Abortion – a Better Alternative to Child Abandonment?

A Fresh Look at the Nigerian laws And Cultures.

Many true life child abandonment scenarios:

A new born baby is found abandoned in the bush.

A new born baby is found dead in an old pit toilet.

A new born baby wrapped in a leather bag and dropped off on the road is crushed to death by a vehicle.

A new born baby’s skeleton is discovered in a refuse dump after it had been burnt to death.

A new born baby is discovered in front of a house; hungry and diseased.

All countries in the world have laws guiding  different aspects of their lives and most times, the collective beliefs and cultures of the people play a dominant role in the kind of laws that would be put in place.

The laws guiding a country in Asia cannot guide Nigeria successfully and this brings us to our laws on abortion. The Wikipedia defines abortion as ‘the termination of a pregnancy by the termination or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus/embryo resulting in or caused by its death…’

The issue of abortion has long being the issue of very long and tedious debates all over the world. This is hardly surprising as human life is at stake in the case of abortion.

In Nigeria, abortion is prohibited under the penal and criminal codes and carries a heavy jail term of up to 14years unless it was performed to save the life of a woman but that has not even come close to preventing abortion and its attendant problems in Nigeria. Unsafe abortion for instance, is a major cause of mortality and morbidity in Nigeria, accounting for 30-40% of maternal deaths (Okonofua FE, Odimegwu E. “Assessing the Prevalence and Determinants of Unwanted Pregnancy in Nigeria”. 1999). This has not reduced the rate of abortion in Nigeria which is 23 per 1000 women aged 15-44 years and is about 610,000 pregnancy terminations annually (Henshaw S.K, Singh.S “The Incidence of Induced Abortion in Nigeria”. 1998.) and about 60% of these terminations are still done by unskilled practitioners (Adewole I.F, Oye- Adeniran B.A… “Contraceptive Usage among Abortion Seekers in Nigeria”. 2002).

What do all these figures boil down to? Abortion continues to grow despite the legal, the moral, the societal and the health implications. Any other crime could get a pass mark but not the crimes against children. This would certainly gain no pass mark with any sane person. The growing rate of infant mortality and morbidity as a result of abandonment should call to question the penal and criminal codes against the legalization of abortion in Nigeria. The fact that the Nigerian peoples and cultures are yet to be tolerant towards single mothers call for a desperate need for compromise.

The stories of abandoned children abound but there’s no one to tell the stories of their mothers who bear the brunt of the society’s total indifference and humiliation. ‘It takes two to tangle’ hasn’t helped the case of the Nigerian single mother as she is treated like the ‘adulterous woman’; dragged before Jesus without her partner. The now single mother raises a ‘bastard’ against the jeers and laughs of her neighbourhood.

How then would many women not opt for an abortion, no matter how unsafe?

The conscience of the society would be better assuaged if it ‘sees no evil and hears no evil’ and the ladies who opt for abortions would live with their own conscience as well and this would not have to be a national epidemic anymore as child abandonment would be greatly reduced and the deaths of these children on the highways, pits, incinerators, bushes and even outright murders would become a thing of the past.

The school curriculum needs to have a healthy dose of culture education which teaches the morals and values of its people. Education is one of the greatest fighting tools in man’s arsenal. When the educational system is properly spiced with a conscious and practical knowledge of the lifestyle of its people then, the growing generation would have a lot to respect. Also, sex education at all levels should be encouraged so that where sex education is not taught in the home; it could be taught in the schools. It should be taught at the discretion of the school authorities as the dangers in not making this kind of knowledge available to the students are much greater than not… no matter the moral and societal argument in favour of the opposite.

Welfare schemes need to be developed by the government (as we all know that poverty and ignorance are the culprits at the heart of  moral decadence) to provide for, as well as take care of the poverty ridden areas which creates room for people to throw away every form of decorum and ‘set their morals on the loose’.

The media should be more sensitized to eschew materials that glorify sexual escapades without any form of censorship.

