Emotion Press – A Nigerian Publishing Company

Emotion Press – A Nigerian Publishing Company

1. What type of publishing is your company? Traditional or Author investment?

Emotion Press works with different imprints. Omojojolo books is dedicated towards publishing quality books with the Author’s investment. Our self publishing mode is quite different from any other.
– We don’t publish just any manuscript.
– The manuscript passes through the normal traditional publishing process.
– Our major profit from the book published is made from sales and not the Author’s investment.
-We believe every writer has the right to be heard so far he or she is refined.
The other two publishing imprints which will be launched in the second quarter of 2012 are;
-Omiye books which is responsible for publishing young voices. The author does not invest in this publication.
– Chocolate books is responsible for publishing romance fiction with an African aroma.The author does not invest in this publication.
Apart from publishing, we have dabbled into establishing The Emotion Book Club, The Emotion Book Party and Book republic. The Emotion Book club is responsible for building leaders through books. We meet every third Saturday of the month to discuss a book and the general literary atmosphere. Another imprint, The Emotion Book Party, is dedicated towards celebrating books and the reading culture in Nigeria. The second edition of the book party is dated for the 17th of February,2012 at Ibadan. Book Republic is a literary blog – www.progresspublishing.wordpress.com –
established to promote the reading and writing culture in Nigeria. Emotion Press combines publishing with PR. Presently, we are working with individuals and organizations , in great need of branding projects and imprints.. We would love to work with more people.

2. Who are the people behind the company? How much experience do your publishers have?
Emotion Press is established by a team of young enthusiasts, led by Folarin Olaniyi. We are a young publishing outfit willing to learn the ropes and create new ways of tying them properly.

3. Have any of your editors or publishers made public appearances? Do you have a website or blogs.
Emotion Press officially commenced work on the 17th of June, 2011. The
first public appearance would be made by our Managing Editor at the second
edition of The Emotion Book party.

4. How long have you been in business? How many books have you published or have under contract?
Six months. Two of our books will be available in Amazon Kindle by the first week of December.

5. You are still an upcoming publishing house. What can small presses do that big ones can’t?
The small presses are more open to new trends. They are more eager to expand their organizations.

6. How will you distribute your books? Is it only in Nigeria, or international? Stores or online?
We plan to distribute our books through bookstores, literary events and online. It will be international.

7. How do you publish, in print or e-books?
We publish both in print and electronic format.

8. Do you contract the rights of author works? How long will you keep the rights for? Do the rights ever revert back to author? If so, when?
Yes, we do contract the rights of our author’s work. It depends on the potential of the book in the market. Yes, it does. After the expiration of the contract.

9. Does your company specialize in a specific genre?
No, we don’t publish in one genre. We publish all genres of literature.

10. How can authors write submission queries to catch your attention, and is there a format you are looking for?
A size-able amount of the script , An About the book and About the Author should be sent to Emotionpress2011@gmail.com.

11. Is it necessary for writers to hire professional editors before they submit to you?
Manuscripts should be properly proofread before submission. It is not necessary for writers to hire a personal editor.

12. How many editors do you work with and how many manuscripts/authors are they responsible for at any point in time?
We wield three in-house editors and several external editors. They work with a minimum of two and maximum of seven manuscripts.

13. How long does it take from when an author signs the contract to when the book is published.
Under the Omojojolo imprint, it takes Sixty to Ninety days before it goes to the Press.

14. How much input do authors get on designing their covers or in the title of their books?
Our books are professionally designed and illustrated. We discuss the title change, if any, with our writers.

15. Do you pay royalty advance?
We do not pay a royalty advance. This may be temporary.

16. What are your marketing strategies? Is it solely up to the author, or do you have an in-house marketing campaign?
We run an in-house marketing department responsible for the marketing of books under our imprint.

17. Could you provide a sales range for your books? For example, what is the average an author can expect to make per book?
The sales of our books solely depends on the cost of production. Notwithstanding, we can assure our authors that their interests would be properly taken care of.

18. Is an author allowed to self-publish other books or work with other publishers while under contract with you?
It depends on the type of contract. Most contracts at Emotion Press allows authors to publish every other manuscript with another publisher.

19. Is there any thing that makes your publishing house unique from others?
At Emotion Press, we have this irredeemable bias for young voices. And that is why we are dedicated towards projecting the future ones. We refine every ‘accepted’ manuscript before it gets to the market.

20. For those interested in publishing with you, how can they contact you?
Those interested in publishing with us should forward their manuscripts to Emotionpress2011@gmail.com. Give us a minimum of three weeks for reply.

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  1. Positive. Positive. Positive.

    I’m so happy. I see nothing but great things across the board for all of us.

    Provided of course, that all parties put their money where their mouth is…

  2. @seun, that be the major problem. Much talk, much washy.

  3. True talk Kaycee. I’m still waiting for a publisher that can challenge the current ones.

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  5. In this case, the writer still does PLENTY more work after writing and editing his/her manuscript, na wa o….

  6. Hmm…Let’s see…Good luck though. At least, some people are forward-thinking.

  7. one step at a time, people.

  8. Omojojolo Emotion Press is a SCAM. I submitted the manuscript for my book “A Silver Bullet” in 2016 and I was given a contract to sign by Folarin Olaniyi. I refused to sign because the terms didn’t favour me… they expect me to pay for the publication and they would be taking a bigger percentage after sales. I later paid almost half a million naira to Folarin Olaniyi to publish my book without a contract. Up till date he hasn’t contacted me and all efforts to reach him have been futile. I’m pleading to you all, if you have any information that can lead to him or anyone working with EMOTION PRESS, you have a reward. Just send me a message on emezeji98@gmail.com. This is a rip-off and content theft.

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