Footprints of the Night

Footprints of the Night

‘Tis the drama of the dark pregnant night

Concealed ‘neath the dim moonlit earth

When eyelids in slumber’re past

As creatures creep out their sheath

An awesome odyssey of unseen nature

Upon the stage of preceding dawn

Whereof the personae were in rupture

Revealed by the floodlights of waking sun

Such were feet that walked the night

Rigorous crawls of unbroken symmetries

Indefinite like ancient graphics and font

While some crisscross wildly like wildfires

Much more imprints of queer character

Some as ganged-up strokes of sticks

And there are hither and yonder

Earth dimples like upturned cones

Speechless deep and shallow cavorted claws

O’er feeble pyramids of darker soil

Amidst telltales of ravening exploits

Sole and soleless nightly toil and soil!

Of feats the victor and vanquish

The nocturne of a cadential night

As its footprints in subtlety vanish

Till unfloding hustle of light’s past

8 thoughts on “Footprints of the Night” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. I have read it.

    1. @kaycee, Craze man! Hahahahaha!!!

  2. Nice poem. Some pretty strong words in tween too

  3. @ Kaycee nest? lol
    @ Seun-O ROFLMAO
    @ Myne thanks
    @ Anderson P not ungrateful!

  4. Nice poem Ostar.

  5. @ Raymond dalu biko!

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