The average educated Nigerian is greatly influenced by the West especially America but, we need to understand that America has no culture to speak of. It is a country of laws. The argument here is this- the law is binding on the intellects of a people while culture is binding on their morals. The law reacts with a sentence to be served while culture reacts on the conscience. The law already knows it must be broken but the culture reminds the people of the coming generation and demands a legacy.

But, what we might learn from America if we so wish is the understanding of its supreme court which ruled in 1973 that a woman and her doctor could freely terminate a pregnancy in its first trimester (if the woman so wishes). This kind of law should be considered in Nigeria if the mother insists rather than have these children suffer cruelty and death.

On the other hand, mothers and teenagers should have easy and cheap access to counseling whether pregnancy is to be kept or terminated. These would go a long way in promoting healthy relationships and a healthier society.

There is  no easy way out of this debate but, a stiff ban on abortion as is the case in Nigeria should be tampered with mercy for the sake of these babies that would be ‘thrown away’ and for the sake of the society.


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  1. You are saying that the law against abortion is the cause for the cases of abandonment and death of infants in Nigeria? Not true. The ban on abortion is non existent. Do you know of any mother arrested for abortion? The legailization of abortion will do nothing for these abandoned babies. That is a different issue entirely. Abortion may be illegal in the courts, but it is done almost in every hospital.

    America has no culture? Hello! Which America? Check the definition of culture again. America has no culture and hence no morals? That is what you imply.

    1. @Kaycee, if there were laws, first of all, I think many quacks would be out of jobs and these women can receive better help. If u have never even heard of people getting arrested on abortion related ‘offences’ then, u’re either not listening to the news or u’re that insensitive to the plights of women. When a woman knows that the law has nothing against her if she aborts, does it make sense to u that she carries the child to full term, gives birth and then abandons? Even a relative of mine wasn’t very remorseful when her child baby died of neglect and possible strangulation by her.

      I know all about culture, heck; my title has it. Halloween, thanxgiving, Guy Fawkes day might be cultures to u but, not to me. American ‘cultures’ pale before their laws and yes, our laws bend many times over for many cultures and even doctrines…don’t even get me started on examples.

      many times we do defensive listening. Saying that I implied that America has no morals…well, you gat the contract on your mouth.

      1. @ Ada ..how do you mean ”Mouth Contract”…You are being to crude on Kaycee here.

        The outcome of murdering sessions will be resulting to crying sessions on the long run for us.

        I understand your point that babies are left to suffer cruelty, but then we should also consider the

        legalization of such criminal policy in our waning polity.

        However, abortion legalization is relatively controversial especially in a country like ours where making a

        law against that will make little or no change to the damage already on ground.

        You’ve spoken well about sex education, enlightenment campaigns, it will then be contrasting to support

        aborition(murdering lives, pounding destinies in a the proverbial Mortal of life).

        I therefore maintain that killing of innocent babies is indeed suicidal and should not be encourage in any

        circumstance. It is a criminal act and could deprive the nation of unborn Geniuses, Change Agents, Scientists..etc.

  2. This’s a very insightful article and I’m sure it must have taken you a lot of work to put together. You did an enormous, good work here. Well done.

    One big lesson I’ve learnt in my short stay in this life is that you can never understand why things are actually the way they are, no matter how hard you try. Those that terminate their pregnancies spend their lives wishing they kept them, while those that keep them come to realise how their lives will remain stained with the stigma of raising a fatherless child only after they must have gone through the heavy troubles of doing so. The children even worsen the situation by later inquiring about their biological father with threats and insults on the poor mother who had gone through the wild agony of raising them. But there’s one thing we fail to ask ourselves. All these people we fear would taunt us, which among them are actually living perfect lives? Those mamas and aunties, how were their past lives? Those Papas and brothers, how many away balls did they play and are still playing, and how many scored goals did they keep record of? We must all understand that these people, when they see such situations, might jeer outside, but in the confinement of their rooms, they reel with severe heartache that comes from reminiscing about their own lives. It’s high time we started putting ourselves first in decisions pertaining to our lives. Let’s put the fear of what people will say behind us and move on. And above all, we must always admonish the fact that God can never deceive us. He’s not man!

