A Business Model for Naijastories – Paying Writers?

As majority of our readers and members know, we want Naijastories to be self sustaining. We also believe in rewarding writers for good writing. This has been demonstrated by the writing contests we have organised in the past, these go beyond just feedback and reviews from judges, but also include substantial cash prizes. Previously, we had also paid cash for the integrated points rewards system on the site. All these were made from sponsor’s donations.

Recently however, we have been earning steady income from advertisements and now we want to use this as a basis for rewarding writers by paying them regularly based on the work they have on Naijastories. Each and every writer will be eligible for payment, and will be paid in arrears from the beginning of 2011. We have started a discussions in our forums along the following options;

– publishing stories as eBooks and paying writers a percentage of sales.
– Pay per view (CPM) on stories as they are currently on the site.
– Conversion of activity points based on an agreed rate
– Once a year writing contests with larger prizes or monthly contest with smaller prizes
– Pay members for new registrations on the site based on referrals

What do you think of these ideas, and how do you suggest we go about it? Join the Discussion.

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10 thoughts on “A Business Model for Naijastories – Paying Writers?” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Good going NS…Good going.

    That’s why you’ll never fail.

  2. Now, how this is going to work I will leave to others to try and device. For me, publishing works as e-books seems to be the surest way. Of course, maybe that will have to be based on some pre-selection/pre-qualifcation or something, this detail I will also leave to others to help shape.

  3. Great idea. I will opt for publishing the works as e Books and paying us a percentage. Also, NS should organize three major competitions yearly with big cash prizes for first-fourth positions and smaller consolatory prizes for ten highly commended entries. The competitions can be on these platforms: March: Short fiction and novel excerpts; July: Drama; October: Poetry.
    Pay per view may be counterproductive at this stage of NS’s evolution. Now the site and its writers need to be showcased and this mode will restrict that.
    Let NS rock! Its shaft will always remain strong to fertilize deep and eager soils.

    1. Thanks a lot for your contribution. Makes a lot of sense.

      1. Yeah Henry, you do make a lot of sense. Pay-per-view is open to fraud. The idea of three contests yearly also gives room for all kinds of genre to get maximum attention just like the Nigerian Prize for literature is rotated amongst the various genres of creative writing…
        But the only question is this: What happens to Author’s rights if and when stories are published as ebooks? Would we be compelled to sign off our copyrights for a stipulated time bearing in mind that a lot of us are hoping to publish some -if not all- of these stories in the near future? My thoughts, pls…

  4. Will contribute to the discussion in due course.

    Just thought I should commend Admin’s transparency.

  5. I agree with henry’s view on the pay-per-view option probably being counter-productive as it may offer negative restrictions to the NS project and I join those advoccating against it’s adoption at this stage.

    Publishing stories as eBooks and paying writers a percentage of sales, conversion of activity points based on an agreed rate and writing contests for certain genres with larger prizes / smaller prizes on a monthly / annual basis seems a good way to go.

    About paying members for new registrations on the site based on referrals, I am yet to form an opinion.

  6. Nice idea. @admin. Pay-per-view isn’t such a ‘SWEET’ option. But let’s give the e-book thing a chance and know what’s up.

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