while some across the sky sail
Far and near, lyrics of chirpy creatures
Amidst ceremonial hooting of the ghostly owl
Now and again, the wind blows along gently
With snarling of vigilant or weird dogs
Some queer and funny, nay some sinister
Well, all was brightly lit by the graceful moon
The mid night I picked these songs ‘neath her.

I stood beneath the sky, and walked in meditation till a graceful dawn succeeded a dull dusk. Such was in a most splendid thought, for with me by myself in the nakedness of silence I drank of my soul in conjugality with the night. Then, as I was about to retire, my heart seduced by the Magnificent moon appearing, fell for her; for she alone rayed that lonely’ moment. And falling ‘neath her virgin veil, I the Chronicler, Thus unveiled this Graceful Night’s Song.’

Graceful Day

The serene sounds of night stood still
While dawn evolves from her womb
Cracking melodiously unto the awakening rest
As moon eclipses ‘neath maiden sun
And with his magic wand, the day unfolds
Smiling solemnly from the azure sky
Myriads of birds in aerobatics disparaging
Upon wings that feel textures of wind
Trees at far end unto green mountains
Propping headlong against the clouds’ roof
The cloud in fleecy mounds and contours
Blissfully blending with time and tide
When `tis time for dawn of another dusk
The graceful noon’s luster looses to the moon

‘Am most not ungrateful Father, for the gratuitous gift of the day and its sister night. Their respective music that soothes the moments and seasons of the other; and the order of their cadence that gives rest to the soul, is all gratuitious, Oh Lord!

10 thoughts on “Graceful Night and Day” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. This is the best stuff I’ve ever read from you. Bar NONE.

    WOW…well done.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya thank you for reading me.
      God bless you for encouraging.
      You are great.

  2. Why did did the peom become prose at some point in both Graceful Day and Graceful Night?

    Good imagery though…

    1. @Chemo it’s like of the Kantian’s mediation.
      I wish I mediated thus far.
      Thank you so.

  3. You are a poet in the order of the masters.

    1. @Kaycee the great one,
      May the Muse muse much more greatness on you.

  4. I really liked Graceful Day, especially the first three lines.

    Well done.

    1. @Myne you are the reason I am here,
      and I boldly say thanks for the enlightenment.
      You are a blessing to 9ja!

  5. Where has this piece being hiding? Wonderful stuff

  6. @jonnysnow I appreciate your interrogation.
    Thank you for unearthing it. You are a star!

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