    1. @Eletrika…ur objectiveness relives me. The typos? lol, I didn’t see them.
      Got a question though…many times we tell people to do what God says we should do and i often wonder, how many of us really/truly know God?
      Since I cannot force God down anyone’s throat, I cannot stay quiet in the face of these evils against children. I was about nine when on my way back from school, I saw a crushed baby on the road. The child had bn put in a carton and a car ran over it.
      About two years lata, my relative’s case(which I already mentioned above) and lata, I heard about two sisters who tied up a child one of them had, in a nylon and the child suffocated in the bush…I imagine the fear, the agony and the pain of these innocent children and all I can think of is that, these women should have the law to tell them to terminate before the child is fully formed. let their conscience deal with that. I am just sick of those sickos!

  3. sorry for the few typos. Don’t mind them.

  4. I second kaycee in saying legalizing abortion will not reduce child abandonment. It will reduce deaths and complications following criminal abortion but not child abandonment. I mean think of it which is easier having an abortion or carrying a pregnancy to term, passing through labour, delivering that baby and then throwing the baby in the incinerator

    1. @osakwe, I am thinking of it and am thinking that your question is contradictory…otherwise, you seem to have shot urself on ur foot.

      1. i know what i said. its easier to have an abortion than carry the pregnancy and kill a baby you are seeing. it does not change my stand that i am against abortion. I am saying that your argument for promoting legalizing abortion is not a valid one

        1. Not a valid one? @osakwe…well, apart from saying that, I didn’t hear anything else you said to validate ur stand either.

          1. My stand against aboortion is simple. the fetus is alive. whether you can see it or not. legalizing abortion won’t make people stop abandoning children

  5. Child abandonment isn’t necessarily because of inability to terminate the pregnancy. After all, some keep their babies for as long as six months. Most times, it’s as a result of the late realization of what really lays ahead. Normally, the woman keeps the baby because she thinks she’ll be able to cope. But after giving birth to the child, it’s then that the reality of what she’s about to go through stares her harder in the face. You give birth and the world around you is so cold. No one is really concerned about the outcome of your childbirth. Sometimes, you have no one to help you with taking care of the child till you’re strong enough to do so alone. Probably you can’t even feed, and you can’t go out to find something to do. You’re so handicap. Worst of all, the monkey who’s responsible is not even at sight…Raising a child single-handed is no beans o. When you’re going through all these psychological traumas, at times, you just look at the child and wish it could just breathe its last. At times, if it’s crying, you feel like spanking it to death. That same child you rubbed and smiled at when it kicked you in the belly. It’s not so easy for these women.
    Concerning the abortion being easier, have you ever gone to a hospital where abortion is being procured? After the baby has been terminated, you’re shown the tiny life you’ve just got rid of. And I bet with my head, that image will haunt you all the days of your life. Each minute, you imagine painfully what and who it could have become.
    None is so easy. Life has never been. Abortion laws will only worsen our insanity. Listen to your conscience. It’s your God.

    1. @Eletrika, i really see where you are coming from. My argument for abortion is primarily hinged on…
      “The conscience of the society would be better assuaged if it ‘sees no evil and hears no evil’ and the ladies who opt for abortions would live with their own conscience as well and this would not have to be a national epidemic…”
      I hate ppl forcing their perversion on my conscience. Let the tiny feet and all be for the eyes of the woman rather than my eyes…. I would give anything to keep my peace of mind and I know that I am speaking for someone else too. Why would someone’s inability to listen to her conscience be on me? Why should a child who is no more “tiny” feet and all go through such cruelty?
      i advocated for education/enlightenment and all…. I am against a stiff ban on abortion.
      I am listening to my conscience.

      1. @Adaobi, I get you now. If you chop cockroach, for your pocket, abi? Make they no come throw the wings for our door mouth. But…it’s the men we’re supposed to be pulling their boxers.Those decievers, where’re they? Have their voices gone hoarse? I hope youu people know you’re the cause of all this, ehn, men?

