Candle in the Dark

She’s a Candle
Glowing in the dark…
A lighthouse
Pointing to the shore…
Through gloomy days that seem so dark
Through tempests that rage and pour

She’s the Oasis
That quenches my thirst…
The passion
Burning in my veins…
My heart swells within my chest
My passion, my pleasure, my joy, my pain

She’s the mystery
I never can solve…
The balm
That soothes my tears…
My goal, my zeal, my sole resolve
With her I mock and taunt my fears

She’s the kiss
I can’t forget …
Yet the very one
That broke my heart…
My love, my soul, she did reject

18 thoughts on “Candle in the Dark” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. interesting but the ending was rather anti-climatic…

    1. Isn’t it anti-climatic when your heart gets broken? #sob…sigh…moan…groan#

  2. I enjoyed this poem but the ‘My goal. my zeal…’ lines kept hampering the enjoyment. Maybe its just me.

    My best part ‘A lighthouse/Pointing to the shore’

  3. “My passion, my pleasure, my joy, my pain”

    The last from the piece is the climax as the swelling or swollen heart
    is now broken. If she’s really a candle in the dark, may the heart be mended
    by the balm as described. Yet, to ‘mock and taunt’ ones fears is the begining of
    tears. Indeed, to love is to die! This work is great in fine.

    1. Amen o! I pray my heart gets mended o

  4. I wonder who can be a candle, a lighthouse, an oasis and a goal. One person?
    She be winch??

    1. She no be winch o, but just being a special person to him

    2. Omini-talented.

  5. Aw so painful. I pray your heart mends with time. Nice one.

  6. Hehehehe…Sorry. Nice.

  7. More like “candle in the wind.”

    Nice tribute to unrequited love.

    1. ‘Unrequited love’?!?!

      In this day and age?

      Cannot happen. Boko Haram dey na.

      WTF?!?! Seriously?!?!

      1. What’s with the unwarranted outburst?

        “My love, my soul, she did reject”
        Don’t you think that the above line qualifies the whole piece as “unrequited love”?

        Not that it matters anyway, but you replied to my post and you kinda lost me after the first line.

        1. I was just clowning around.

          ‘Unrequited love’ hurts – hence the rant.

  8. all i can say is that love produces…. and art is not perfect!

  9. Awwww, sweet sweet poem until I read the last lines, the second stanza really got me, good one with a brilliant ending

  10. Nice poem…too bad i stumble upon it too late..
    Anyway hope ur heart is heal by now.

    1. @ Osondu, yeah my heart has healed now. No be small thing o

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