        1. @ Eletrika…don’t be this pervasive! The blame is on both ends. Some ladies engage in prostitution and carelessness abandon ..children naked and cold on the street at the wee hours of the night…
          So try to be as objective as possible in your assertions. Apologies If I sound otherwise…

          1. Whiz, know it now that these prostitutes you’re talking about hardly get pregnant. They’re too protective to let that happen. Those that usually get pregnant are the ignorant ones, the decieved ones. Most times, they don’t even know what to do.

            1. So…why then do you shift the blame on men?

    2. @ Eletrika I am the last person you should ask whether I have been in a hospital. I am against abortion but it is easier to terminate a pregnancy than to kill a live baby you hold in your hand and u can see and hear. what you are doing is so clear to you. anyone who can throw a child into an incinerator can have an abortion without batting an eye.

      1. @Osakwe, I get you now. But, most times they realize that too late.

  6. I am not saying it is easy, i’m saying it is easier.

  7. Yes, you raised a very disturbing issue but your solution to it, is not rational. What then is the essence of your ‘see no evil and hear no evil’. From your standpoint, is it that abortion is not evil or that it is a lesser evil. I might not know where the shoe pains but I know evil when I see one. Abortion is not the solution. Besides enacting such in a country crippled by mass illiteracy and poverty can be fatal….

    @Eletrika, everybody uses somebody, there’s no exception. For a person to come out and say he/she has been decieved shows how dumb the person is. Trying not to get used is the wisest thing a person should do….

    1. Ablyguy, don’t try to be defensive here. You know you guys are wicked. A girl is always prone to fall to the wits of men. If it’s not deceit, then why should the man flee. You know you don’t love this girl, under normal circumstance you dont want to have anything to do with her, then, why don’t you let her be. After all, before you were able to get in between her legs, you must have told her a lot of lies. Sometimes, you people even go for as under-aged as 11. My God! na so e dey do una?

      1. And madam Elektrika…you fall your own hand.

        “You guys are wicked”…including the one who houses you, abi?

        Point taken. But do know that whatever lies the girl was told, she was not raped. She was convinced to open her legs. Not to say it’s right, but put the blame where it belongs. She has a responsibility to protect herself.

        If you’re so ………. about blaming the guys, what about the girls who insult and disparage a guy who refuses to sleep with them because pre-marital sex it goes against his beliefs?

        And about the underage issue…fine. But you need to meet your fellow women who are mere minors but get mad at a guy for treating them like the minors they are. Again, not to say it’s right…I abhor that shit myself…but let’s keep things in perspective.

        I don’t blame any particular gender for my bullshit. I take responsibility for my actions…as I think every one; whether male or female should.

  8. What’s the issue here? Unwanted pregnancies.

    Who are the people birthing unwanted babies?

    Why are they birthing/getting pregnant with babies they do not want?

    I personally think it’s bigger than ‘child abandonment/abortion’.

    Nice discourse Adaobi.

  9. “The conscience of the society would be better assuaged if it ‘sees no evil and hears no evil’ and the ladies who opt for abortions would live with their own conscience as well and this would not have to be a national epidemic anymore as child abandonment would be greatly reduced and the deaths of these children on the highways, pits, incinerators, bushes and even outright murders would become a thing of the past.” You think so? Ought to be?

    Rule of Demography no.1, those who bear children will rule tomorrow. Yet, in most cases, the thrums on abortion are lethal weapons against them, a Trojan Horse.

    Ask a farmer why some birds are debeaked in the poultry. Law is a human factor, a phenomenon that at least holds and upholds with its grip of spirit!

  10. @Seun welldone. You don talk as man now. I reserve the rest of my comment because you’re not female and you can never understand their plights. I’m not supposed to be telling you this, but I must tell you that I nearly lost my sanity to leave the first guy I ever had feelings for just because I wanted to avoid having sex with him. Then, I was in the university o. Now, imagine someone who’s exposed to such trauma at a much younger age or someone who’s less learned. How much control do you think the person can wield? Even the minors you’re talking about, wasn’t it someone who introduced them to it? Concerning girls that mock guys who don’t ‘do’, someone also showed them. So, I’m putting my blame where it should be. Guys, leave the innocent ladies alone!

    1. It’s a two way thing madam. That’s all I’m saying.

  11. What a fantastic article, and the discussion too. Nothing more to add.

    1. I just keep imagining a scenario where we all here are Parliamentarians in Nigeria’s House of Senate and Senator Adaobi submits a bill in support of the legalization of Abortion….

      If we don’t have strong reasons to stop her, we will end up having abortion legalized in our constitution because she seem to be gaining the ground and some her sentimentally giving her the support…

      I call on the ‘3 Musketeers’, and other key members to put up a good fight now!!!! LOL….
      .KayCee, where are you? Seun Odukoya, Otolorin, SmartFingers, Xikay, Igwe….Oracle(TosinOshaaa)….!!!!!

      @ADA.. this is quite interesting, the topic is becoming an all-important discussion..right here in the house. More of this please….so many controversial issues touching on our national dignity like controlling child birth rate through laws…stating specific number of children that must be given birth to by parents to reduce our teeming population or forcing every Pastor’s to pay tax on their churches for possessing heavy amount in local and foreign banks…

      Thumbs up ADA, What a man can do, an intelligent woman can do better…

      1. As far as I’m concerned, the argument about to or not to legalize abortion is like that ‘potato pota-to’ argument. The results are the same.

        But think on this – they’re going to abort babies anyway. So why not give them the right way to do it? Do you think the fact that it’s been illegal stopped/slowed down anything? I think not.

        Anyways…that’s just my 50kobo.

        1. So U support abortion

      2. @whizpoet, I’m here now. Ok. I think the mistake @adaobiokwy is making is that there is a difference between abortion and child abandonment. Really they are the same thing. It all boils down to bad sexual decisions, leading to unwanted pregnancies.
        Now I will never support abortion. And I find it ridiculous that anybody supports abortion, simply because if the parents of those people supporting abortion had aborted them, would they even be here to argue today? But that aside, a woman ‘should’ make the decisions about how she wants to use her body. Still, this choice should not include terminating a pregnancy. If you’re dumb enough to go about having unprotected sex and then you get pregnant, be brave enough to take care of your baby.
        Yes, it’s unfortunate that usually all the load is on the woman because she’s the one that gets pregnant and the fathers just abscond. But hey that’s life. Whoever told you life is fair lied to you. That’s why a woman has to make the right decision. And you know what, the best decision is abstinence till marriage, but nobody wants to hear that one these days. It’s all sex, sex and more sex. And then she’s pregnant and wants an abortion.

        Summary: Abortion and child abandonment are the same. Legalizing abortion never solves the problem. Yes, fewer babies might be killed on the streets. But more are killed in the womb. To all who support abortion, my earnest prayer for you is that one day, you get sent back to your mother’s womb and you get aborted. That would help you understand.

        1. I love this “Legalizing abortion never solves the problem”


  12. @Eletrika, your understanding and logic here is commendable.
    @Seun…many days, many children are murdered through abandonment in the public; if abortion is legalized, you are right, at least it is legal for these women to now go into the hospital that chooses to abort and then, have it done (bw them, the doc and their consciences). It might not work like magic but, it would in the long run, prevent many child abandonment
    @whiz, first of all, @Kaycee can speak for himself. secondly, I like your take on this…you speak your mind with some logic. I do not think though that I can ever make a convert of you with regards to where I stand on the topics you talk about. For instance, why should the govt regulate the number of children everyone should have? I think rather that, those who earn below the poverty ‘line’ should be enlightened more on the dangers they are creating for their children. Radically, I think they are the ones to be strongly ‘controlled’. Now, many people would jump on my back and call me what…maybe a povertist? lol. just saying.
    @everyone, I really thank you for your comments.

    1. Povertists!!! still laughing…

      1. @ Ada what about controlling Pastor’s swelling purse??

        1. @Whiz Da Poet…pastor’s swelling purses? Nah, gat ntn against any pastor. I am a strong blvr in Jesus and His teachings and I would never contribute anythn to all those talks.
          The Bible teaches that the Husbandman shall be the first PARTAKER…where am I going with this?
          If u come to me for prayers for a helicopter, I blv that God would bless me with a private jet even as u get ur helicopter.
          My labour of love is paid that way.
          I do not listen to talks about fake pastors…I would never cast a ‘stone’ on anyone…I leave that for Jesus to do.
          But, I hear u…

  13. I find it quite interesting that many of those against abortion are MEN! When men start to get pregnant, have babies and remain the only ones who sometimes have to bear the brunt of ending up with an unwanted pregnancy regardless of protective measures, then I will gladly be open to hear what input a man has over my body. And until such a time that the father of the baby can be directly held responsible for the baby’s upkeep, don’t enforce rules that make the woman solely responsible for raising a child when she would prefer not to. In the meantime, I can completely see where Adaobi is coming from – while legalizing abortion doesn’t fix the issue, it will reduce the number of women who see their only path as having the baby and then abandoning it…

    Believe it or not, some women see abandonment as the only option since they would prefer not to have an abortion at the hands of the quack and risk dying.. While abandonment is a cruel act, it also isn’t fair to say it’s harder on women than abortion: you erroneously assume once the woman has the baby in her hands, she would be so much in love that she can’t abandon the child. Women go through so many emotional changes during pregnancy that if a child was unwanted at the beginning, it only complicates things further to go through the pregnancy without support and then deliver such a child. In addition, not every woman immediately feels that “motherly love” or connection when the baby is born… Even those who wanted children can still experience feelings of resentment after the baby’s birth… It is such a complex state to be in that so much is taken for granted when we see mothers who have babies and seem to be doing well. Without a doubt, social programs need to exist to manage these issues… a big reason why it is perfectly legal in the states to drop your child off at a safe haven without any fear of repercussion.

    A safe and available location to have an abortion is a far better option than the current unscrupulous methods that are available. Let each person’s conscience be their moral meter and leave the rest to each person’s relationship with their God! The society at large will benefit from changes to the law… You only have to go through many Unis to find that if you throw a stone in the midst of 5-10 women, more than half of them have had an abortion at the hands of an untrained person… These same women may end up having to deal with so many other fertility issues later in life. A lot of this can be limited by having the alternative of safe abortion… I know it’s always difficult for people to put religion aside in such discussions but think deeply about ‘what makes sense’ and let God do the judging is all I say…

    1. @9ja Mom; really, I love that u put a lot of time into reading this article and appreciating it…thank u
      Sentiments are rife (esp. among the men and maybe some zealots), as though we now live in “our idea of a utopian society” but, I respect the opinions of all just he same.
      Researching this topic was an experience…

      1. @AdaOkwy Why wont u love her comments, you gotten support and the Certificate to commit ‘infant murder’…Go on.

  14. PS: Excellent write-up Adobi!

  15. She is currently the hottest writer on NS….this piece already has..with 35 responses with 170 views …higher than any work any writer has published this Month – November 2011…and is still trending..more comments to come…more views…

    Ride on Ada,…the journey has just began.

    1. @Whiz…
      u practically dragged me over here today. When these msgs reflected on my mobile, I had a good laugh. I wish it was just about the ratings. For me, this is a crusade. Children are murdered daily on our streets. I want us to put measures in plc that would shield children(I was about nine when I saw that crushed baby on the road) and well-meaning Nigerians from this depravity/senselessness. Like I already noted, might not work in 5 years but with proper enlightenment, beta equipped hospitals can attend to these women.
      I totally ditto@9ja Mom and 2Electrika

  16. 38 responses..172…loading……65%

    1. @Whiz Da Poet, you need to up your tally now with my new comment ;)

      Sorry, couldn’t resist it, ha ha

      To all, just wanted to add that I definitely respect ALL opinions, please do not mistake my passion for disregard of your opinion ;)

  17. Record breaking ….still loading…….68%

  18. So, is it that we women can’t really help ourselves? Can’t we be more careful with these men? I think in the long run everything still lies in our hands. At least I’m very sure of one thing, God didn’t create us to be foolish. If any of us are, we made ourselves that way. We no dey fear ???

  19. I believe the case here is not just about abortion but safe birth control. The number of married women that commit aborttion are more than the unmarried ones who don’t. It doesn’t mean they are promiscious but they have husbands that are ignorant of proper child spacing. They want to get the real feel of their women but they are against the woman getting birth controls because they think it will make their wives promiscious. Whereas, most young girls know where to buy ‘morning after pills’ off the counter. Women who commit abortion do so because of economic, psychological and physiological reasons. Most of them can’t help taking in but they can help taking it out. Whereas otheres are are simply selfish. Women should also learn to take care of themselves. Sex education and proper personal health practices is not only for secondary schools. It is a life time lesson. I once met a woman who believes that family planning kills. I wonder where she got that from.

    I also think that abortion is mostly a personal issue. In the time when you need to take a decision as to abort or not, it is up to you and your inner man . Abortion might not be legalised in our time but foetus are aborted daily. Abortion is not always a case of being an evil person.

    ……..No one shows you the aborted foetus in the hospital. That is inhumane.

    1. @Ada, glad you stopped by. I think everyone here might have hoped that the solns were as easy as your appreciation of this issue. We all would definitely benefit with more ‘education’. Thank you!

  20. Setting a record…..216 views, 47 responses..still loading……………70.1%… ………….

  21. well…well…well. I never even stumbled on this and I guess if not for @Whiz Da Poet who did a poor job of bringing my attention to this. It reminded me of one of my posts “LIFE and DEATH” where I wrote that after the lady had an abortion she felt nothing. It also reminded me of one of Funmi Iyanda’s live shows when she was still on NTA 10. A woman came to announce that she found an abandoned baby in a garbage and what transpired brought tears to my eyes. Funmi, of course had to go temporarily off air since she was already in tears.
    My point? I do not want to blame either the man or the woman. I think that a woman that wants to close her legs will, regardless of whatever the man says and a man that doesn’t want to have sex won’t regardless of what the girl might say, but whosoever is sexually active be it male or female is responsible for his/her actions. I think society can only change one step at a time, you cannot change everyone. Truth be told Adaoby, I have never heard of anyone being arrested for having an abortion. I do not know what goes on in the mind of those who have gone through it and will not pretend to, but I do know that being damned by their consciences is enough. Some that hate abortion could argue on how vile it is, but I have even heard that ejaculation without procreation is another form of abortion whether the person masturbates or withdraws or uses a condom. If we are to go biblical, we would see that there was a place where those that ejaculated outside were cursed.
    It is a confused society we live in. But as Adaoby said, let there be counseling for people who have pregnancies they do not want and if they decide that they cannot go through with it, let theior decisions be respected. It is far better than throwing the child away. Being judgmental achieves nothing, the abortions will not stop. Yes, to each his own

  22. @ Enoquin..why do you think its a ‘”poor job”…Why then are u commenting I actually did a poor job

  23. Well-researched. Dont wanna be drawn into the debate joor!

  24. @Gboyega otolorin, you were right…the decision is for the woman.
    I hear your sentiments…life isn’t fair so, let every decision maker live with hs/her conscience not sentiments. We have enough of that and urs is just another
    @Da writing Engineer am glad u stopped by!

  25. @whiz…ur stand has bn duly noted. Now, let the woman decide what she wants

  26. @ Enoquin, congratulations for beating AdaOkwy to her game, though not intentional. Kudos our December “Featured Writer’……Applause!!!

  27. @Whiz Da Poet- any featured writer is 2 be applauded. I didn’t knw there was a game 2 be won either intentionally or unintentionally. Plz, be mindful of your comments as I might be tempted 2 reply in kind.

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